Van Cleef Arpels and TIFFANY don't necessarily rule in the Jewelry game. The best ARTISANS can often be found way out in the bush. The above bracelet can be made for a song in Thailand or Taxco, Mexico. You could bring bracelets in to the Posh Boutiques in your city by the dozen and sell out.

Mexican/ Thai silversmiths' creations are things you really want to STARE AT! Often using abalone or semi-precious gems and silver. OR ENAMEL on top of metal. So DESIGNING your own line is the theme of today's class, here at the INTERNATIONAL IMPORT/EXPORT TRADE studies, free SEMINAR.

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Every country has gorgeous rocks that shine up and dazzle. The most affordable and unique gems around are LAPIDARY specimens sold at websites like. http://www.rockhounds.com/

You can buy semi-precious gems in big chunks, 40 karats, hang them on a chain and wear them over your heart chakra the way the gurus tell us, to bombard the HEART center with cosmic energies. If you want luck, at least get a piece made for yourself by one of the million lapidary geniuses online.

AMERICA has a gem of a resource for you. "ROCK AND GEM" MAGAZINE. You should subscribe to it for a year. At least visit their WEBSITE. They freely give you the names, addresses, emails and websites of many jewelers, rock finders. http://www.rockhounds.com/tucsonshow/reports/tucson_index.shtml
has an index of great gem finders. And I got that URL thru ROCK AND GEM! And they train you to find and polish gems, too. Great, healthy hobby. Out in the mountains in your tent, with your kids, camp stove. Fishing for trout.

If you let your fingers do the walking thru these URLS, you will find rockhunters and cabbers or people who make cabuchons out of american semi precious gems. That's what you want to get hold of as they're prettier than rubies. These are folks whom you want to know! Why? BECAUSE polished round, large pieces can be used in jewelry. Not just traded like TULIP BULBS. Such stones are made by CABBERS, they cab up the cabuchons!

THERE at these URLS, I FOUND the CABBERS WEBSITE http://www.cabbers.com/cabs/index.shtml
and my favorite. (I LOVE OPALS!!!!)

And there at the second CABBERS URL ABOVE here, you'll see the remarkable TIFFANY OPAL from AMERICAN OPAL MINES which are actually found in VEINS running thru unusual, rural places that only these lapidary guys know. They get in their jeeps and haul butt uphill into the cliffs and track those gems down, They ride burros out into the wild, dig for days and pick up a hundred rocks, bring them home and cab them and still can offer a huge stone for fifty dollars which probably is more beautiful than even a DIAMOND of the same size, at a trillion times the price.

at me. I know. I am unique. Odd. Haunting. Sadly, very cheap.


Chrysocholla isn't bad either. American gem, only 3 dollars a karat.

Imagine pinning me to the front of your blouse!
I see a silver edging, maybe four sapphires.
Or a string of small turquoises going all around.


I am also called spectrolite. I'm 7x8 mm and only 95$. You can make me yours. Also I come in blues. People will go crazy. Set them in RINGS. Brooches. One of me as a pendant on a silver necklace. You'll have everyone staring at your chest. And if you manufacture and sell gems, jewelry, you will sell out!


NEXT, you can start importing immediately with JEWELS FROM INDIA. Use Mr. BHAVANI
I found his India based gem store by going through the pages of a 15 year old ROCK AND GEM magazine!


Then, there are EXOTIC India artists, an EXAMPLE OF A WELL THOUGHT OUT TRADING  CORPORATION! This New Delhi CORPORATION has a WEB PRESENCE that is very well done. Check out: http://www.exoticindiaart.com/

THEY OFFER pages of MYTHOLOGY related to Hindu ART

THEY do this for the net reader in many online issues of their NEWSLETTER going back 8 YEARS.
This string of newsletters being archived shows the reader that EXOTIC INDIA has legs. They are reliable,  have integrity. They are always there! I like that idea!

This corporation creates and invites vendors all over the USA. You can be an agent for them. WHolesale their gems to stores in your area. BOY OH BOY! The FORD MOTOR CARS of gem EXPORTS! Look at the rings
and necklaces on their site. Let this kind of a trading corporation with a NET PRESENCE inspire you.

Last, an instinctive, auto-didactic and instinctive jewelry making artist, Leslie Beers, and her L.A. California gallery. http://www.lesliebeersjewelry.com/

The internet has gifts for you. Not to necessarily work with them or for them, but to do that kind of thing yourself.
GEM FINDING then website sales.

GO see ENAMEL JEWELRY and then click below  if you want to go BACK TO the FREE INTERNATIONAL TRADE SEMINAR

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