WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD an email client, you may not know how to work it but the tekkie at your SERVER is there on the phone or chat, with the info to help you. You were given a phone number to reach your SERVER's TEKKIES. USE them. As an activist who wants to forward research to l00 people with a single email, I need the best email client out there. I found one. NETSCAPE from the Version 4 series.

No problem to download a copy free, just GOOGLE the words "FREE DOWNLOAD" and NETSCAPE 4.7 and you will see various sites that offer it & easily inhale a dynamite EMAIL BROWSER. It collates by subject, date received, sender, size. You can't beat all that!

SENILE SENIORS like me can use it with ease. The best MAIL CLIENT around. HOWEVER...one caveat. YOU CANNOT SURF THE WEB with this browser, not all that well. It jams at JAVA sites or FLASH  so I have  MOZILLA FIREFOX for surfing, the latest version. That you can also download for free, and USE THAT one for web surfing. Google FREE DOWNLOAD  + and MOZILLA you'll find it. I have WINDOWS 98SE so I can only use MOZILLA TWO but you can probably use a more recent version.

But if you want the best email client  in the world, get the NETSCAPE BROWSER, any of the versions from 4.51 to 4.78 or 4.79. you can download them free if you google search on those terms, 15 Mil or 22 mil bytes.

Read REST IN PEACE NETSCAPE, how  I WAS HACKED for inciting revolution, and LOST MY FAVORITE BROWSER and what it has that's special in EMAIL, LIST MAKING, ADDIES SAVING (try 4.5million bytes), and an HTM composer for ARTICLE WRITING really the world's best HTM COMPOSER. It had the works! Every thing I've written, 1,000 files/articles was done on this free software.  You don't know it, but you want to download it and play with it for a day, a year, a lifetime.  This email client collated by sender, date sent, subjectline, size, the absolute most necessary things to search for. You have to play with it to see it in action. So simple a 4 year old could use it.

http://www.expita.com/ has an EMAIL training course for the beginner.

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