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Ever want to call a magical GENII in a bottle? Have him create magic for you? Well, there's a magical phrase that will let you do it. Wrap your word around this single syllable. "FTP!" is a magic phrase that you want to learn so you can have a website! FTP is how you send articles to your site. Stands for FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL. Read up on FTP and download the software free. I use CORE FTP.    CORE is FREE and easy to use. The others say they're free, then they charge you big bucks.

STUDY THIS ARTICLE written by PRO's so CLICK HERE.You need one 2 minute lesson and you can do it yourself, that is IF your TEACHER really wants to show you how EZ it Cuz some teachers would rather have you PAY THEM 5$ every time they load your site! Or Fifty, though My guy SRIMAD, a hare krsna, charged 5$ And if you want a neat website designer, do your site for 100$, load articles for 5$ for a whole bunch, email me at addie at bottom of page. My guy Srimad can't spell that well, so you gotta do all the spelling. But I'm glad he's a tad dumb as he also waaay underestimates his worth as a website designer. He created my first website, ANITA'S ASTROLOGY. He only charged me  l00$ and he sat with me and let me make all the design and color decisions. In so doing, he showed me how easy it is to a.) find interesting swatches of graphics. b.) stick the graphics in articles  c.) load the web site. I did the next five websites by myself, and about 5,000 articles. I got three freebie websites from EARTHLINK my server, 10 megs so  I can NOT LOAD A LOT ON or have a lot of visitors. My daughter PALOMA pays 5$ a month to the 5$ webhost, a gift to her ole ma, One of many gifts. LUCK IN LOVE COM is there.  I found DOMAIN MONGER, 9$ a month, more costly. But I run a total of five websites 3 that don't cost me money. Nowadays I do not pay for website designers? I have two dozen cats, so I can't pay for anything except CHICKEN.

But I'm saying it's so easy that YOU CAN be a website designer yourself. I couldn't get advanced web design classes at google so I had to do simple websites like this:

If you want to make your own first website and you've no website designer to sit with you, and most have learned not to, go to WEB DESIGN FOR CHILDREN, sites that used to exist, where my daughter learned to make her websites. THEY ARE USUALLY a step by step tutorial.

SO now, you are going to learn this art so roll up your sleeves, let's start. YOU HAVE an index page at your website, right? You have to have an index page up in cyberspace, that's requirement ONE. A domaine name. Or, in my case, my server EARTHLINK.NET gave me ten freebie websites. Go for that deal and tell 'em know me as ASTROLOGY . Say 'astrology' sent me.

Your webmaster can always help you find a DOMAINE NAME/ REGISTER it, or you can do it on your own. On your site are "intro, greetings, explanation, bio, (why you are an expert on this ) then a list of articles they can read. Live links promising articles. If they aren't there, well 'save' your webpage and create some live links on it yourself. LIke, I can send you to read on FTP and learn the TUTORIAL just by sticking their web addresses in a LINK. See the chain on the top of your SOFTWARE? That's how you make links. It's not on your browser, it's in your writing software. MICROSOFT WORD, most probably.

Say You want to write an article, as I did, having spent fifty years guiding women thru horrid love affairs, " THE RUTHLESS RULES OF ROMANCE, or HOW TO BE LUCKY IN LOVE".  You FTP it to your site over at the  WEBHOST. Now, you do an index page in MICROSOFT WORD working from your own PC and you POINT to your article. You create a live link. READ "HOW TO MARRY VERY WELL, SOME SERIOUS LOVE TIPS.

 Tell your PC to 'SAVE' the index page as loveindex.htm in HTML. Or call it INDEX.HTM cuz you want to know it's your index page. It's like the masthead in a magazine. Now add a new live link. A new article that is under that LIVE LINK. To do that, we write the HYPE "GREATEST ARTICLE HERE on HOW TO BE HAPPY" so FIRST TYPE  the WORDS like this THE MAGIC ARCHIVE... THEN, highlight that phrase by running MOUSE over it. NOW while it's highlighted, you're going to create a live link! LOOK FOR THE CHAIN at the type of your menu, saying LINK.  You have a little tiny gold chain in a circle like a bracelet or smaller a CHAIN RING at top of screen in microsoft word. CLICK it . You have just instructed it to give you a menu so you can create a LIVE LINK to 'magic archive' phrase that you highlighted.

Fill in what it asks. It asks the 'address' of your live link so GIVE YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS  THAT is a live link. Put that http and www thing and all the FRONT SLASHES  so that all cyberspace knows that it is a link.A LIVE LINK. If you want to see what I had to enter, run your mouse over THE MAGIC ARCHIVE word, the colored one, up above.

BY THE WAY, what directory are you saving your NEW ARTICLE TO, inside your PC? Huh? Your PC should have many dirctories no? As you write on many subjects! You don't want the index to your PSYCHOLOGY index to be index.htm and the INDEX to your OCCULT studies page to also be index.htm. That's too many indexes of the same name!

My C: drive looks like this C:\astrology c:\babies c:\cats c:\dailydissent and so on thru the alphabet, every subject I write on. I use ZTREE as a file organizer, download it online. I Prefer it to the "Explorer" organizer BILL Gates gave us. But that's just me. You can play with it for free for thirty days, then he wants 30$ I think.

So you have just saved a LINK a new LINK on your index page. NOW YOU GOTTA PUT THAT INDEX PAGE back into cyberspace by FTPing the thing. So, leave your index page where it is in Microsoft Word, you have your index page saved as htm and you save your article as htm which is SECRET.htm. TO FTP you have to know where you keep it. You can't go get a vase and pick it up if you don't know what pantry you left it in.

So You save it to one of your own directories that is NAMED SO that you REMEMBER WHERE YOU LEFT THAT ARTICLE.  I have one called WEBSITE. I thought, oh that's so EASY? So convenient? Not hard to remember? YEAH but when I began to write on a dozen themes, that wasn't enough. I had to regroup and title MANY DIRECTORIES.

Under that heading, (on the tree) I also have headings that read stars, palms, real estate article, arthritis article all those headings, written as files stars.htm palm.htm So my C:\WEBSITE DIRECTORY is fully
loaded with the different objects I work on or send, or rewrite sometimes and ftp in rewritten form.

SO STICK it onto your tree, your directories. Now go back to main page of your PC, called DESK TOP you are not in your tree. But you remember what part of tree your WEBSITE COLLECTION IS ON. C:\WEBSITE\SECRET.htm For me it's easy to remember as I can actually view my trees. I have 30$
software called ZTREE so I can be in my tree whenever I want. I can scoot to D:\htmdoc\judithscope.htm by using ztree. It's visual. Looks like a tree go to and download free copy. Play with it.

WITH ZTREE,  I can jump around fast, to any file out of thirty thousand files. And when you have as many files as I do, you have to call THE DIRECTORIES something GENERIC, like FARMING and then inside, l00 different articles all in one little group. GARDEN INDEX might have a hundred twenty five, PALMISTRY might have fifty, STARS might have a hundred. You really need an organized pantry! ZTREE is best way. Try it for a month free.

I call articles catchy things, like 'WINHIM" meaning win the guy. or BADMAN or CURCANCR or GROWROSES.htm but I give them names that I can recall easily!

NOW, say it's morning, you wrote all night, now you sit down and you want to load a finished article on your website. You are on your DESK TOP. One of those ICONs there should say FTP. Pretty little picture of an FTP angel. You click on it. THE FTP menu comes up POP! It has one picture of your own DIRECTORY on the left  and the website on the RIGHT! . You may want to CHANGE DIRECTORY on your PC to find the FARMING DIRECTORY. The softare asks you where do you want to go on the LEFT HAND SIDE?? You say TO C:\FARMING.

 ON LEFT, you see a menu of all files in website directory on your own PC.

SLIDE THE CURSOR down this column to C:\LOVE SEMINARS and click on it once.
  NOW THAT directory OPENS UP and you see the articles in there,  on your own computer,
  Also in a column. Hopefully, a very long one. SLIDE DOWN TIL YOU GET TO ARTICLE YOU WANT TO POST AT WEBSITE

WHEN left side has article highlighted, you click twice  with your magical red Shoes Dorothy and VOILA =========> ===============> THE FILE flies across the page to the right side of screen where you see your actual  WEBSITE


ANOTHER LONG COLUMN is seen on the right hand side, the entire amount of articles that you already loaded to that site previously is over on right hand side ON YOUR WEBSITE, right? You get to look at all the files up there: SISTERS, HOW TO DESIGN SITE, HOW TO DUMP A SWEETIE, HOW TO GET RICH, ETC , and you PUT your article over there. I mean it flies there.. IT CAN FIT on top of an article that's there, (as in 'a rewrite',) IF IT HAS THE SAME TITLE!!! or it can just be a new, freestanding article.

Think vases on a shelf. You move vase from left side to right. You can even move a new red vase OVER ON TOP OF the old one TO REPLACE THE OLD RED VASE! So you mesh molecules, right? Now, if there are live links on your index page in cyberspace..meaning when you VISIT YOUR WEBSITE, you see clickable urls, live links, BLUE UNDERLINES on words. So you 'get the picture' I can click here and I'll see something.... You'll maybe see a live link on your website that looks like this. HOW TO MEET A GOOD MAN and it's underlined in blue. People can click on it right? It's a LIVE LINK right? So when they visit your site, and click on your index page where it says HOW TO MEET--- , BINGO they are transported into that vase on the shelf at the right. And can read every molecule. SO YOU CREATE the vase on right side of shelf when you FTP? get it? FTP is no mystery. It's easy! NOW you can have a website and start to be a great teacher!


See? They are giving it away free all over the internet. GOOGLE "ftp" + download + free + software
by Anita Sands Hernandez from astrology@earthlink