DREAM UP THE DOLLARS --How dynasties got started!

The ROCKFELLERS -  From childhood on, John D  had a desire to make money for his mother, who was alone and poor most of the time as his father traveled on the road. He had seen that men went out into the world and 'did something' and came back with a wad of greenbacks. His father did that but then the money would run out so at age 7, John started a lucrative business off a 'found bird' a turkey with some eggs. He began selling turkeys, http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/rockefellers/peopleevents/p_rock_jsr.html  He had an uncanny quickness for math, the ability to do sums in his head. So he became a bookkeeper. After a few years working for the big grain shippers on the river, doing their books, seeing what was involved with trading on the Mississippi,, he and his chum MOE each put in 2k ..their life savings, and made 450k their first year. WHAT A HEAD FOR NUMBERS that was. In today's money that's like 100 million dollars in today's money. His luck was being real groundfloor with the field of shipping on the big river, also he'd seen shipping by other media, coach and rail. He mastered all three. And his tricks are described in URL above. He had great eyesight, never took a risk.

The FORDS - Ford was a hardhearted, shameless, mean man but a brilliant tinkerer. With the help of investors, he created many car companies in a row that failed! Finally, he would get it right. Ole Henry started working for a genius, Thomas Edison in an electric company. He rose through the ranks but being dissatisfied with everything, by habit, Ford left the company to be Vice President and Chief Engineer of the newly formed Detroit Automobile Company,  founded in 1899, in Detroit, Michigan. It was the first venture of its kind in Detroit. Many corporations in EUROPE already made cars, good ones, but this little Automotive mechanic Henry Ford attracted the financial backing of three investors; Detroit Mayor William Maybury, William H. Murray, and Senator Thomas W. Palmer. Working with EDISON got him in the door. The company floundered and was dissolved in January 1901.Twenty vehicles were built and $86,000 ($2.11 million in 2007) of investment was lost. He designed a successful "delivery vehicle", at that point and went on to form  the Henry Ford Company. He left this Company during a dispute with bankers, but it is interesting to note that this company survived and changed its name to the "Cadillac Motor Car Company". This was 1901-1902. He had befriended a lumber tycoon along the way, and Murphy funded his next corporation. FORD MOTOR COMPANY and that one hit. Being a hard headed man, he survived those embarassing losses which would have prevented a gentleman from going out and raising more money to do it again and again and again.

The KENNEDYS - Joe Kennedy's Dad owned a saloon and sent his son to college. When the boy graduated, in 1912, he used his connections in the insular Irish community, very tight, with a developed 'pol system'  to get the boy a job as a bank examiner. Joe learned everything about banking stocks and mortgages and began doing deals on his own while he was still an employee. Later, he and his father took the earnings &  started their own bank.

H.R. LUCE - TIME LIFE - Reading "LUCE" now, (a fired TIME LIFE employee wrote it, the author has a real gift for the TIMESQUE language, too,) It's the story of how little, poor scholarship boy Harry Luce (the son of missionaries to China spent most of his childhood there in a fort surrounded by War Lords,) and finally came back to America. His family had been sent by church-supporting American billionaire families so he had the connections to go to the very best prep schools. He washed dishes to pay for it, then went to to YALE, hobnobbed with the highborn, then raised the MONEY for his dream of TIME LIFE! He'd befriended a blueblood writer BRITON was his first name, a fellow student at Yale, they ran the school paper together, Luce practically rode him around America to meet with the best families to raise l00k to start the mag we still know as "TIME. Multiple meetings with people, everybody contributed and they did it. How a missionary's kid could piece this together is bewildering. His magazine was famous for it's AMERICAN ETHOS. He really believed in it.  His childhood so far from America and hearing about it, and a few visits between returns to China made him idealize the COUNTRY and he got to be the principle Kingmaker IN THE COUNTRY. Presidents were elected by the pages of TIME LIFE. ..

SANDRA KURTZIG - was a 24 year old working for Hewlett Packard. She noted a service that HP offered banks, some software management off site. She raised 2k and started her own biz in her garage. Her success was amazing.

BILL GATES - From a tiny little Garage business, this college drop out created a 90 billion dollar fortune (though it's been cut back to 58 billion in 2008, by VISTA & bad luck.) What was his secret? He had studied BASIC, a programming language and His dad was rich (a lawyer,) and his momma good looking but more importantly if you believe in a Supreme Being, she was into charities. Hadassah. She worked for UNITED CHARITY. The rest is history. HIS BIO.

The formula is easy: Chutzpah and Connections, some education, some work experience that shows you an INSIDER WORLD. Writing up a PROSPECTUS and giving it to some big, rich businessmen. Nothing too difficult. This means that YOU COULD do the same as these people did. So what is the career you love, the inventions you have? Dream up the dollars!

And while you dream of those dollars, stare down at your feet,  right now.  Then look off toward the goal on the horizon. A straight line between you and that fortune. Walking straight toward it with no delays is the best bet. The "Time it will take" is an illusion. When you think of that demon, time, remember this:  Hey, you had to put one foot in front of the other anyway for that period of time, might as well do it carrying this extra little 'to do'.