A tekkie friend told me that he was " dismayed by the large number of people who, out of ignorance, sign up for Internet service with AOL based solely on receipt of the AOL CD-ROM . Perhaps it is because they don't know anywhere else to turn. IF all you want is a few hours a day of ONLINE, Go here:

Click the "Dial-up Internet" link in left column-- it's the last one in the light brown section. I've used the service in the past and liked it.  I'd still be using it if I hadn't switched to DSL.  It's $9.95 a month, and no contract is required. It's easy to set up, too-- no additional software is needed.  They have some, but it's not needed and I don't recommend it.

I pay four times that amount for EARTHLINK NET, (DSL is 40$) and I get ten free websites of ten megs each, which is good, as I SALT ALL MY ARTICLES with the URLS, how about this URL, THE TRUTH THE GOV DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!!!! And I have a fabulous address, ASTROLOGY@EARTHLINK. NET  and have endless, streaming HINDU TEKKIES on call by chat or fone both.....but the problem with THESE GUYS is,  one in ten can actually fix things, you have to keep demanding "MASTER TEKKIES, LEVEL  3" or you get LEVEL ONE....but if you persist, they'll finally hand over the MASTER to you.

MY OBJECTION to AOL and COMCAST and a few other servers of note is that their SPAM PATROL will EDIT OUT WHAT YOU CAN RECEIVE from pals on the basis of the sender having sent it to multiple chums all at once. THEY ACTUALLY ERASE my EMAIL letters before they arrive! THE NUTS OF THEM! THE STONES, THE BALLS, THE absolute *#&%(!* NERVE!

Also, often my friends who have quirky AOL/ COMCAST, Hotmail or Yahoo cannot receive ANY HTML files from me unless I SEND IT SOLO TO THEm and sometimes not even that. NO ATTACHMENTS ALLOWED! Drives ME NUTS as I save all my written stuff as html. Not text.

Another peeve with Juno, Hotmail and Yahoo is that the people who use them cannot format their preferences. They send letters in html not text. That means the urls are dead. No live links. Here's a dead link
Go on click on it. You can't. It's dead cuz when I created it, I didn't hit the LITTLE CHAIN at top of page (whatever software you use to create files) that are alive, which LINK. A Live link comes in your email when you write in TEXT, not when you write in HTML!!! Like this
CLICK on it and it's alive, a magic carpet which will carry you somewhere in cyberspace.

SO YOU HAVE to have a GOOD BROWSER. MULTI FACETED, MULTI TASKING. And God knows what your SERVER is going to give you in the way of WEBSURF BROWSER SOFTWARE. SO I always recommend getting MOZILLA FIREFOX, NETSCAPE a vintage version of it. Pick up a free download of VERSION 4.7 by googling 4.7 + netscape + browser. There are LOTSA browsers out there I also like. MOZILLA cannot be stopped by any website anywhere. READ: BROWSER SAVVY.

MY LAST pet peeve is folks I know who have these creepy WEB TVS's. These simpletons don't have a pal who can show them a real PC? ? So obviously they don't deserve to get email and can't receive any attachments at all. SHUN'EM! I know an oscar nominated actress who had one. Blondes are truly ditzes as rumored.

In the early 21st century, there is no reason for such floundering about. ANY PC fixer shop has two hundred used PC's in the back room. They get spiffed, loaded with software and sold to you at bottom dollar. Bhanu patel, my Valley (Los Angeles,) tekkie can give you any software in the world, FREE  and all the fun peripherals that you want at cyber mail order prices. Latest price he gave me was for PC AND MONITOR AND KEYBOARD 100$ bucks. NOT TOO SHABBY when you get all that yummy software pre loaded and a lesson from him, too. LOVE those Calcutta Bombay guys.

WORD PROCESSING SOFTWARE: GET MICROSOFT OFFICE VERSION 1997. DO NOT even think of getting Microsoft OFFICE 2000. WHAT JUNK. They never surpassed the features in OFFICE l997. Ditto THE Microsoft OS called Windows 98. Billy boy Never surpassed that baby. Later version have bad bad things attached to 'em. REGISTRIES for instance. Yep! The software will crack in half if you can't tell the machine robot what your immensely long, now lost CODE NUMBER is. And they suck your data into a dark hole and put you offline, in the hands of sharks, fixermen with crooked teeth and Russian accents, FOR LIFE. Stay away from ANY operating system younger than l997.DAN THE MAN will sell you the old stuff, cheap

I use Earthlink (first DIALUP but now, DSL) as a server. They have 24/7 tekkies who have helped me thru problems that would have cost me money at a shop. Any hour, 3AM they are there. Though at all hours they speak with a Bombay round vowel. 21$ a month for dial up,41$ for DSL but THey gave me three free websites. They promise me up to ten if I want them. They're a mouthful like http://home.earthlink. dot net  tilde astrology which is such amouthful that I cannot tell anybody about it verbally, though in articles. onwebapges i just shoot it out as
AND THE GREAT thing is that CRAIGS bans REAL WEBSITE URLS so "ANITASTARGAZER.COM would be banned from craigs. But not these home thingies. True, 41$ is costly but they give you a dozen free websites and ya know what? If I get people to sign up with them, each 30 days, tell them "astrology sent me," no 41$ DSL monthly fee, it's free! You can do that too. Do it for me in fact. When you sign up with EARTHLINK or ELN as we call it, tell them astrology at earthlink net sent you! Let me know and you're gonna get a huge FAVOR FROM YOURS TRULY!

Or hey, you can comparison shop, online, put in CHEAPEST ISP as a search term, find an ISP that suits you. Which brings me to today's theme. I have found some databases which assist in finding ISPs with specific characteristics. I found one that charged only $5.95 / mo. but this was a few yrs back.....and it had nationwide dial-up access, two POP email accounts, alternate web browser access, spam control, news server, requires no special software, and has no ads even on their homepage.

The databases I know about are: has a unique feature whereby you can enter a specific town and it will bring up all ISPs having a dial-up number for that town. I was amazed to discover that a small Catskill Mountain town (Stamford, NY) is serviced by the dial-up network provider Qwiknet. That fact makes over two hundred nationwide ISPs available to an area previously thought to be serviced only by three local ISPs. Now we can have one ISP for our home and one that will support you when you travel.

Other ISP-lookup resources include:
and more:

There are some remote locations with only one choice, but almost everyone has at least a couple ISPs to choose from. If you're unhappy with your ISP for any reason--- high prices, in-your-face ads, bad service, whatever--- you can usually find another service to try."

This lesson came off the LANGA LIST, he's a pc teacher with a free newsletter twice a month. You'd love it. Do search on those words. I learn things about pc's there. Subscribe!

 WEBSITE DESIGN FOR DUMMIES . Good tips there, all for simpletons. Wade in without web design software, use plain software, any word processor you like. I use netscape browser vers 4.7 which has COMPOSER in it, or use GATES' OFFICE, "WORD" just get it done. Then, get a web HOST. DRAK.NET is 3$ a month for your whole WEBSITE. They would be your WEBHOST. It's a Texas, all girl outfit which comes recommended. Go Daddy fines you 200$ and drops you also, they actually do both! -- if they don't like content, so if you serve pablum, use them. 10$ a year. I'd get fined weekly. I can't.