by Anita Sands Hernandez 

Did you hear it the first time around? BUSH and the G.O.P wanted to take the entire American SOCIAL SECURITY FUND and drop it into WALL STREET’s fang lined MOUTH. FEED THE sick KITTY her last meal, see if she recovers! Folks who recommended that ridiculous idea as a 'bandage' to a nation that had ALREADY had its wealth stolen by WALL STREET when they took everybody's life savings in homes.......cite the fact that CHILE did it in the 80’s, put pensions into IRAS and IRA’s into the stock market….and it turned out ok. Of course, they went back into Depression a few years later as sick kittens need regular meals and once you ate everybody's pension, you ate the furniture too. Social Security is a complicated issue, but the basics are really pretty simple:

° Social Security provides monthly benefits to some 44 million Americans who are retired, disabled or the survivor of a deceased parent. It provides most of the income for older Americans--some 64 percent of their support. It has lifted generations of seniors out of poverty. Social Security is not in crisis. That is an outright lie perpetrated in order to create the false urgency for radical changes. Under conservative forecasts, the long-term challenges in Social Security do not manifest themselves until 2042. Even then Social Security has 70 percent ofneeded funds. That shortfall is smaller than the amount needed in 1983,the last time we overhauled Social Security. George Bush's Social  Security crisis-talk is an effort to create a specter of doom – just like the weapons of mass destruction claim in Iraq.

° Phasing out Social Security and replacing it with privatized accounts means one thing: massive cuts in monthly benefits for everybody. Social Security privatization requires diverting taxes used to pay current benefits into privatized accounts invested in risky stocks. Without that money Social Security benefits will inevitably be cut -- some proposals even cut benefits of current retirees. These benefit cuts are inevitable, since diverting Social Security money into privatized accounts means less money to pay current and future benefits.

President BUSH was acting on the instructions of those same CASINO BANKERS who destroyed the economy with VARIABLE INTEREST RATES ON HOUSING, "TRICK" MORTGAGES for the poor, and then DERIVATIVES to sell off the dead bodies as hamburger... BASICALLY putting all the money in the USA that belonged to YOU, meaning cash OTHER THAN THE GOVERNMENT’S CASH, into the pockets of WALL STREET to shore up WALL STREET’s immense crookedness. The IMF/FED's impending implosion, which is caused by the NASDAQ TECH WRECK in 2000, THE S&L BANKS all cheating and getting their doors closed by the GOV taking down millions of investors, THE ENRONIZATION of all corporations a few years later (where they all go crooked on us and are pillaged by their CEOS and in wake of jailings, whole biz goes to hell, and then the infamous MORTGAGE GATE (give you low interest loan, raise rates take your home, sell it to Europe as dead meat,) all of that has made AN MBA A LICENSE TO STEAL and made Casino bankers all look like Bernie Madoffs and let us see that WALL STREET is the bully bad boy who steals lunch money. Besmirched, bedraggled and ever so BUSTED ---such Behemouth behavior has not only caused the falling dollar but the surge toward primacy of some futuristic BRIC CURRENCY (Brazil, Russia, India and CHINA, the only productive nations LEFT) To avert the inevitable, THE BULLIES cheapened their own oil to slam PUTIN, really causing 1 million homeless Russian children to freeze to death.

° SO YOU CAN SEE that WALL STREET IS DESPERATE. They have all kinds of wack ideas, besides the privatization proposal one is to raise the Social Security retirement age to 70. That might be fine if you're a Washington special interest lobbyist but it is incredibly unfair to blue-collar Americans with tough, physical jobs, or for African Americans and Latinos with lower life expectancy.

° Privatization means gambling with your retirement security. There is probably an appropriate place for a little stock market risk in retirement planning -- but it isn't Social Security! Privatization exposes your entire retirement portfolio to stock market risks -- and the risk that you'll outlive any of your savings at retirement. You can't outlive your Social Security benefit.

° So who does benefit? Wall Street. Giant financial services firms have been salivating for decades over the prospect of taking over Social Security. Wall Street would make billions of dollars in profit by managing the privatized accounts -- money that would come directly from your benefits.

° Action is urgently needed today. President Bush and Republican leaders in Congress are joining forces with the financial services industry for a major campaign to convince the public there is a major crisis and pressure members of Congress to vote for privatization. Action is needed now before it is too late. That action is spreading the word that the super rich are seeking to get all the pensions, all the social security funds invested in CORPORATIONS selling stock on Wall Street. WARN your people. 

George Bush and Republican leaders got way too close to phasing out Social Security through privatization and massive benefit cuts. They failed but GOP Members of Congress who are basically robots taking orders from their oligarch overlords...... will be trying to re-implement those plans over the next couple of decades. KEEP THEM IN YOUR EYESIGHTS.

Americans need to START SCREAMING "THIEVES!" the second the RICH GUYS try a massive election-style GIVE US YOUR MONEY HOAX campaign designed on Wall Street to further W.S. interests. It will be a $100 million TV ad campaign that seeks to sell you on the profits you ostensibly will make. LIES and the LIARS that tell them! STAY AWAKE DO NOT GO TO SLEEP