FREE BUT DANGEROUS-- GMAIL! (and some stuff on free browsers)

GMAIL DOT COM offers a FREEBIE EMAIL ADDIE THAT SEEMS to WORK BETTER THAN ANY OF THE BIG FAMOUS ONES! But there is no way to erase messages when they pile up. The filters cannot be set in motion.

I used to  have a dozen email addies at gmail, The were fast to get to, pages fly by, no ads.  But you have to erase each one by hand in a way that is TEN TIMES SLOWER and more difficult than my NETSCAPE BROWSER’s MESSENGER section. So think twice before you get GMAIL.

BEFORE I KNEW OF THE PERMANENCY FACTOR I WROTE: Get  a MOZILLA FIREFOX BROWSER, free online, and MAKE your GMAIL ACCOUNT the default front page on it and you're going to see email faster than any other browser, automatic password memory is partly why.  The GMAIL addies in my MOZILLA know the passwords instantly, line them up as ***** . I don't have to fill them in!

I never would have never discovered the leanest, meanest FREEBIE EMAIL addie in CYBERSPACE if my regular mail client, the MESSENGER section inside NETSCAPE vintage version 4.5 or 4.78, I use either.  MESSENGER  is tucked inside my I.E. BROWSER had NOT just developed security blocks and new designs that EVEN ON DSL slow you down to waiting two, three minutes for a page to load. Their huge newspaper front page slow loading on ya....CLUSTERS OF ADS besieging you making the NETSCAPE MAIL a path to HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE!

I am not talking about NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR, their BROWSER, which is something you can download online free. ( I use an EARLIER VERSION OF IT as it has a really FINE EMAIL system INSIDE IT It has the ABILITY TO HOLD an address list of a thousand names, and see them all at once, see latest emails or alphabetize the Senders, (handy, useful.) or by you your email in any mode you want. Which is unparalleled in its USEFULESS!!!. DOWNLOAD version 4.7 of the NETSCAPE communicator, you will be very happy. (Just don't surf the net with it, use MOZILLA Netscape 4.7 jams at java.)

The Netscape Communicator browser thing IS DIFFERENT from NETSCAPE DOT COM which is where you get a daily newspaper thrown at you, RIFE WITH  ads all getting in the slow load WAY of your hitting "GET YOUR MAIL" button and actually GETTING IT. SO SHUN NETSCAPE FOR MAIL!

My NETSCAPE BROWSER (VERSION 4.5 or vers. 4.7) does jam with the slightest web surfing or an email with a hint of JAVA or MIME code and then occas, you have to reboot your whole PC,  but I learned not to WEBSURF with it.....I use Mozilla Firefox to web surf. You want to just use Netscape for the fabulous email client (called MESSENGER) inside it. Similar to EUDORA which you can NO LONGER get for free, anyway it's not nearly as good as the NetScape 4.7 Mesenger.

What's a java jam? Say you surfed to a website that had any JAVA on it. You lock up its db.fat file, many functions suddenly go out the window. You have to reboot. No going into file manager and erasing fat.db on the dos level as it's STUCK, jammed. Permanent. All Netscaper fans know about that but they heard this rumor NSA can't penetrate this 1995 browser so we continue to use this antique and thumb our noses at Bush and Cheney.

Get it. Soon enough the USER  spots the jam up symptoms. You have to exit, boot  up entire PC once again, but NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR's design and mail client and address books are organized, so superb, I tolerate its allergies.

BUT WHEN YOU ARE AT a freebie EMAIL service, like NETSCAPE DOT COM, or YAHOO or GMAIL or OPERAMAIL, or HOTMAIL --you do not expect to see your browser LOCK UP AND GIVE BLANK SCREENS if you surf to some sophisticated website, get functions jammed then not be able to flip around from mail to browser to text pad cuz it's all gummed up. SO I Most carefully USE NETSCAPE JUST FOR EMAIL and to surf the web, MOZILLA BROWSER which holds my MANY GMAIL addies.

SOME MAIL BOXES, those freebie ones, like NETSCAPE DOT COM where you keep mail boxes, those things are ALLERGIC to your moving to another screen for even a second! They do a 'security lock out' and reloading pages that take three minutes to load will make your hair fall out SO I BEGAN TO SEARCH OUT FREEBIE MAIL BOXES, seeking quality. Speed. Ease of use. AND GMAIL is best. LYCOS is FAIRLY OKAY these days. YAHOO is fast. I have my IE boot up to YAHOO. MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD holds my MAIL and NERD SHACK addies. SLIM BROWSER holds my WALLA mail.  But I don't do outgoing mail with all thse browser/mail clients. I continue to use my NETSCAPE 4.7 BROWSER for email which it does flawlessly.

NETSCAPE. NET or COM (it answers to either,) for your many email addies? THE WORST. INSIDIOUSLY landmined with NEWS and ADS ergo slow loading screens! YOu will be erasing freightcars of ads for hours after you use it. They gum them on your screen!

SO GO PICK UP SOME MAIL BOXES at HOTMAIL, MAIL.COM and get pals with GMAIL to shoot you an invite. It's invitational. Once you have it, download Scott's Gmail Alert. Don't know if it will work on an older system but it puts a little icon in the task bar that makes a sound when you get mail.

BROWSING THE BROWSERS: TO GO WITH NEW MAIL BOXES, I looked at NEW KINDS OF BROWSERS. MY FAVORITE IS MOZILLA FIREFOX and  it is free. I only have vers 2 as my pc’s are 16 yrs old.

Though I don’t surf the web with netscape browser, as it’s too old, I CREATE my DEFAULT browser there as it has such a super email client in it, MESSENGER. Or you can use mozilla, have YOUR MAIL BOX be GMAIL. Before, I would daily enter in or and visit my mail. NOW each browser defaults to its own FREEBIE EMAIL CLIENT. SLIMBROWSER boots up into WALLA. INTERNET EXPLORER boots up into YAHOO. Catch my drift?

I opened myself some extra freebie addresses, like about forty. I NEEDED THEM.. I DAILY USE these email ADDRESSES to toot around cyberspace putting up CRAIGS LIST DOT ORG ads (CRAIG lets you put two ads a day. Pretty SHABBY when CRAIG has l00 cities!! Well my biz is international. GIVE ME l00 cities a day sir, if that's whatchagot mistah! ) Don't lock me out. But CRAIG WILL! So (hehehe) I got forty different email addresses!


The trick to not having CRAIGS BOOT YOU OUT is always choose the automatic "NO EMAIL ADDIE VISIBLE" setting. And change the wording in headline of your ad. Maybe TOP sentence, jumbling  words in the ad txt, too. Or putting an * in front. God knows what a Robot can spot. Also erase YOUR OWN BROWSER's cookies every two ads! Browsers hold cookies and Craig can spot 'em and block you at over two erase COOKIES. HIT TOOLS/ INTERNET OPTIONS,some wording like that. Then hit 'erase cookies.' Last, anonymize addies. IF YOU PUT YOUR ADDIE all visible, they get tired of your dozens of ads daily, they can block your email box forever. So don't do that. Folks who answer you answer Mr or Ms ANONYMOUS. Good enuf for ME!

I used to put Craigs list ads online with a DIAL UP SERVER ACCOUNT! Incredibly SLOW to do. THEN mid 2005,  NETSCAPE added security blocks. SNAIL SLOW.

BUT HOORAY!With DSL, I barely notice slowness, even in WALLA. the worst offender of them all. You can't answer anyone ....who writes you. It jams. NETSCAPE is slow; they send the surfer to their page with ads and newspaper stories that are all, massively slow loaders

One's daily e-mail perusing takes l00 times longer than it should. Much LONGER than it does with this new guy on the block GMAIL.COM! I sometimes can't even GET TO MY EMAIL at Walla, Yahoo, Lycos, Hot mail,Opera mail, as why go there? GMAIL is so slick. NO ADS, just in and outburger. And with my new MOZILLA FIREFOX FREE BROWSER< download it free on line, all passwords are done for you! It remembers them.

BY THE WAY: PASSWORD NOTE: Always pick one password that is super easy to type fast and stick to it. SAME password for all your mail accounts. TYPEFAST IS THE CRITERIA, fast and accurately even if you're sound asleep! Or watching TV which I do while I place ads. Tv is at my left shoulder facing me.

So, I'm voting with my feet. I'm leaving the other mail box companies! SAYONARA HOTMAIL, MAIL COM. I have a lot of LYCOS addies. They're TERRIBLE! POP UP AD RIDDEN, NO FAST MOVING PAGES. YOU GET STUCK, LOST AND HAVE TO CRASH OUT!  MAIL.COM IS somewhat AD-RIDDEN. READ THIS REVIEW:  . IF YOU USE any of these bozos REGULARLY you are combing ads out of your teeth. LYCOS has an additional evil feature. If you go THIRTY days without seeking your own mail, they cancel you. But that makes sense from THEIR POINT OF VIEW.

I have Hotmail. They're pretty good. demands you look at one ad per entry, so I'm not getting more addies with them. NETSCAPE is slow-ish, and makes you read a newspaper, some ads, too. I NOTE on my older PC's I GET thrown ads, but on the new one, I did get FREE DOWNLOAD of  "AD BLOCKING" software. Google that word and download it, install it.

SO all I want to say is GOOGLE's GMAIL is fast as heck and best of all of them.


LYCOS fills your screen with ads
YOU can't go right to mailroom.
LYCOS threatens to cancel you
if you go a month without em!

WALLA is just like it sounds,
all SLOW and DUMB and hollow!
and heiroglyphics you'll have to swallow!

Jerks use walla ! DRONES use walla!
Bet your mother in law PAULA uses Walla.
GMAIL is the smartie's  freebie addie

I'm here to see

While GMAIL deserves all the credit
Google fears some hoard'll abuse it,
So find a pal who already uses it!