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Our collection of INFORMATION, TRENDS, PROPHECIES contributed by researcher, thinkers, activists, intellectuals, economists... (collected and posted by Anita Sands Hernandez, ) GOT SO MASSIVE at 73,000 bytes, that we had to MOVE it to a bigger SERVER. Because EARTHLINK, Anita's ISP or server, has these damned SPACE LIMITS.

She pays 40$ a month for SERVER fees, just for connecting with her EMAIL ADDIE and E.L .N as they love to call themselves -- will bounce people out the door after poor typist Anita gets a  few hundred visitors. The SCROOGES!

This is supposedly a FREE WEBSITE  given by SERVER EARTHLINK, btw. Free is what it's worth. So we had to get another WEBHOST, DOMAIN MONGER, very fine tekkies, 24/7 in addition to paying server fees at ELN.

Don't read the rest of this ---just CLICK ON THE FUTURE INDEX, Above or below. We need change, upgrades, we need YOU  to 'forward' the action, join OCCUPY, make a website of your own, A BLOG.... POST articles you find that will stir activism.

You and your kids want to become ACTIVISTS entering into a vigorous dialectic to convince the BRASS, the GOV, the BOUGHT POLS, the CORPS to behave themselves instead of all the time acting like OLIGARCH MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, COSMIC OVERLORDS and MURDERING FDR's STEAGALL GLASS BAN ON WALL STREET so that they could return to Casino capitalism and sink the econ ....... (fading out)