Tales of Mystics who have Faith who soar over life's woes and of Writers who communicate that kind of faith. They do the world a favor

Do your friends listen to your rap and say they hope one day you  put your 'take' into written words? Have you ever heard the words spoken: "hey, you should write"? Maybe you spurn the idea, maybe grammar or spelling are tedious to you, but hey, do the world a favor. If you know something, went through some amazing experience first hand, put it on paper to  give the rest of us a gift.

I think of writing as a legacy. Your child might not get a chance to hear all these visions and mystical experiences and perceptions that you once told to a single friend or maybe never told, just thought. But every contribution you can make of knowledge forwards the action. It penetrates the genetic thread and gets woven into the big picture.

Imagine that you are the last flowering on a billion year evolutionary event, the final blossom on a twig on a branch thousands of years old on a tree that is millions of years old. You are genetically so powerful and finely tuned at this point that you can and will experience some unusual events and come out of it with faith and knowledge. Now, imagine that no fruit ever forms or it forms and ripens then drops splatt on the ground and rots and is never seen again.

A loss to humanity if it's a plum but even more so if it's wisdom you distilled out of your life lessons. So that's why you bother to put the ideas, experiences down as best you can ---as a legacy to your offspring and to the whole planet, all those children you didn't have, especially the legitimate, focused seekers who stumble upon your work, later. I mean, your kids may find it in your journals or in your short stories or poems. They may start to watch for this event, this type of thing, learn from your mistake. Or they may repeat some of Granny's teachings to your grandkids. Who knows? But writing it down is a good, "just in case" kind of thing. A back up position. To make sure the info isn't lost.

I mean, just in case you don't say it somewhere at a lecture where there is a recording machine and in case the concept of your faith or intuition into the mysteries ever get lost. These perceptions ideas. valuable, unique. Ferinstance; I am reading Thomas Merton's auto biography, "SEVEN STOREY MOUNTAIN now. a buck used, found at ABEBOOKS.COM.. Merton was a student at Cambridge and Columbia then Oxford where he played hard and repented.....harder. Finally he was an enraptured monk for life. He says he's overjoyed at having the God spirit in his heart and knows firsthand what life was like without it.

Merton senses that humans can evolve to the very peak of genetic and intellectual perfection but that doesn't mean the spirit of God is in them. That is a mysterious process involving miracles.

But here's the miracle. If you are God intoxicated  a drop of your spit can affect or infect others. The writings of the God intoxicated carry the seed. Merton's book does. Yours would. So go for it a little at a time as IF YOU WERE SPEAKING TO YOUR own, YOUNG GRANDCHILD. Elementary school style at first, to get them into it....until they get so riveted by the material that they will paddle in deep and work on understanding as the water gets deeper.

Great wisdom is often not able to penetrate the placental barrier. Holiness is a molecule which doesn't enter the mind any more than rubbing GOLD paint on your wrist makes you feel secure about money. A donkey can be loaded with bibles, it will never make him holy.

So you have to figure out how to make the molecules of faith intelligible. How to give adults the sense of enchantment that children have. I know first hand that the miracle of faith is a real gift. It helps you float over life. My sense of The Miracle was installed early. I was hauled to Sunday schools to study Jesus as a kid by my lapsed Catholic mom, who went in to SCIENCE OF MIND, and I got infected with a sense of awe at Jesus, quite aware of the miracle of God. My Mom made me pray for an illness to go away once and it did.  I got to  respect for Jesus and reverence for his beauty and holiness but with none of the catholic rituals that she went thru.  Not that I would have minded having any of those things too. My Mom went to mass every morning before she trekked off to college classes. That's faith!

Now, except for astrologizing, my Mom doesn't communicate any of the lessons, ever. She just did astrology for others and taught it to many people Maybe that entailed an area abutting faith. She wrote a small text book of data on astrology. She has faith is in the stars giving events. I got that faith from her, too.

But I was always testing that faith, pushing the edge of the ole cosmic experiment, being a scientist, right?. When Uranus one day was 29 Aquarius, I saw Mars was going to 29 Aquarius also. Moon set it off one day. I knew I shouldn't drive as a.) Mars rules my 9th house of law. b.) Moon was triggering this and my SUN my personal ruler (Leo rising,) is 29 Aquarius. and C.) My car's tags were expired, I didn't have car insurance and I had no valid driver's license. It had expired. Still, I had to get catfood, drove to market on back streets. A cop car found me and I lost my ability to drive for 7 years! As I couldn't go to court and pay two grand penalties and insurance and all that. I fore-went driving altogether! Astrologers don't make a lot of money, and I'm generally 15$ a client.  so that was that.

Now, more stories that prove the magic of stars. In 1972, a new client's horoscope math revealed she had the archetype for nasty guys and that transits ON THAT archetypal point ...well, that was telling me that she was being stalked. She'd had the Mar/Neptune conjunct in Scorpio on her ruler and she'd felt the transit once, earlier in February of that year, and I saw another event would have come in another month, in NOVEMBER. I immediately called her up on phone as I  hadn't met her yet. I told her this. He was there in February ; he's coming  again in November. Sarah Dauer said to me:  'in February a man came thru my window, put his hands on my chest, waking me. My screams and those of my roommate girlfriend drove him out thru the window he'd come in."  She said she'd be careful and I never heard or spoke to her again. Can't figure why.

Well, Faith is required to predict and events like that gave me faith in star readings. Recently I saw a newborn baby girl born with ARIES rising and MARS her ruler conjunct PLUTO ruler 8th house, both in Sagittarius. I hesitated to give this warning so I phrased it as a warning. I told the new parent, 'Be careful. Death is stalking her." A month later, that young father had forgotten my words; he sent his young wife off to work a fulltime job. A caretaker somehow landed a blow to the baby's head which left the infant a near vegetable, unable to breathe without an iron lung. Aries rules top of skull, Sag rules higher mind. Mars/Pluto rules permanent amputation or loss.

Recently Mars and Saturn transited LEO and were about to hit my ascendant or rising point degree 8 LEO. Mars rules house of law, for me, so problems with the law would emerge from this.. ASCENDING point  rules the actual front door, home or house. I told people, with MOON MARS AND SATURN all on my rising point, the cops are going to get me tomorrow. I am staying home. Not driving my unlicensed untagged, uninsured car!

That morning I awoke hearing voices, got out of bed, stumbled in to living room. Two cops were in my living room having broken in, well they came in back gate and walked in through kitchen which I do not lock for the cats' freedom. They were seeking my grown son as, after his car accident, they did a blood test at the hospital. Results were in. Coke traces only that had been SIX MONTHS EARLIER and I knew nothing about it. They had a warrant for him. YIPES! KRIKEY! So you see, I realllllly believe in astrology and I have multiple tales that should impress a student astrologer which maybe one of my grandkids would turn out to be, stories about predicted events. Ferinstance, I was asked to do a TRIP SAFETY horary chart for my Massachusetts client's trip to Portugal, based on moment of departure (Limo was coming at 11:30 a.m so they'd be departing then.)  I set up 11:30 am chart, looked in horror & emailed her quickly said, if you leave your house at 11:30 am with 29 degrees Scorpio rising, your husband will die on that trip. Have the limo come earlier or later."  She said that there was a second couple going; she  couldn't change the hour. In the hotel in Portugal, he dropped dead in the bathroom.


Now, faith in the stars is one thing. What about faith in God and what MY FAITH is predicated on. That one is actually no harder to explain. But there  were little clues:

GOD HEARS US AND HEALS US: My mother, a fan of Christian Science, said that I could make a big infected boil-swelling on my temple go away in time, before the graduation ceremonies at Black Fox Military Academy, the very next day. I was "Miss Adjutant" at the graduation, supposed to hold a bouquet of roses in a stupid pink organza dress way too frothy for a chub like me. "Golden Key" the boil, she said, after she took me to dermatologist and got me a calcium shot. "I wish I could Golden Key the fat!" I was 120 pounds. "Imagine the boil gone, ask God and Jesus to take it away". (My Mom was the kind of Catholic who went to mass every morning even when she was in college) Well I asked and asking worked. The fat was still there on my waistline but my face was normal.

GOD HEARS US AND RESCUES US: Years later, I'd been up north in Ventura County looking at homes for rent and I was panicky about eviction and blue because my rich BF hadn't mentioned a word about helping me pay for a place and rents were way higher than the decade earlier. Dark forces saw me and coming back on the beach highway, a tire blew out with a bang and the car a little 1963 Plymouth wagon, began going left lane and right lane, spending little time in the middle lane. The roadside was narrow the cliff steep and the ocean below. Car was out of control; I said "Jesus help me," and braked hard. The car did a 180 and stopped ---facing the way I had come. CLIFF BY MY RIGHT HAND but I didn't go off the cliff. I never ever again said JESUS or God as a swear word and when others did in front of me, I said "save his name for when you need it." I meant it.

GOD HEARS US AND LAUGHS AND LOVES WITH US: Proof of God? You want proof of God. For one magic moment in 1967 I was a God contactee. Alone in downstairs bedroom with newborn baby, musing over life and I threw a thought heavenword. "God, I hope you're amused by us humans. My prayer is that we amuse you." Suddenly I was flooded with a lightning bolt of shakti, love, as if you'd added up all the moments you were madly in love and squashed it into one pellet of an emotion. Just FLOODED with love. It was the most delicious emotional condition, indescribable, instant. God answered 'yes' affectionately. One drop of His affection is like a thousand children, mates or sweethearts, no matter how much you love them.

GOD LISTENS FOR WHEN WE REACH OUT- So to recreate the presence of a loving God, what can we do? Sometimes I turn on a ballad or sweet music and let the Tao of the lyrics that come up from the radio and their utter serendipity speak for Him. The absent God has serendipity working for him only the words of the lover in the song's story line has to be replaced in your mind by God. You've gotta make that translation in your mind. Then, it's very comforting as He is near, He is singing to you. It works.

GOD GIVES YOU WHAT HE THINKS YOU SHOULD HAVE SO ALWAYS ASK- There was a famous lady novelist in town whose work I really admired; I was an aspiring lady novelist myself. What were the chances I'd ever meet her. One day a new friend who knew nothing of my interest in the novelist (as it had been a good five years earlier,) said 'go to this lady's house and take her a package. She's a big writer, this film, this book.'  Of course, I knew who she was. I carried the package and became her friend. She involved me in her social life, I met a lot of interesting people, many famous. But what were the chances that the exact person I wanted to meet would enter my life?

PLACE YOURSELF WHERE MAGIC MOMENTS CAN COME- Be in the garden, the park, in nature, on a mountain top. Get off the highway, walk down to the river. Take the time. Invite the Moment. What do they say, 'build the field, he will come?'

My teacher, the Master Jules was totally immersed in God consciousness, really dying to know Jesus, Buddha. He was part of a team that got writer Robert Bolt up to speed on Buddha at Bolt's country home in England. He got ill but being vegan, the inoperably situated cancer took 6 long years to get big enough to hurt. Or kill. His sweetheart, actress Jackie Bissett came to the hospital, fed him his last meal, homemade almond milk, like he'd taught her. A day later, he passed. Six months later, I was kneeling, very quietly trowel-digging in the garden. It was late afternoon. Suddenly, I had a brain cell stimulated to flood me with a Sunday School book picture of Jesus healing through the hole in a roof in Gallilee. It was just coming up in my brain like a 'fragrance' memory, very intense.  I looked up in astonishment and realized that the entire valley had fallen quiet. In the hush I saw this huge pink sunset spread out across the sky. No wonder the birds stopped singing. Awe. And suddenly I felt Jules presence and realized he had someone with him. I just knew why Jesus picture came to mind before I looked up or noticed the quiet or the sunset. It was Jesus with the Master Jules (who had been dying to meet Him.)  Jules brought him over. They were hanging out now. Well, he wanted it badly and what you want you get. If it's in accordance with the Divine Plan.

So to me, it seems reasonable to ask for a miracle, keep the mind setting that God is at your elbow. Go where miracles are likely to find you.

Churches and Yoga classes all have good techniques, they're good environments and what is taught you there may work when you do it. But my feeling is never put too much trust in any guru, teacher, priest. Some very dark souls figured the spiritual racket out. Be a teacher, lots of admiration, sex and money there. And lots of control over others. Try their methods, don't get too involved with them.  But the methods, they work. They are like an escaltor to psychic states, miracles, siddhis (powers.) And you can do good things focusing and reaching out to God directly. Or Jesus or Buddha. Or your grandma.

LAST personal experience I have that has given me faith is involved with UFOS and ALIENS. I have stories about these items.

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