Or The Fine art of BROWSER FLIPPING and E-MAIL CLIENT switching!

You're stuck with your dimwitted crazy kid, stuck with that treacherous sibling and the DOPEY parents. You’re tolerating whatever the Horse dragged in with the mate, but you are NOT married to your EMAIL CLIENT or your BROWSER!

New, smarter, faster, better BROWSERS are out there in CYBERSPACE available, downloadable & FREE! Even a beginner who bought his first PC today, could figure out how to download if you read this BROWSERS FOR DUMMIES file once, so pour the coffee and on your mark, get set, GO!

Why not use MULTIPLE EMAIL CLIENTS, inside of MULTIPLE browsers and BROWSER SWITCH????Get the best of all worlds.

MOZILLA FIREFOX VERS “GOD KNOWS WHICH”  is acknowledged to be the KING of browsers right now though more people use I.E by BILL GATES. I agree with the MOZILLA being best for WEB SURFING. I only have VERS 2 cuz I am on WINDOWS 98SE and cannot upgrade. Tried but it broke my hard drive, had to buy a new PC. As I use Earthlink, I tried EARTHLINK’s gift browser but it’s SELF-SERVING JUNK! Most big ISPS or servers try to give the beginner some PIECE of crap browser, which funnels ad revenues in. BURN’em! AOL , MSN andEARTHLINK SERVERS do that.(INFORM ME WHO ELSE, please if you know.)

The one that BILL GATES gives you, INTERNET EXPLORER …YUK. Why be a default surfer and use it? There are dozens of free browsers online. They’re free as they’re loaded with ads. I’ve tried many, AOL, THUNDERBIRD.They’re all slow loading, heavy with ads.Some don’t have ads, but they’re slow. SLIM BROWSER useless, OPERA BROWSER –WHAT FOR? MAXTHON BROWSER and INTERNET EXPLORER (i.e. BILL GATES’ oldest of all…75% of AMERICA uses it, which is weird seeing as how GATES has screwed up the OPERATING SYSTEMs in VISTA so horribly that many people have to do a total DISK WIPE.)

 INTERNET EXPLORER came with my PC but for the last 15 years, I’ve stuck with the only browser that has a decent EMAIL CLIENT and htm composer (better than windows ‘word’ part of office suite,) …all three inside it. NETSCAPE VERSION 4.7. You can download it free online. This is a beauty, a charmer, a serving maiden with extended arms that collate your emails at your will, the way you want. The only thing she cannot do is surf the net. She jams up at sites with MODERN FEATURES like JAVA. So I surf with MOZILLA FIREFOX and go into my GMAIL through there. GMAIL loads fast but has none of the GREAT FEATURE that characterize NETSCAPE VERSION 4.7 INTERNAL EMAIL CLIENT. I hear that you get EMAIL CLIENT inside in version 5, 6, 7 , but not 8 or above.


IT HAS TO COLLATE BY SENDER: Want to see all the email from ONE customer and one only? Find one letter from that pal, get ON THAT LINE, now Hit the SENDER button.  You see every letter from him. Or just hit the button at any time, you get an alphabetized list of senders.

COLLATE BY SUBJECT LINE: Say you want to see all your USED BOOK store orders at once. Every time I write a dealer, I make certain that the SUBJECT LINE READS: Dear Alpha Books, Dear Joe’s Books. Dear Jimmy’s Books. Dear Zebra books. So the DEAR section of my browser is alphabetized in a way. From Alpha Books to Zebra Books. HIT the “COLLATE BY SUBJECT LINE” button. It’s like ordering BROWSER to ‘show me all the DEAR BOOKSTORE OWNER letters. Of course you have to write all bookstores with the same greeting. “DEAR LIBRARY, DEAR SAM’s BOOKS, DEAR JOE’s SHELVES, in the SUBJECT LINE!

COLLATE BY DATE: Want to see all emails from your first year of business? See customers’ names? You remember that first big money deal? Can’t recall exact name of corporation? HIT BY DATE. Though frankly, I hit date, all the time as my latest email arrivals are there.

COLLATE by SIZEWant to lose size in the Email area? I have 4400 emails right now, So frequently I want to cut out the biggies. Especially if the EMAIL acts up.You can do some erasing. (NETSCAPE does not like you to collect over five thousand emails, so I have to save and erase occasionally.)

NOTE: HOW TO ERASE those EMAILS that  are piling up! SAVE THE TEXT TO DIRECTORY! You don’t have to keep an email in EMAIL section if you want the information in it. As a writer, I like to save text, then ENTER the text with a WORD PROCESSOR and turn it into NET-READY HTM! (HYPTER TEXT i.e. formatted, colorized, etc.) So, save the email to cache – to the C:\directory where it belongs. C:\HOLISTIC or C:\FRUGAL or C:\FUTURE. Create a DIRECTORY for political articles. Create a directory for all that precious info on cooking might go to RECIPES. Save, thenerase the email.My star client Courtney’s letters ---the ones where she discusses big movie star guys, (all ready for the tabs if she doesn’t pay her three year bill, --she was bankrupt for years til she sold the catalogue but I kept on working for her,) all that info on beau Ed Norton, his temper, his control freak stuff, ENQUIRER WOULD LOVE IT, well I save it to cache as “C:\HOTCORRESPONDENCE directory. (NOTE: Ztree software lets me build directories I need. In a two second flash.) So finding big files and erasing them is needed and collating by Size is an important feature when you’re choosing what you want to erase. )

COLLATE BY SENDER: NETSCAPE lets me collate by SENDER, in an instant, my 3000 emails are juggled and I can see all the COURTNEY LOVE emails she ever sent ---lined up.NAT’L ENQUIRER, are you listening?  Or all the email that came from JOE’s SHELVES of used BOOKS. JUST his mail to me. Very useful. To get ten of his past emails In a row.I can see what he promised and what he actually sent. I always erase the emails after I got the books but only after I STASH the bookdealer’s email addie in a LIST. 

NETSCAPE 4.7 has an equally intricate address book system. It lets you make BOOK DEALER LISTS. Or CLIENT LISTS. Or my students …listed by HOLISM, FRUGAL LIFESTYLE CLUB, THE HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE GROUP, the LOVE and COURTSHIP STUDIES group, PETS/ CATS, SCREENWRITERS. GARDENERS, fans of the MASTER JULES. The JERRY’s REFRIGERATOR “TIN FOIL HAT” website which is for the ultra secret CONSPIRACY THEORY GROUP. And the GOV SECRETS THEY DO NOT WANT U TO KNOW  website. Before I post a new article at a website, it goes to appropriate LIST of chums. 

A GOOD ADDRESS BOOKS lets you put all kinds of secret notes in each email addie (this guy is Cordon Bleu cook, married, lives in Connecticut. I find the list can be unstable with more than 15 names, so do COOKS1, COOKS2, COOKS3. Fifteen each.

So, ADDRESS BOOKS and Browsers that COLLATE are the tools of a great PC user. Nobody out there does it with a free download mail client except NETSCAPE vers 4.7 (if you know different, write me astrology at earthlink net.) 

WHAT NETSCAPE DOES NOT DO: It does not make good coffee. And it does not surf the internet well. It crashes at high tech sites, because hey, it was built in 1995 -- 18 yrs ago –and it crashes or jams at intensive CODING in modern software programs. And I cannot see videos don’t know how to make it work around them. So if some pal sends me “GO QUICK TO U-TUBE see the monkey who rides a dog in a rodeo I forward the letter/ url to my GMAIL addie which is in my MOZILLA & I  switch to MOZILLA FIREFOX. I minimize the NETSCAPE and BOOT UP the FIREFOX watch the monkey then come back to NETSCAPE vers 4.7.

If a Pal sez GO TO LATEST WASHINGTON GOSSIP.COM, I FORWARD that EMAIL with URLS to CALSTARLADY at GMAIL which resides in my MOZILLA FIREFOX BROWSER and I read it a moment later when I open MOZILLA and then open my GMAIL email there, THERE IS THE URL in MOZILLA FIREFOX GMAIL AREA.

NOW there is a SUPERB BROWSER! MOZILLA FIREFOX! HUZZAH! MOZILLA FIREFOX stores form info. Say you’re at a website filling in form, you go to type in your home address, it instantly sees what your first two letters are, and gives you your HOME ADDRESS. 7900 Zelzah. Or your EMAIL ADDRESS. I have about l00 different EMAIL addresses so I can do l00 ads at CRAIGS, in POLAND< FRANCE< EUROPE, get those beautiful girls to quit show biz and marry billionaires with the free, 100 classroom SEMINAR at HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE.COM

MOZILLA remembers all myOUTGOING  email MONNIKERS.  Names, EMAIL ADDIES.  But not well enough to compose a single EMAIL TO A FRIEND. However, if I am at my GMAIL BOX where I have a dozen addresses for use at CRAIGS LIST, and I write “STAR” ---THE BROWSER ITSELF REMEMBERS and asks which star? My choice: STARLADY or STARGAZER or STARBABE or STARGALA and I get to recall all the little mail boxes I have. CRAIGS LIST cannot recall them all and that is good as I can do multiple ads daily.

When you get to starla…..itdoes the rest for you knowing your email addies and get this! EVEN knowing your PASSWORD and putting it in anonymously as ******* ! Then One more RETURN or ENTER key swack and you get the mail! Fast typists? Fast mail! And say you go to type a Craigs list adwith it’s REMEMBER URL SCREEN in DIFFERENTCOLORS --it tells you what cities you put ads in before as COLOR of some of those thousand cities is different. Because you were there before. 

You want to enter your GMAIL and see who answered the CRAIGS LIST ad, at the dozen a day different ads, at one of your FORTY addresses in GMAIL, to see if you gotta answer somebody. well,you stacked your dozens of GMAIL EMAIL addresses there in MOZILLA so it’s double easy!. They seemingly are stored in (and are accessible THROUGH ) the PORTAL OF MOZILLA.Why? Cuz you always select GOOGLE for your default front page and GOOGLE IS GMAIL same corporation --so you have the GMAIL OPTION at top, so you can hit it, instantly go into a menu asking WHICH GMAIL ADDIE??? And the second you write even part of the ADDIE, it knows where you’re heading and gives the WHOLE thing to you PLUS YOUR PASSWORD!***** ZIP ZIP I answer CRAIGS READERS who want more info on that FRUGAL SEMINAR FREEBIE WEBSITE, and how to start FRUGAL groups in their town.

  I have also downloaded all the FREE "MAIL CLIENTS" (slow) (slow) (faster), HOTMAIL, butGmail.comis FASTEST plus it stores passwords so it's fast flip! (slow) AIM.COM TEDIOUS, (medium fast.) (OK). (tedious, annoying.) 

  EUDORA is free finally but I cannot figure it out. They say it resembles the best email client of all, NETSCAPE version 4.7 but it doesn’t. I need a textbook of some kind I guess and of course, there isn’t one.

  NO EMAIL CLIENT DOES what NETSCAPE vers 4.7 did with its BUILT IN EMAIL CLIENT whichis like a 72 Caddie Eldorado with fins, AC, Top goes up and down, it collates by subject, size, date, sender! That feature is like having tires that reinflate themselves! AND it has NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR among options on top to write htm articles in! SWEEEEET!

  NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR- This is a fine HTM text software WORD PROCESSOR. You can colorize with it, Create FONTS with it. All the things MICROSOFT WORD does without the copious CODING inside post 1997 versions. I KEEP OFFICE SUITE 1997 around for a much better version of WORD. It’s nigh impossible to add graphics with ANY OFFICE WORD PROCESSOR so I use NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR EXCLUSIVELY NOW FOR MY WEBSITE PAGES. 

WHEN I am out surfing, popping those ads onto CRAIGS LIST WEBSITE, I use several browsers to shuttle bing bing bang between two or three screens where I'm doing the placing and even the final okaying of craigs list ads. (There are always two phases, first, you place the ad; then, it comes back to your (many) email box(es) as otherwise you only get two ads a day but with multiple email addies, try FORTY different cities!!!....CRAIGS does a check, sending your ad back to you at whatever mail box and then you prove you’re YOU when you okay the ad.) Before I got all these many email boxes, I used to use pals to do ads. I'd put the ad up in their name. They'd forward the response from CRAIG to me.Lost a LOTTA pals that way!

Some browsers invite switching, they're so damn slow. Before I got DSL I thought grass would grow between my toes while I loaded ads. Now, with DSL, that’s not a problem In the old days with NO DSL, whileMozilla Browserloaded, I popped over and go look at Internet Explorer THE BIG BLUE E, which has as a default front page setting, com, cuz I always have some mail over at yahoo.mail. 

BY THE WAY, get the latest version of INTERNET EXPLORER BROWSER, easy download. My pal cued me :"Don't use IE 5.0.  It is old and no longer supported.  You should use the latest one for Win98 which is IE 6.0. Vers 7. does not work for WIN 98 and you don’t want to upgrade your OS. Get VERS 6 here:  And don't be fooled by "service pack" being part of the name.  It's not just a service pack.  It's Internet Explorer 6.0 with the service pack already added. Just do one thing, check to see if your VERSION OF WINDOWS is new enough for it. Don't load it unless you're driving a Millenium or XP windows OS. 

So I did that download and it wasn't hard or time consuming. Any tyro can download software and start up a new browser.  A few months later, I attempted to download VERS 7 MOZILLA FIREFOX and it broke my computer! Had to throw the thing away. You never want to download something that doesn’t have YOUR OS on the SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS LIST! Right now I’m craving to have CHROME, the new GOOGLE BROWSER but I can’t. Not til my next PC which will be a NEW O.S. (PS I have it, VISTA on board, no clue how to work it, machine just sits there.)

NOTE from pal: many who still use Windows and use IE.  Take care, and download the "security alert"! Microsoft warns of security flaw that 'affects 900 MILLION people using Internet Explorer' 31 Jan 2011 Microsoft has issued a 'critical' security alert that affects 900 million people using its Internet Explorer web browser. The computer giant warned of a newly-discovered flaw in Windows that could be exploited by hackers to steal personal details or take over computers. The glitch is so severe it potentially affects every user of Internet Explorer. “ I told him it  could be a competitor's rumor. Another pal verified: “ Microsoft browsers are EASILY 5 times morevulnerable than any other out there, but I think it's bogus  -  no major media outlets have picked it up, nothing on MS site, I checked my Windows update: nothing new... mong Tech-savvy users MS IE is now #4 anyway...  and a third tekkie said: “  it’s a real threat….see:

But what the heck, have IE on board just for the helluvit.Now you may not need multiple browsers. I DO! One spammer sends me a million bye AD which jams netscape l00%, one has to erase it line by line, takes an hour. So I have to have MOZILLA to go thru mail at then the clean stuff goes into the netscape browser. NILADRI SOMEBODY is excised. Next, Placing so many ads daily I need to have speed and I need passwords stored so there's less typing. I do not need ad-ridden browsers. I'm always comparing browsers to get the one with the best features. FOR INSTANCE, I FILL OUT a great many forms online. Or I gotta tap in my addies. I like a BROWSER to remember the addies....the words in the FORM. The passwords. And what if you hit a stall, you  may have to go GREEN ARROW backwards a few pages to see them twice or the next day I fill out some more forms. I want that info to stay there. I want the browser to remember my password and all of my email addies (starlady, starlady 250,calstarlady, etc.) (I have at least fifteen different yahoo addies, cuz I do a lotta CRAIGS LISTING ADS!) I want my browser to be like a good secretary! 

So I BROWSER FLIP and experiment to see which browser saves your most frequent keystrokes in forms. I see what's there, run back to Mozilla where GMAIL is stashed, so I can pick up my mail. And I go back and forth seeing mail that is in either Yahoo, Lycos, (Kind of  SLOW!) no longer exists so is no longer my email holder or MAIL CLIENT as they switched their name to AOL mail and AIM mail. Free by the way. But sludgey slow as they make you read ads. 

Then there's bought by Israeli firm, all in Hebrew but I can still use it for mail. Fast. But GMAILcom is my absolute fave mail holder of all! If you want multiple addies, there's also hotmail and and gmail and nerdshack and mailshack, those are the email clients....GMAIL is invitational. Ask me and I can send it to you, it's the BEST ONE OF all and I stick it as default front page to my MOZILLA BROWSER and wow, what a combination! Mozilla can remember everything you did. Passwords, different addies. YOU START to write something and it gives you a view of it finished, and you can USE IT! VERY FAST! 

FOR FREEBIE MAIL ADDRESSES, use AIM/ AOL though both are slow booting up, as they’re full of ads,although maybe because they are very busy,  I like LYCOS, AVOID as it FORCES Ad PAGES in your way, as an OBSTACLE and has faulty design. USE and YAHOO.COM and use OPERAMAIL.COM HOTMAIL is OK. BUT THE BEST ONE  OF ALL IS GMAIL! Google's private one, which pals must invite you to get into.

I FEEL that these great browsers are mostly too slow on the out-take to send my regular e-mail out of em. FOR MY EMAIL NEEDS, I USE NETSCAPE VERSION 4.7 which has an amazing eclient in it. I understand it's like EUDORA. But that costs money these days. 

ANYWAY ALL MY DIFFERENT browsers have a DEFAULT SETTING at some Email provider like my IE goes to YAHOO.COM. OR, the second choice I have is google as a main page, a default page. 

After trying others, I use IE as a browser and MOZILLA FIREFOX. THE SUPERIOR ONE! Supposedly better than its THUNDERBIRD which is outdated.  READ THIS EXPERT TALKING ABOUT THE NEW MOZILLA FIREFOX VERSION 2. So Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox. Those two I do use. But Mozilla Firefox is best. It remembers passwords and other things you load up daily onto other websites, addies, so you don't have to type them in fresh all the time. I also downloaded MAXTHON and opera 9. They're fine I use SLIM BROWSER, daily, not to web surf, though all the diff browsers do that....but just for my WALLA E-MAIL BOX which I installed there as default front page. 

So you see, there are two things you want to download free online. MAIL BOXES and BROWSERS. GET A LOT by googling these keywords free download browser and free download email client and get back to me which you like! 

But for every day use, I like Netscape 4.7-- an old 1995 version, (4.7 which you can download free online if you google words like netscape + 4.7 + download + free,) as it HAS a mail box in it, and it has a browser, it is a browser and its layout is easy for storage of e mail. You can see all letters at once by scrolling, tight, neat, and info on each too, size, date. you can sort by date, subject, size, sender. boy is that handy. VERY FAST. You can sort mail by DATE REC'd SENDER/ SUBJECT/ SIZE very useful! I send myself copies of theads as TEXT spirit group ad or TEXT pretty lady ad. 

BUT WITH NETSCAPE OLD VERSION, you cannot surf willy nilly thru the web as you will jam it, reboot of browser is req'd so I GO TO MOZILLA FIREFOX for websurfing. NOTHING fazes it! 

I USE INTERNET EXPLORER for my YAHOO mailbox. As IE surfs the net well, I CANsend an interesting looking url to anita@ yahoo and get that letter later, when I surf there later and save the article to CACHE from there. Or even better I might send a webtip to which is inside my MOZILLA browser. That's the SUPERMAN browser. 

AS FOR MAIL CLIENTS.NETSCAPE 4.7is the only one with a fast neat well organized email area. EVEN NETSCAPE 8 doesn't have that design. I tried downloading newer vers. of NETSCAPE, like 8, it erased my early version. HOW RUDE OF IT! Ya gotta know that when you take a newer vers it's gonna erase the older vers. Like a new wife erases all presence of the last wife! But worse, its mail client isn't there. I'm not a totally smart TEKKIE or a hacker. I don't know how to install some of these mail clients in the browser so GIMME A BROWSER that already has a superior  EMAIL client IN IT! The fastest and perhaps best EMAILCLIENT would be GMAIL stuck inside of a MOZILLA BROWSER. There it functions at top altitude. BUT not at the altitude of NETSCAPE vers 4.7 with its collation features. 

PS if you want GMAIL, someone who has it must give it to you, it's by invitation. So see who you know who has it, then ask them to send the invite. It is ten times faster than AOL or AIM (those two are actually the same company. What AIM/ AOL offers is a slow loader. EVEN on DSL it takes two minutes to get it to crank up one addie that you have.) GMAIL IS THE ONE YOU WANT inside MOZILLA. And another ICON on your desktop for NETSCAPE VERS 4.7 which you can download right now. Online. Free.THE BLUE RIBBON GOES TO NETSCAPE 4.7. I don’t know about versions 5, 6 or 7 and if I have the nerve to try to get them, (I’m in windows 98 SE so I have limited options. I’ll let you know here. Meanwhile DOWNLOAD vers 4.7 FREE BY GOOGLING it up Lots of sites offer it free.

UPDATE: Gmail MAIL CLIENT has no email client really. I have no idea of how to build an address book on it. I can fill in an addie, it won't go to them unless they wrote me first. Meaning I have to keep their email, to be able to write anyone. the 'list making' capabilities are too hard for me to understand. I still haven't understood it, mastered it, can't create a single email addie to store. Using mozilla two as a browser to hold the gmail accts, i have ten or so but nothing there is useable compared to my relieable netscape 4.7 browser with earthlink addie i..e astrology