Are You Really a Liberal? OR JUST A WIMP?

A delicate, uncertain  housewife shot me an INTERNET article written by some macho guy which depicts bleeding heart liberals as a passing fancy of society, a fad. Miss Fearful confesses that she's nervous that our tree-hugging girlish ways are part of some vogue of femme madness.  I flash her an answer: "We liberals are modernizing the world and if we weren't, women would still be working 14 hour days in dark rooms that catch fire like at the Triangle Shirt company. We battled for things to be different. Exit doors on every floor, salaries, medical coverage, daycare, pensions, things like that. Same with abortion rights. Equal pay. No sexual harassment, or else. All kinds of things. ACTIVISM did that!"

She responds "This article says that one who marries the battle cry of one decade is a widow the next decade."

St. Peter will hold that quote up to his nose at the pearly gates. Don't you be guilty of failing in your liberal duties. Don't be a coward. Don't get old and sit in a room in a world with TOTAL RECESSION, and recall that you didn't want to picket, protest, go to meetings when your children are picking turnips in the Rockies as the USA got all poor, jobless people OUT OF THE CITIES.

She shot me some more quotes the man had made on woman's lib.  "One year she’s an alabaster complected flower holding a parasol, then she’s burning her bra. Later still she’s dressing like a pop-tart with her midriff exposed. Then she’s frequenting a workout gym, a tanning salon and a martial arts dojo. Finally you receive divorce papers and learn she’s living with her friend “Rosie” in San Francisco. In the end, as you wonder what happened to the lady you married, you realize that she was never really a lady at all, but a chameleon."

"HEY, any jerk can get a keyboard." I responded . "His euphenism, "LIVING WITH ROSIE" is a covert kick at some imaginary womankind that will probably go lesbian after the liberal gal  goes to a gym and develops a strong body, then reveals a trim midriff to other men. IN other words, this guy is a  MULLAH. He has deep prejudices and deeper potency fears which qualify him to be a NEO CON. He's the kind of guy who stalks his girl after she dumps him.

He's trapped in an instinctive knee jerk Christian right wing Republican prejudice against ROE-WADE, emergence of women from the PURDAH of 'kitchen church and kiddies,' (a Nazi programming phrase, Kinder, Kirche, Kuchen " which will occur the moment that we gals embrace fitness skills at GYMS, resulting in firm midriffs and of course firm minds which of course will lead to picketing, rallies, tree hugging, probably some hot IMMIGRANT EMBRACING then free sex and abortions, the supposed pursuits of beautiful libby women in our decade. So you can see why guys wanna lock us all up. It's MULLAH 101.

*         *         *         *        *          *           * 

The ferocious Macho Mullah above, (really a craven beta male) who wrote the above attempts to provoke laughter at earnest girls who walk around with bottles of pure water all day, cleverly hydrating themselves. He probably laughs at tofu and salad. He jeers at single ladies hanging in a 'girl group' and probably has personally been laughed out of bars for bumping a girl in the hip while in such an entertaining group.

I can see him now. His writing hungers for attention and he wants to be taken seriously by us girls as a liberator of humankind but he's not. He's an egocentric phony-philosophy MULLAH who obviously wants COMPANY so he defuses our notions with "Are You Really a Liberal?"

We might answer him, "yes, we really are liberals and activists. We have accomplished MAJOR SOCIETAL  BETTERMENTS being that way. . We feel that LIBERALISM is a monniker we proudly wear as someone who senses him or herself to be in a battle with ELITE CORPORATISM, its deluge of propaganda, its NAFTA, GATT anti unionism, its union busting, and worst, the Best Congress money can buy, paid flunkies and politicos who ultimately PILLAGE, PROGRAM and CONTROL the enslaved, uninformed masses by dictating economic and cultural politics, whether unjust war, Homeland anti-constitutional 'laws,' taxes, licensing fees, the huge amt of jailed citizens for non-violent crimes, the gulags, the xenophobia...all of it. The stench of  those societal injustices originated  with corporate elititism, basic oligarch lifeboat theory being 'we're allright, Jack, screw you." So Mister, we might ask, instead, are you really a protector of oligarchs? Are you really a Neo con? We don't think you are.

Join us in our GROUP NITE PARTIES, then as effective ACTIVISM is going after public opinion to some extent, we'll we'll all go PHONE UP RADIO TALK SHOWS, picket at the park and get rubber bullets sprayed on us. And as activism is COMMUNICATING with POLITICIANS who can change the things that grieve us, we'll REACh OUT TO THEM. The more moxie we can work up, the more foaming picketing liberalism, the better. Join us! That's the way to get a date with a firm midriff girl with a firmer mind, like the one we have. Join us at the picket! Drink from my endless, sweet, pure H20. Put your hand around my firm middle and hug me as a sister in the revolution.  I could be yours for the price of a placard reading, 'ENDLESS WAR isn't GOOD ENOUGH for America." "NO TAXES for the FUNCTIONALLY POOR!"

And Mr President? Don't bail out the dirty CEOS. Give us financial AID for COLLEGE with no interest loans. Give us paid up parking passes at any institution of education, so we won't get parking tickets. Give us well-lit walkways and AT COST pepper spray from the School store.

But I'm only a girl. Help me out with some more OCCUPY placard text, wouldja, dear reader huh? Pretty please?