GUERILLA CAPITALISM by Anita Sands Hernandez

What's a Hollywood Astrologer doing writing on Guerilla capitalism? The answer is: for fifty years, clients have come to me with two problems, romance and money. I had to research these themes to be able to advise people competently on how to nail their sweetie or how to get rich. Those TWO things I do to get paid for.  The third is my real gift: advising them to quit that miserable sweetheart they have and put themselves back on the dating market and get an upgrade. I do that for free.

Now, for some reason that I can't explain, I tend to advise money seeking folks to do exactly what I did --- to start a cottage industry. And to start down the pathway to MERCANTILISM!So I researched and wrote up the PROSPECTUSa document you give to people to raise startup cash. To create one's own corporation and be Henry Ford! Instead of some fearful employee racing to work thru traffic, fearing the boss or manager and getting an ulcer.

I have researched extensively and write on NEW AGE PROFESSIONS that appeared or sprouted like mushrooms in Los Angeles, a fairly far out, new Age community because I think they'd do well in other cities, as evolution unrolls. They're all jobs that you can do out of your home office or living room. If I saw a pal make a mint doing it, I wrote it up!

In L.A., I have seen, learned from, and consulted folks who do multiplicities of interesting, artistic, fun things that anybody could do to make a living. The concept of REGULAR people doing amazing THINGS and asking very low prices for services that usually are very costly is engaging to me. I have dozens of chapters to the book GUERILLA  CAPITALISM and intend posting them all here at this website. And many are at my other site. THE PHILOSOPHY of the GUERILLA CAPITALIST articles all go roughly like this:

GUERILLA CAPITALISM. First, the Logic for it.

Youíre good at things. (Name ten talents right now.( Donít forget that apple dish of your mothers you make so well. Donít forget how well you listen to suffering people. Thatís called mentoring, and with no degree you can earn 15$ an hour handling stressed mothers' nutty teens. Read up on MENTORING when you have a moment. Click on the word. It's a live link.

Youíre good at things you could charge for. Name ten things right now and write next to each gift you have the amount that other people make each hour they're doing it. Wait, donít tell me people donít charge for PIE MAKING. THEY CHARGE for it all right and itís called COOKING FOR CHIC CAFES..... Put that on your list. And the hourly wage? Ten pies you sell for 10$ each is a hundred bucks for a single PIE BAKING session. Oh and you shlepp them to the cafes. An afternoon's work. Or create a food co-op for the community. Or your own café in any ole store front. You should investigate RENTING A KITCHEN.

See, my point is, youíre good at dozens of things people need, things that you donít have to go to school to do better than you already do it.. Youíre good at things that could help suffering humanity. You give great massage. One article will show you how to turn that into cash. You know about house plants,  aromatic oils, flowers, things that give pleasure. The UBERWEALTHY play plenty for those skills. You know stuff and could teach it. You could supply both services and things that people NEED.

Now take 8 hrs a day times 5 days, 40 hours of THAT wage that you just wrote down. Could you pay your rent with that? I think so.Yet youíre afraid. You want to be sewn into a job as if it were a coffin, in exchange get a promise of 30k a year and have the IRS looking over your shoulder hungrily at every penny of that 30, and you want a stamp of approval from Big Brother first, huh? Before youíll do any of those wonderful things for a living, --- before you will quit that dumb job that you hate --- before you stop doing this low rent thing youíre doing now to make the rent, and before you START doing what youíre good at and love to do, at the wage you cited, you will find excuses. Guaranteed. Because why? Why do you think that is?

Because the EGO requires one thing of us, (its captive). It wants us to fail. Thatís why people love being losers. They hate to admit that theyíre experts on anything. That they're Geniuses. Already perfect. THEY HATE it worse than anything. They hate to admit theyíre ready to fly on wings to the skies. That theyíre grown up. That theyíre authorities. That theyíre able to shoulder in at the trough, in the professional marketplace, and get their marketshare and charge bigtime and cut it bigtime.

People actually prefer to say Iím not ready yet, Iím not for real, I donít deserve success. I am not good enough. I can live frugal. And when you show them so-called experts in the marketplace that donít reach to their kneecap, they prefer to be dazzled by the starís act and never get on stage themselves. Go figure!

When I tell talented people Ďstart charging immediately for that thing you do so well,í theyíll give me convoluted, inventive reasons why they canít. Theyíll tell me that one has to go to school for 6 years to get a license to do it, or one has to intern for free for another two years, and then get county clearances, not to mention licenses and that itís not legal, that itís not kosher unless they donít leap through all those hoops the state puts in front of them and leap for ten years before they start earning with it. READ HERE AT HEALING ARCHIVE,and find that article on how bogus licenses are Öjust read and STUDY for a few days, entirely FOR FREE ..go to Gary Nullís website, study thereÖ.and you can MAKE l00 K the first year, and built to 800 thousand a year in HOLISM!

THEY tell you that nobody can heal without a college degree? WRONG. My healer MARGE lives in the sticks, makes 800k a year and never finished high school. They tell you that you canít open a business in your home and make a living. Yeah? WHO ARE THEY? SHEEPLE locked into dreary boring jobs? Your mother in law? The county license bureau or the state or the federal authorities? Well those are people who do not want you to be happy, free, talented and prolific. Those are your worst enemies. Donít listen to those people, theyíre demented. YOU DO THAT PIE THING or that mentoring thing very WELL today, without further training and hey, you need to do something that you love for money. Something youíre invested in emotionally the way you are in that, and you need to do it NOW cuz the rentís due now and you hate your current make-a-living arrangement now and you're going wacky now from the meaningless of what Marx called "Alienated Labor" and I don't mean Groucho! You donít have ten years to kick around suffering and not being good enough. So get over your self invalidation. You may not swim the Atlantic, but you are good enough to wade out into the deep end of the pool, into the waters of wage-earning, doing that wonderful thing you do so well. Get cards printed saying ĎI DO THISí and your home phone number. Give them to all the people you meet and chat with and like. And do talk to everybody in line at the Super market and outside the theatre, etc.

Get a small notebook to keep track of appointments, jobs, addresses of clients. End of paper work. Did you see Ďkeep records for IRSí in there? No I didnít say that. Leave no paper trail. We get to that in the CLEAN MONEY article on this site, called 'LEGAL LAUNDERING.' The guerilla capitalist goes off grid. Unplugged from the Matrix. He doesn't support the war, his dollars do not go for it. READ THE EXPERTS ON THIS THEME.

All there is really is THE HERE AND NOW. The past isnít real, the future could be anything. Great futures are built of intense nows. Get busy here and now on the Intensely personal, unique Now."From time to time, come back here, to this website or that other website. Different articles in both. No two the same. Bookmark them. Tell your BOOKMARK file there's a new game in town by creating a subheading "GUERILLA CAPITALISM" Every time you spot an interesting gambit online, bookmark it. Each of these articles has an URL at the top of screen, highlight it, save it to cache, by that I mean bookmark it. Send it to pals who are currently jobless and suicidal. Just heard of a little gal named Satsko, Japanese, lives in NYC, lost her job, took all her IRA's and cashed them in to rent a shop on a Manhattan street, she converted it into a sandwich shop. She ended up giving all her wealth to the landlord. ALWAYS work out of your home while you build clientele.



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