HOW TO BECOME A HOLISTIC HEALER in 2 weeks & make 900,000$ a year.
                        by Anita Sands Hernandez
Would you like to be very healthy in two weeks time? Go on a healthfood diet.
Would you like to be very wealthy in two weeks time? Read up on how to diagnose disease from the irises and sclera of the eye, and how to prevent a given malady or syndrome, whatever it is. Google info on alternative medicine, curative herbs,  'prevention' of specific maladies via specific healthfood diets. Do that and you can become a Holistic nature healer quickly, easily and do a lot of good. These 'nature techs' are all the rage in Hollywood. I've sought their help and been impressed with accurate diagnosing and quick cures of dysfunction that only toxic medicines could 'supposedly' I research NEW AGE HEALING protocols, collect articles on the subject, post them and extoll nature healing right here at the HOLISTIC HEALING WEBSITE.  For me this is a non profit, a total freebie. HOLISM 101, no Registering ever.  Why do so much research, create such a big website for no money at all? I have seen miracles. My son in Mexico got amoebas. Holistic doctor said the standard pills medical community would give were too harmful for  a l0 month baby. He gave me a HOMEOPATHIC remedy. The amoebas stopped in their tracks. Ten yrs later, back in Los Angeles, I had edema, non functioning kidneys, was in advanced organ failure that doctors (at UCLA and one other clinic, ) couldn't diagnose and lo and behold, after going to doctors who didn't get it right..... I went to a nature healer and was cured of this mystery malady. She spotted the syndrome (doing iridology), diagnosed the causes and gave me HERBS that cured it overnight. The herbs were from NATURE'S SUNSHINE. She bought them wholesale and sold them retail which is What this UTAH corp wants you to do. They will train you how to be their line's rep.

So I am a champion of sharp diagnosticians, herbs & holism & I now teach smart kids how to get up to speed in this field. It's real easy, too, and fascinating. You'll see if you spend a WEEK reading the many articles you will get in the HOLISTIC ARCHIVE Then, spend the a week reading the names you find when you google "BEST HOLISTIC WEBSITES" Avoid 'bogus healers' like DOCTOR MERCOLA. He's great! Forget about GARY NULL who has gone over to the dark side and just wants you to buy pills at ridiculous, high prices. NULL sure lives up to his name. He used to have hundreds of articles on holistic healing protocols. Not now, g'wan, click on him! He tells us not to eat pork but he's a  totally greedy pig, a Useless Eater who gets freebie workers of both sexes with a fix on him. After years of service, they ask for a salary, he dumps them. He claims to make documentaries. I've never seen ONE ON TELEVISION.  So go to YOU TUBE and find something if you can.  Also for high tech info, try Try the TOWNSEND NEWSLETTER for Physicians. While you read, save the text of the keeper articles to the cache on your C: drive. Get a good HTML SAVER. The best is SEA MONKEY it's free, download off the net. DO CONTROL U to highlight any article online, then CONTROL S to save it. C:\holistic is the directory.

EASY WAY TO START MIND HEALING, earning 50$ an hour to start. Do a MIND tech that is already famous even though you retitle it "EMOTIONAL RELEASE WORK" or TANTRUM YOGA and advertise it. Read up on  EMOTIONAL FREEDOM work and do PRIMAL MASSAGE on the meridians and chakras. You need a LOGO, a brand. See: and THE "BE A SHRINK WITH NO LICENSE WEBSITE, or how to do a TANTRUM YOGA" BUSINESS and WEBSITE.

LEARN HOW TO WORK A PC with my HOW TO DO WEBSITES AND INTERNET STUFF, VISIT it at WEB TECH FOR DUMMIES. Create directories. C:\HOLISM\ASTHMA c:\HOLISM\ARTHRITIS. Etc. thru the alphabet til you get to C:\HOLISM\TINITIS.And stacked underneath in THE HOLISM directory, all the HTM text files How to HEAL this or that Syndrome. DO you know how to CREATE DIRECTORIES AND ORGANIZE FILES? Read Our head teacher's HILARIOUS, fun, easy WEBTECH FOR  DUMMIES WEBSITE.

When you're not reading and saving, which one can only do a few hrs a day anyway, practice doing massage on your aging parents and/or their aging pals. Meanwhile SIGN UP AT NATURE'S SUNSHINE in SPANISH FORK UTAH. Become a dealer of their herbs.  Discuss diets and herbal supplements with them. Take cash tips. Just with tips, you'd be off to a superb living! This is the way you want to spend your next seven days. That and the fun of googling alternative cures to bird flu, chronic fatigue and other things your family has or could running to used bookstores, thrift stores, and garage sales looking for .50c health books which are classics that originally cost a hundred times more! Then the fun of putting up your healing office, a light colored, freshly painted room, book shelves full of the classics, the entire NATURE's SUNSHINE line of herbs in neat boxes. Charts of the body, food combinations, vitamins on the walls. Google them in their new huge bldg in Lehi (used to be Spanish Fork --they relocated... ) Utah.

Those are the bottles that I saw at Dr.Marjorie's office when I first stumbled on holistic healing .It was back in the mid-80's, when I became ill with a mystery syndrome.

BEING REALLY SICK MAKES YOU INVESTIGATE HOLISM!My symptoms were unique: puffy swollen up eyes, chronic, 24/7 burping, edema, swollen ankles, kidney pain. What I didn't know was that the syndrome was the result of undigested proteins from TWO MONTHS of no digestion, MY KIDNEYS had been damaged and STOPPED WORKING.

I wasn't digesting meat because a.) I fried my stomach mucosa using aspirin as a sleeping aid. The mucosa no longer secreted digestive acid.  B) I weakened any acid digestion left with apple juice at each meal, which led to undigested protein going thru system, insulting the kidneys which were failing. I was fermenting my food. There were symptoms: gas high in the stomach, along with continual BURPING. Your kidneys can only take a month or two of that. Gas seems minor enough up in that area but what undigested PROTEIN does to you is quickly insults the Kidneys. Stresses them. Now, maybe one day and one burp won't hurt you but I had just started having insomnia and was using ASPIRIN as a sleeping pill. At same time, it was around St Paddies and Easter and I was going for those killer nitrate meats, corned beef, ham and had just started fluoridated water delivery. Well, all of that together blew out my digestion. For two solid months. I even gas burped sound asleep. It never stopped. But the bad thing was, then it mutated into frozen kidneys, pain around them, inability to urinate. Along with kidney symptoms came uric acids in the feet, swelling, edema. A holistic healer, working out of her garage office, properly diagnosed and healed me. No allopathic M.D. (and I went to a dozen) could even diagnose it much less cure it. This naturopath, working out of her home's garage, changed my life. She read the eyes, an artform you can study with a dollar book (used,) Iridology Simplified by Dr. Bernard Jensen.

Not only did she HEAL me instantly, but she started me becoming interested in diet, herbs and she created a rejuvenation and return to health which I have been able to sustain for 15 years since. I feel my story is worth sharing, with the thought that holistic healing is the grandest profession that exists, and one you don't require a college education or license to get into so it's one you might go into with no school tuition, just some serious, devoted reading.

"When I became ill, I was a 45 year old typist and single mother of four who worked at home, in the high-pressure film writing field with demanding screenwriters and lots of deadlines that often meant typing all night and going to KINKOS at dawn. So I drank coffee a lot. Made a nice, organic black coffee. That wasn't the problem. It was the trying to sleep after a day and night of using it!

One particularly high pressure spring, to cope with the stress, I began to use a few aspirins at night (when I needed to go to sleep early and get up and start the pace all over again!) 

After a few weeks on this regimen, I began to be plagued with continual stomach gas (burping) which didn't respond to antacids. I burped around the clock, even waking from sleep to burp air out of my gut. At the end of several months I began to have strange symptoms; I'd wake with bad facial edema, very unsightly eye-puff. I noted lower back pain over the kidney area along with body/hand edema. I tried aloe vera gel on bags under my eyes, then hemhorroid gel, but no topical ointment was able to tackle the huge amount of puff around my eyes. Bulk that had never been there before.

My face was 'fat' in the mornings. My eyes were half their usual size and finally they were just slits, like an Eskimo. The slide into massive illness took just a few more months. I didn't connect the eye being puffy with the burping. But next I began to urinate much less than was usual for me and have some pain in the lower back area, and a little arthritis or gout crystals in my fingers. But I certainly didn't connect the eye problem with the urination problem and I didn't connect ANY of it with any concept of a kidney problem, not the lower back pain, not the gouty hands. And none of it did I connect with the loudest symptom of all, this 24 hour burping (an indicator of food fermenting because of no digestion). What mind is trained to connect these symptoms? NOT MINE.
But then, I began to feel nauseated, lousy and sluggish, and suddenly became unable to type or sit up. When one's income is cut by sickness, one does something. I consulted a healthfood guru, the MASTER JULES, a vegetarian friend of mine, a man who'd been on carrot juice, raw salad sunflower seeds and rice crisps for 40 of his 60 years, had a 29 inch waist and had, we knew, ONE cure for everything: fasting. UGH, I shuddered. Girls would try anything to avoid going without FOOD. And sure enough, he said 'go on a fast,' and that was it. NO WAY I was going to go without food, so I forget about 'fixing' it. I'd just stay away from fried foods and cheese, the obvious hard-to-digest foods.

It didn't help. One day my body seized. There was no ability to urinate, my lower back hurt like Hell, I felt feverish, nauseated, had massive depression and weeping fits, felt I was dying and couldn't get out of bed.
I called the vegie-guru. As expected, my Radish Tofu Guru told me, "instantly go onto a lemon water fast to take the pressure off kidneys and cause elimination." I lumbered into the kitchen, squeezed some lemons and drank their juice in honeyed water, went without food that day and made an appointment at a major hospital clinic, (UCLA as a matter of fact) and lay in bed drinking lemonade until a week later, the first date they would see me. While I lay in bed, my vegie pal called from time to time.

He told me to phone Marjorie, a holistic healer, who lived in EL MONTE, a long drive away, in a faraway burrough of L.A. and who cost 35$ for a half hour visit but this dear pal said that he'd pay for the visit. He told me "she's this GENIUS nature doctor who will totally solve your problem." His conviction got to me.

I called the holistic healer woman, who was booked solid for 2 months. 16 clients a day in her 8 hour day. I pleaded, said it was an emergency and got an appointment for 5 days later. Meanwhile while I waited, I religiously avoided food, and drank lemon and water, morning and night, which made kidneys work like a charm, (but whose wouldn't have, on raw, ripe LEMONS?) And there was no burping as there was no food in me.

In the meantime, I also made an appointment at a private clinic in CULVER CITY, for several days later, and also, that appointment at UCLA CLINICS came due so I went in.

This university clinic is ten thousand rooms full of doctors. All of them specialists. Mind you, I had been on the lemon and water fast for about 5 days, and actually felt better than I had in months but was faint with hunger. 

I told the UCLA doctors that I had indigestion and kidney problems. The doctors there ran extensive tests and told me that my kidney neprhons tested out fine. "Sure they do. I've been on lemon and water for 5 days, but they aren't so fine when I EAT. So how can they be fine? If I eat I will burp full time and have edema return and then pain in kidneys, so I'm not fine. I will also wake with my eyes puffed closed. I think my stomach isn't digesting and I have no stomach acid.

The doctor laughed. "The only people who have no stomach acid are advanced stomach cancer patients. Do you think you have stomach cancer?" the doctor demanded.

"No," I said sheepishly.

"Anyway, your burping isn't connected to facial puff, edema or kidneys in any way. To stop burping, just take TUMS. (AN ANTACID, how dumb was he. I had NO STOMACH acid at all. He should have picked that up.) The doctor smiled "TUMS should stop the burping. The rest is your imagination. Now I want you to resume eating immediately.

I went right out and bought a steak and a pack of Tums. A few hot, corn tortillas, some refried beans and apple juice which I adore made it the best meal I'd ever had in my life. Of course the burping was immediate. I ran for the TUMS but the damn antacid did not make any dent on the burping. I was burping even in my sleep. I woke at 3 am, and there was the stomach pumping away to get the gas out of my gut. And sure enough, the next day the eyes were swollen shut and very little urine appeared. THAT STEAK WAS STUCK IN ME!

The next day, my appointment at an expensive private clinic came up, where a battery of doctors had different responses. The burping was a hiatal hernia, said one doctor, which can be fixed with surgery. Let me operate.
It was food allergies, said another doctor. Get needle tested on a hundred little holes in your skin and eliminate all dietary allergins --- then slowly reintroduce the allergins to see which makes you have allergic symtoms. Which are the allergins I must eliminate? I asked. "Wheat, rice, lamb, beef, chicken, eggs, peanut butter." Oh, practically everything I eat, I answered sadly. What can I eat? What isn't an allergin? Salad, vegetables, beans, corn tortillas, fruits, most grains except brown rice. Not easy but doable.

I went on beans and organic tortillas (as most tortillas have wood cellulose in them and huge amounts of chemicals). On this pure diet I burped and burped. Beans are protein and starch mixed so it's one of the real hard to digest foods.

My facial edema continued, back pain as well. My urine was scanty. I had chronic pain on lower back, over kidneys and seemed to retain all liquids, and yet I barely salted my food and never had.

I was miserable. A lot of dollars had been spent on doctors, I was eating like a rabbit yet I continued to be unable to eat without all symptoms returning.

Finally the assigned day to meet the nature healer arrived. I drove out of the city to this place called 'El Monte', and this rustic farm house. The woman who answered the door was in her 60's, hale and hearty like Ma Kettle and oddly, was named Marjorie like Marjorie Main who PLAYED Ma Kettle in the movie in the 40's. Maybe you're not old enough to remember this actress. But she was a clone of her, hearty, big, knowledgeable, candid.

Marjorie read my eye with a magnifying glass. "The iris has a map of the body in it", she told me. "As does the sclera or white part of the eye, which has red veins pointing at the part of the iris that has the body parts. By looking at them I can see you have very diminished stomach acid. Many people do, especially the elderly. It just happens. In your case, completely undigested protein has been going through your body several times a day and has given a kind of toxic insult to your kidneys which can't handle this. The burping was a sign protein wasn't digesting but instead, was fermenting in your stomach. What have you done to injure the stomach lining? "

I confided that perhaps the buffered aspirins I used occasionally, ---well, almost NIGHTLY --- to sleep, might be doing that. However I quit two weeks ago when I got sick. Anyway I read in the newspaper that doctors recommended an aspirin a day."

"That may be so but some people can't handle even a buffered aspirin. Discontinue them, along with the coffee, which can burn stomach lining, " Marjorie told me. "I am going to give you a natural sleep formula made of vervaine, passionflower, hops, skullcap, and valerian. Steep the bulk herbs, don't simmer -- into tea or less effective, take these herbs as capsules. This will allow you to sleep without aspirins. Now, once we have removed the aspirin which was the aggravant, as it burned your stomach lining, we must help you start digesting your meals. I don't think your stomach acid is going to return right away. As a digestive aid, I want you to take betaine hydrochloric acid tablets (from healthfood store) whenever you eat proteins, and when you think natural stomach acids have returned, diminish from 3 to 2 tablets, then to 1, then to none. And when you eat, never dilute your stomach acid.

"Marjorie, I don't even know how I would do that."

"Simple, by drinking sodas or eating fruit, dessert, starches in same meal with proteins. Only salads and non-starch vegies combine with meat."

"So, I can have meat?"

"Well, one meat meal a day won't hurt even a weak kidney person. Of course, you're better off with non-uric acid (non-meat) proteins. BUT, and here is the Catch 22 of all vegetarian healthfooders, ---BEANS seeds, tahini, nuts and whole grain breads have phytic acid, which inhibits assimilation of minerals, as you start to use them to take the place of FLESH, take mineral supplements. (Calcium citrate should be given with boron, selenium, and trace minerals. Whole wheat or bean/seed products can cause rickets from phytic acid causing calcium lacks. Phytic acid is destroyed if GRAINS or seeds are sprouted (then the bread is made) or if dough is left to rise in yeast stage for 2 hours. Or, you eat bean sprouts, sunflower sprouts, etc. PHYTIC acid is destroyed if beans are soaked overnight, then throw away water, cook low heat 2 hrs.

She went on. "All bread should be made of sprouted grains only. Any healthfood store has FLOURLESS bread. It's tastier than ordinary bread. And of course, soy beans are a fountain of vitamins and should be eaten, but only as tofu, tempeh, miso or fermented forms have no phytic acid. And unfermented soy beans tend to line the digestive track like plastic, impeding vitamin absorption. So don't make soybeans yourself. You don't know how to ferment them right. Tofu costs 99c. Miso and Tempeh are even better, and sold at any oriental market. Healthfood stores are loaded with books that have recipes for them.

When you go out to eat, ask for tofu with mushrooms found at any Chinese restaurant, served with black mushrooms over rice. You'll be surprised how delicious it is. And you can learn to make vegie-burgers a dozen at a time, freeze part of them, thaw later..."

"But I like steak" I said.

"No problem. Meat's fine. Although meat stresses the kidneys much more than vegetarian proteins when it's undigested, but we're gonna give you digestion back imediately!"

"YOU ARE? Great!"

"Only thing is, whatever meat you eat, don't dilute your stomach juices which I suspect are almost nil because of a burned mucosa. Don't wet food with beverages, drink only the water you absolutely need to remove thirst, maybe a few sips. Then, a couple of hours later, when meat is digested by your own acid, you can drink all you wish of water, raw juices, but avoid citric acid in sodas as that burns the stomach mucosa and could prevent it from healing."

Next, Marjorie suggested several herbs that would cleanse and tone the kidneys and bring them back to health after all they'd been through, horsetail, uva ursi, cornsilk, and from the garden, peachtree leaves. She told me to steep the herbs and drink the tea between meals. "Or, you can use a K formula I get from Nature's Sunshine. It has all that and more." I took the bottle of capsules which was around 8$. K formula is made of naturally diuretic herbs and they cause urine to flow which unfortunately will wash away needed minerals. She told me that I must replace certain key body minerals like potassium with organic sources. Which were they? She said "inorganic minerals are found in mineral water, in the earth, in rocks. But you want the organic minerals, those found in juicy fruits and dark green salad ingredients, cress, spinach, and romaine.. plants which EAT THE ROCKS and turn soil into organic minerals."

"The whole vegetable and fruit kingdom is made up of organic minerals. Also, you can get supplements at the healthfood store. Take Calcium citrate, the most assimilable form. Later when you're well, get calcium paired with magnesium. Right now, as kidneys are still weak, magnesium is not good for you. Liquid potassium is better than capsules or tablets. Use 'Mineral broth' products like Dr. Bronner's or Dr. Jensen's amino broths. They are like soy sauce, a source of salt for your cooking, but full of minerals. And avoid anything acid. Pepsis, cokes, Sodas, full of citric acid, pickles, and all canned or pasteurized tomato products, which lets out Italian foods. Also avoid pasteurized cylinders of citrus juices. You can have raw orange juice if the oranges are l00% ripe which is very rare. You can have raw tomatoes and raw lemons in lemonade, just not pasteurized as it triples the acidity."

"What about Mexican food and hot sauces?" I asked

"Avoid canned or jarred hot sauces because it's all vinegar. You can have the raw kind made of raw tomato/cilantro onion with minced jalapenos, the kind the Mexican restaurants have as they contain no vinegar. They cost 3$ a pint so make your own fresh, smaller amounts at a time as 'it goes' fast. An hour later it's not really good for you. Fruit oxidizes, loses IRON to the air. So, just chop those four things into your corn tortilla with filling. And you can have chile based enchiladas, and raw Jalapenos and powdered cayenne which can't burn the stomach. But Ginger, Mustard, vinegar CAN burn skin. The idea is "WHAT RAISES WELTS, MAKES BLISTERS" Chiles feel hot but they don't really BURN. So be careful of Thai food which has ginger and avoid all condiments with vinegar or mustard."

I did as told and instantly, in one day, was cured of the 3 mos of burping. I was able to eat a steak and salad that night, with corn tortillas and all the raw tomato based hot sauce I wanted. The trick was to take a  tiny, betaine hydrochloric acid tablet which helped digest the meal perfectly. Not a bubble of air. And even with all that eating my facial puff disappeared completely overnight. And my KIDNEYS worked fine.

I was overcome with joy and enthusiasm. I took an extra month of kidney-healing herb teas to make sure my kidneys were cleansed and that the puff in face went back to normal. And then, just to make friends with my kidneys forever, I quit meat and started making vegie burgers, a dozen at a time, and freezing 11 of them, so whenever I needed a protein fix, they were ready to nuke.

Today, if I even go near an aspirin, traces of burping and facial puff return --within hours! I've learned stomach acid is a very important thing. Can you believe doctors were so ignorant as to prescribe aspirins to everybody to prevent heart attacks? ASPIRIN is a STOMACH TURNER!Stay away from it! 

And the doctors I met, when I got deadly ill from stomach burn, they RX-ed ANTI-ACIDS? which contain magnesium which no one with kidney damage should even touch? And when I didn't have ANY ACID AT ALL? It goes to show you. Medicine is still in the dark ages. And the healthfood quacks whom doctors ridicule are light years ahead of the AMA!

You might want to study file on  HERBS ( ) as what's in these lessons are enough of an education to allow you to help your entire family, all your friends tone and strengthen their bodies, avoid all illnesses and give you a career you could pursue the rest of your life. And do all of that in one week of reading and note-taking.

*        *           *         *              *  LETTERS FROM READERS *       *         *         * 

Anita: Do either of your websites tell about how you can operate legally
as a natural healer? I feel as though I've accumulated enough
knowledge to do wonders for people but don't know what's legally
allowed and don't want to get massively fined or jailed, though I
guess I shouldn't let those fears keep me down. I am doing GOOD, right?.

a) word of mouth is your best bet. No advertising. On phone, when I sought
my first appointment, Marjorie asked 'who sent you?' prepared to recognize all her earlier clients' names.
I said the Master JULES, she was thrilled to meet me, treated me like royalty.

b.) never write down  whole list of complaints & fixes i.e. weak liver, you
must take 2 angelica w. carrot/celery juice at brunch and tea time, etc. Have
the client write it down. You dictate so it's all in her handwriting!

c.) Business cards read herbal consultations, no words 'diagnose' or 'heal' And you never use those words, 'cure' or heal' or 'diagnose.' EVER. You can say 'tone up'.

FOR YOUR NOTEBOOK: HERBS TO HELP KIDNEY FUNCTION- Tea made of Juniper berries, parsley herb, uva ursi leaves, dandelion root, corn silk, chamomile flowers. But take minerals to counter-effect the diuretic effect as you're WASHING AWAY MINERALS when you drink these things, or coffee and especially TEA. (Minerals come thru min mixes or alfalfa, kelp, seaweeds, dandelion). Though it's now 20 years past, I recall there was a NATURE'S SUNSHINE- K (for kidney) FORMULA with all of the above in it.They are in SPANISH FORK UTAH, sell online, and can make you a dealer for free. No sign up fee.

HERBS TO AID DIGESTION: Meat without starches, just with greens. Victorians would take a bitter salad (endive, cress, parsley) before or after any meal with protein in it. Remember the Europeans of the last two centuries, always eating or even drinking their 'bitters?' That was to stimulate digestion. Next, smell the meat cooking. It makes your stomach acid secrete. Third, don't put meat in a tummy with sugar, fats, starches or dessert or milk. Wait three hours to enjoy dessert or milk. With meat, have greens, low carb vegies. Food Combining and proper digesting and assimilation of the power of food is half the job of healing and all of the job of prevention of disease! Just google search the words "food combining" on line. Tons of material to study! Always download it to cache. C:\ALTERNATIVE HEALING is what you call that directory where you collect info. Under that, the FILES:  'how to food combine' file. Or combine.txt.  Throw it thru your "WORD' and it's combine.htm.The format we use on the internet. You can print out the file in a second, hand that material to a client. That knowledge relieves them of pain, depression, fatigue, aging, disease and death!

Last, why not make your own website, merchandise yourself,  get customers. Teach holistic healing and oh yes, buy 4unit buildings and be a great landlord.


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