THE GAME OF THE ORDINARY,RUNAWAY MIND and how those habits sink you.

The ordinary mind, even in gear, is a drag. This mind is, to some extent, in spite of all  that evolutionary work, not fully developed. It needs a tune-up. A new HOMEWORK plan, perhaps one that targets your habits, your rut. Habits take up a lot of hours of the day so what you do by habit, routine or choice may be the factor that's keeping you from love, success, money, bliss.

BAD HABITS are anything that a.) takes up time,  b.) de-energizes the body, c.) postpones your day of success. and d.) drags you closer to old age and really low-functioning. All impede success.

You don't do it deliberately. What's happening is, you're letting someone else drive the dar. An enemy. He's driving the car and he is out to ruin your life and prevent your achieving goals. WHO IS IT? YOUR EGO!

The Master Jules used to say, 'your ego is your appetites, drives, attachments and he is out to do ONE thing....... kill you.' This is for real. It's not truly a myth or metaphor. It's what any elderly person can tell you after they've analyzed their own failure to reach home plate. Somebody WITHIN shot them down.

How the killer EGO does its work is a.) ten times a day. and b.) with YOUR PERMISSION. Yes, you are letting the enemy passenger in the car drive the car, lead you to mountain precipices and steer you over cliffs.

Analyze a really bad habit. On some level, you only do this thing because there is some degree of self pity in your mind. Somewhere you're feeling entitled to a little nummy treat. You got a sore deal, in your view so this little happy moment should be yours. You know it's an energy stealing substance or person but you overlook that as you're entitled to a little snort. To alleviate the boredom.

So you let your mind convince you that you deserve these goodies, that crazy passtime, whatever it is food or sex, wine, booze, fun, bad friends, drugs...

Those interruptions to the intelligence cause you to lose your way, get other worse habits, a six pack
riding along with the first entitlement. The pig-out fatty chip chomper is torpid, knocked silly, he's sleepy so he wants a little speed. Pretty soon the speed addict piggy can't sleep so now he needs a little booze to chill. One energy stealer leads to the other.  Also, the chip addict is always a little stunned from heated fats, his brain is coated with lard, he can't think straight.

Soon years have passed, you never did the main things, or if you did, you did them poorly. You're asleep now, out of steam. Your day has passed.

How is it that a MONK wakes at cock's crow, though it be dark, bathes with cold water, waking him better than any cup of coffee. He then prays to God to, that day, that moment, discover God's will, man's mission.

I probably shouldn't capitalize God as there's no separation between mortal man and God when you're really cookin' and that monk is cooking. NO GAL waiting for him to call. NO HOT BLACK coffee that will let him down at lunchtime so he has to repeat a dose and crave it again at four pm so he sleeps poorly and can't wake during the ambrosia hours, just before sunrise..

That monk has no sense of entitlement no inner mantra that goes 'hey I deserve this coffee, this pastry, this lucious gal.' That monk goes and makes the pretzels or the wine or the champagne, whatever that monastery makes. (NOTORIOUSLY NOT HEALTHFOODS, jeez I hope some monasteries start making tofurky or sugar free fudge made with dates, HEALTHFOOD FUDGE, READ the recipe.

So the world is burning itself out feeling entitled to another bag of chips, another cup of java or hot chick, another sour mash bourbon.

Once one has know sour mash, can one return to the main highway and get back to one's work? Sour mash or sugar fudge, chips or chicks, whatever --have created a kind of BENT, a leaning. A kenning. A Fiending. You tell me, the answer to that. To escape the mind's reach with mind mastery? Meditation is said to quiet the mind. Crave sugar? How about a piece of fruit? Bored? Try some kind of GROUP WORK? Perturbed, angry, emotional, wounded? Get a SHRINK. Create a living room group where other wounded people talk about it.  Attend YOGA CLASS to build the power part of you so you won't eat the chips or dial the phone for the next sour mash beauty.

YOGA was the only thing I found in my life that worked to build power, energy and focus but the problem was, as it developed the BODY into salubrious perfection, ....the more I yogaed, the better I looked, the more the rich married screenwriter was after me and I fell hard for the man, his wit, his prominence, the whole package. And like the dark forces of ego, he was able to rip off my life of a lot of years. And many men do suppress the woman's talent.

Sign me another bit of flotsam on the beach of wasted lives.
anita sands hernandez