My friend the computer programmer just  wrote me: "I finally got the IRS to back off. They were very nasty when they first called me last year. It was 'give us our money or we'll take it'. (meaning out of savings, out of salaries received.) I owed them over $80,000 because I had to cash out my IRA after I got sick in 1999, and as long as I wasn't making anything, just the DISABILITY MONEY rolling in, which they can't take, the IRS didn't care, but once I moved to Baltimore and started working again and making fairly good money, they weren't far behind. So I hired an enrolled agent for $2,000, which was probably my first mistake. The guy was in California, impossible to reach most of the time, and acted like he couldn't care less once he had my money. I probably should have gotten a real lawyer from the beginning. I don't know exactly what was said between him and the IRS, but at the end of the year, he told me that the IRS wanted me to pay them over $3,000 a month. So I fired the enrolled agent and got the tax lawyer.

Neither I or my lawyer ever went to court because the IRS inexplicably said that it lost my request for an appeal hearing. But after that there was silence, for six months, the kind of silence you probably find in a small Kansas town in the spring just before the tornado hits. Only in this case, there was no tornado. Curious to what was happening I called the IRS myself. They asked me about my financial circumstances, then told me they were going to put my account in 'uncollectible status', which means just what it says, that they wouldn't try to collect unless my financial situation improved. Which it wasn't likely to, even though I am working as a consultant.

When the IRS called me last summer, I had nearly $35,000 in the bank, that I'd saved up because of the job in Baltimore. If I had stopped working at that point, I could have kept the money, and the IRS might never even have contacted me. But I took another job (my second mistake) in Baltimore (my third mistake as it's HELL on earth, having replaced DETROIT's position of primacy. In fact, I heard on the news that now, when Osama bin Laden is trying to get his followers to commit some act of terrorism, he doesn't promise them 79 virgins any more. He just promises them that they'll never have to spend any time in Baltimore.).

I won't bore you with all the details, but basically, because I continued working when the govt had said I wasn't supposed to be able to, after a year of receiving DISABILITY MONEY which languished in my bank account, (Dummie here, I should have spend-disappeared it, say 2k a month until bank acct was empty, banked under the rosebushes, and laundered it paying utilities, rent, food, clothes. Instead, I left it in plain sight in an acct so I had to return most of the SSDI money I had received, which is why I now only have about $4,000 left,which is why the IRS probably said to hell with it. So there it is in a nutshell.

Then again, the IRS backing away from me  could just have been good Karma. The big guy upstairs probably knew that the reason I owed the money was because I had taken it out to help my friend, the poor single mother in DC and even though she was playing me for a sucker, maybe I still got points for trying to help her and the kids. I won't know for sure until I transcend the body and get to speak to the big guy personally.

So if anyone wants to know how to beat the IRS, the answer is spend-disappear it, or give your money away. Once you have no more money you will no longer worry about it. I paid my lawyer $250 when I met with him early in the year. He hasn't charged me anything since then, although he could have charged me for time on the phone. It's funny; my previous guy filed an appeal for a hearing, and all through the spring and the summer I was expecting to hear from the government but i never did. I finally called them a couple of months ago and they said they had never gotten the request, and they asked me how much I made how much I had in the bank, which in both cases was very little, so they said unless I started making a lot more money, it wasn't worth their while (they didn't actually say this). I'm working right now as a computer consultant, but only a few days a week, so I end up taking home about what I was getting in disability payments, so that's a wash as far as the IRS is concerned. I'm also working several days a week as a volunteer in a public school here in Baltimore, for which I get paid almost nothing. As far as why the IRS didn't attack during the summer, I don't know, except maybe God thought that having to live all alone and having to live in Baltimore was punishment enough.

NOTE: This is a holyman who does meditation/ kriyas, also service to inner-citykids two days a week, for free. His good karma possibly is what got him out from under the IRS.

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