How to Start and Operate a Profitable Home-Based Exporting Company

I'm carrying this shipment to Japan. They pay REAL good, there!

Home-based Import Export tycoons are getting out of the 9 to 5 rat race and making mega-profits in international trade. JUST read this FILE. It will INSPIRE you to get started! One file is all you need!

 ANSWER: There's a lot of money to be made thru inequal coin values. What costs a dollar in Europe gets you about FIVE dollars worth of cash in EUROPE and to them, that FIVER is nothing. Why do you think they're coming to Beverly Hills now to scoop up million dollar homes!?? Cuz it's chump change to them. But here's the deal. You must have a business concept that offers something in the way of a product or service that absolutely cannot be bought in EUROPE at any price. Just an idea I want to throw out, there's very little in the way of AMERICAN INDIAN artisanry in EUROPE! Or even LATIN AMERICAN INDIAN. Mexican Indian. And it's something they crave as it fascinates them. HOWEVER AMERICAN INDIANS don't make the right items. We need a big design upgrade. The big money isn't a wall hanging. It's a PURSE that looks like A COACH BAG that goes for a grand, but made by American INDIANS. If you CLICK ON THE WORD PURSE, you'll see an AFRICAN TRIBE DESIGN, BUT IMAGINE the CLASSIC PURSE SHAPE with An AMERICAN INDIAN TRIBE. See, the upgrade is, that's a coach bag design. Tried and tested, Sells like a bunny rabbit. Any purse the AMERICAN INDIANS make on their own, well, it probably looks sorta HIPPIES SIXTIES and may not sell as well, But you know, TRY BOTH!

There's HEAP BIG WAMPUM wholesaling artisanry (fashion, decor, jewels) made by Native People! Since the AMERICAN RECESSION HIT, I am truly stressing creating businesses where you export merchandise to EUROPE via your website. The thing they most want over there and which they do not have, is American Indian products. So befriend your local tribe, get the Artisanry thing going and be their packer/ tag writer, PROMO writer, website designer, ORDER taker, wholesaler, shipper and even VENDOR, going to EUROPE to set up BIG DEPARTMENT STORES there buying your stuff wholesale. Lotsa fun trips there! Remember, USA is Europe's Tijuana --currently. The 50$ wholesale price for each INDIAN beaded thingamabob is a DINNER OUT FOR A FAMILY of four in AMERICA. To a European that's lunch at a Bistro for one person. Bon marche. That drum? That headress? That ceremonial mask? Hot Stuff in PARIS FRANCE!

QUESTION:Can I really run a profitable exporting company out of my home?

ANSWER: You sure can. When I was younger, I created and ran an import business located on the SUNSET STRIP and I lived in Mexico and ran it from a very isolated mountain village in the third world. Sure would have been easier with the INTERNET but we didn't have that then. My best gal pal (as a kid) had a hubby, THE MASTER JULES who was my partner. Jules and Suzi ran the CALIFORNIA end and we did fabulously well. He would one day become the MASTER JULES, a multi-millionaire who taught the philosophy of wealth for free. His 200 lectures were taped and some were transcribed by me til I ran out of time and I posted them online. Even after he was mega rich, he went on teaching prosperity and gave away a million bucks to people with good ideas. I didn't get any money but I inherited all those taped files at his death, and thusly was able to create his astounding and pithy and INSPIRING website.  But during those days of our biz together, I was barefoot and pregnant in the hills of Mexico and pretty soon my Spanish Basque  husband didn't want me to be busy with a business. And they rule the roost down there. So I left the biz completely. Jules went and created his own & turned it into HIGH HIGH PROFIT thing, again, the dollar was strong and he was doing IMPORTING. That would change now, and it would be more profitable EXPORTING.

Today as a senior, I run a company doing international business out of my home office with customers among the Hollywood Celebs as well as people in Holland, Canada, Spain, France, England and Israel and I've been doing it for more than 40 years now.  It's a kind of exporting. Let me explain. I sell a SERVICE, I don't export MERCHANDISE, but my service is (like all things American), SUPER BON MARCHE to Europeans now that the dollar is so far down. Europeans mail me FIFTY DOLLAR EUROS which are worth 75$ here! Or they send me money orders or checks which again are more valuable here. To them Fifty euros is like lunch out! To me it is exactly one twentieth of my monthly rent, so twenty clients and I'm home free.

A benefit of SERVICES: I deliver my product to clients without air freight. I send it via EMAIL! And  I get paid FIRST before I ship. Why that's so is because my reputation as an expert precedes me. In all humility, I have created many websites, thousands of articles in cyberspace. I write puhlenty of articles for other websites, other than my own, and all this is posted all over the net which can be googled off my name --- ANITA SANDS and which give me a certain STATUS so folks trust me.

Trust is important if you want to be paid in front. Now, your business will not be ASTROLOGY readings like me. You could do this with a PRODUCT or SERVICE. If I can do it, so can you.

That's right. For years I've shown new exporters how to profit in international trade. I love hearing from clients who pull together profitable trade deals. When I ask them what single piece of advice I offered that benefited them most, almost everyone says the same thing: "Take advantage of an edge you enjoy."

It's simple. If you're a shoe salesman, use your contacts in the shoe industry to make that first important buy, say 100 pairs of American made HEALTHY SUEDE CLOGS. YOu have to research the marketplace to make sure that EUROPE doesn't make anything similar. Now,  If you have friends or relatives in an overseas country, tap into that research team first and then they can be your agents abroad and find BUYERS for the AMERICAN CHEAPIE CLOG.

One of my astrology clients --a dancer hitting forty -- viewed my How to Make $100,000 a Year with Your Own Export Management Company article here then took a trip to Latin America to find woolen shawls and ruanas, then went on to Europe to set up buyers in boutiques, department stores and started a WOOL PRODUCT business. I write about her in many of my articles at the IMPORT EXPORT ARCHIVE

Determining your edge (and everybody has an edge of one kind or another!) is one key to being a success in international trade. Another is finding suppliers. That's right. I said suppliers. You see, many new exporters think their biggest challenge is finding buyers.Nope. It's finding suppliers right here in the U.S. In my FREE WEBINARS, I tell you why and show you how.




I hear that many successful exporters start out as small export  companies specializing in a particular product or source country and a specific DROP OFF COUNTRY.. They find a supplier in the weakest economies, maybe using CRAIGS LIST, which is a lot cheaper than flying to Africa or Haiti. Then, they find a buyer in the first world, boutiques in Paris, London, NYC, Beverly Hills. Boutiques, Department stores. You could use Craigs for different cities in USA, or use the INTERNET to approach buyers at top stores across USA. You put the two together and collect a fat commission check for their efforts. It's simple. And it works.

But I am suggesting a different path, actually creating your own WHOLESALE OPERATION using your garage as a storeroom, locking it and putting an alarm in if it can be seen from the street. And doing all the things we teach you here at our many free seminar pages. That in a nutshell is how small time home-based exporters become international traders. And, believe me, international trade is booming. Trade agreements such as NAFTA and GATT (which give you product without tariffs) all point to one fact: America -- and the rest of the world -- are standing on the cusp of an explosion in international trade like this planet has never seen. U.S. exports are growing four times faster than the Gross Domestic Product. Worldwide exports are up everywhere.

Exporters are selling steak sauce to Germany and water skiis to Brazil. These are people just like you. Sometimes they were just good shoppers who found small and medium-sized companies that were not exporting to Europe but should be as heck, EUROS are real fat! When the 'inspirer of trade' shows these companies how to sell overseas, the cash starts rolling in!

Now I've got some really great news. Because so many of my friends have asked for it, I have PUBLISHED AN ENTIRE BOOK ONLINE, which shows new home-based exporters how to make it big in the global marketplace.

How to Start and Operate a Profitable Home-Based Exporting Company is filled with inspiring, powerful knowledge.  It represents the very best of my years of experience as a teacher, designer, artist, exporter, importer, consultant and businesswoman.

Listen, I know there are many classes, webinars, books out there that tell you how to get started in exporting. They're good but you won't find anything that will give you the step-by-step directions to become a smashing success as a home-based exporter, for FREE. In my files, for FREE, you'll learn the tricks, the scams, who you can trust and who you can't. You'll find out where the real money is. You'll learn that most small companies are scared to death of exporting and how you can turn this fear into big profits for you.

Most importantly, if you penetrate this maze of interlocking files, click on every LIVE LINK you see, Study, bone up, read, talk about it with pals, write your own PROSPECTUS to raise cash from people you now know, you'll receive a reliable road map to profits in the international marketplace and get out on the highway to EARN THOSE PROFITS. You'll learn not only what sells but how to sell it. You'll learn the best target country for the new exporter. You'll discover the best up-and-coming markets and the hottest product areas. And that's not all. I'll even give you specific step-by-step instructions for finding the most profitable country for your product.

There is more nonsense written about international trade than I could discuss in one file. These websites --and all my ideas--cut through the baloney and give you the facts of life about exporting. This isn't another get-rich-quick scheme. While I do suggest a short list of product areas that are this country's biggest exports, I don't tell you what to buy or where to sell it. Only you can determine that. I will show you how to find out which products will sell best in which countries. I will tell you how to approach suppliers and find buyers. But I won't charge you thousands of dollars for the information.

However, the INTERNET is capable of teaching you about new fields which are open to you. Just now, by accident, I stumbled on MUSHROOMS as an EXPORT. Apparantly the Japanese pay hundreds a box for
PINE MUSHROOMS which litter your own forest outside the city in spring and fall. This sentence caught my eye: "The real money is in exporting them to Japan where they go for, hundreds per pound. They are literally auctioned off by-the-mushroom. So, getting the mushrooms to market requires LEASING cargo space from an airline.....this has been monopolized by the BIG VENDORS (much speculation here). Pickers can bring home a hundred pounds of pines in a day, these are not for local or regional consumption. This is not a situation where you can unload them through a tiny network of likeminded buddies. These are for export, period."

For the uninitiated, pine mushrooms have an unforgetable aroma and flavor. A scent that is entirely intoxicating.

Find botanists at university near you, get real clear on what shrooms are growing outside your city! And go to work building a stock and maybe finding an agent in Tokyo via CRAIGS LIST! It's just an idea, but it happened upon my brain and typing fingers at the same moment I was working on this article!

Be forewarned, work is required. Craigs list ads, setting up agents abroad, and finding AIR FREIGHT companies that are at your local airport which will give you a good low fee when you start and  a lower fee when you're big.

If you're looking for a magic pill that will fix all your problems in life, without a drop of work, look elsewhere. If you're unwilling to listen to advice or unable to follow directions, this isn't the business for you.But if you're looking for a path that can lead you to the personal success and financial rewards you seek following a plan that has worked for others, then this group of websites may be the beginning of a whole new life for you.

My own STARPOWER MAP OF THE MONTH, Your POWER HOURS, dailies, my current real, home-based business (even though it's a donation thing and folks send a buck or two and that's all, I make no cash demands...)  I'm a real teacher and a real person. ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ is my name. I take great pride in satisfying my many customers and friends and enjoy an excellent reputation in the business community both here in the U.S. and around the world. The point is, I want to make sure you succeed and I am here (usually!) to answer questions you may have about my advice, my articles, my websites or exporting in general. Give me a call at (818) 774-1939 or better, as I never plug fones in....don't ever seek out pals who don't have a PC,  EMAIL me at ASTROLOGY AT EARTHLINK DOT NET  if you want to discuss my writings or just want to talk about the international trade business or even WRITE SOMETHING for my websites, WHOPPPEEE! I'd love that. NOTE: I want all my readers to become disgustingly wealthy! That includes you. And when you do, PAY IT FORWARD. Write the article on how you did it, I'll edit it so don't worry about that, and then I'll FTP it to my website. Or you can. RUN A WEBSITE and DRAK.NET is 3$ a month. Go to them. Some Texas girls, come highly recommended. Next, get your tax exempt charitable foundation status and do the whole thing as a CHARITY!

Signed, Your money Guru,  ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ(astrology AT