FUTURISTS AT WORK: Pondering the features of the Projected Recession

Life gets cheap when food costs get high. Useless mouths have to be shot out of rockets to get them off the planet. It sounds so sci-fi but these kind of things run through my mind a lot lately. I live in a world where fresh, ripe peaches cost 2$ a pound at supermarkets. And in JUNE! I want a peach --an ordinary peach and can't afford one. At WHOLE FOODS they're 5$ a pound but I don't want one of those. I just want an ordinary A&P peach.

These kind of insufficiency of food thoughts course in my veins, I guess, because I was born at the end of a decade of hard times. In fact, just a few years before I was born, Stalin began his murder of ten million Russian farmers so he could get the land. The murder of kulaks started in 1928 after a particularly bad harvest. The panic escalated into Joe driving ten million farmers off their own land into fenced camps, where they froze/starved, and Joe's  taking their land to create efficient agri-collectives.

This URL http://web.jjay.cuny.edu/~jobrien/reference/ob99.html and especially
this one: http://web.qx.net/jon/stalin.html refer to that time and may show us parallels (NOT EXACT OF COURSE) to the type of things that COULD happen when even a prosperous nation is in extreme panic i.e, our current depression, in our own less than stable era.

Pharoah's seven bad years have to come. Hey, when I can't afford a peach, that's a bad year! Of course, nowadays, nobody is seeking to dump farmers in camps except maybe the CEOS of agri businesses who want the best farmland. When this farm stealing trend began, Mel Gibson did farm stealing movies and Willie Nelson created FARM AID consciousness which sprang up to defend and fund farmers. To make it outrageous and politically incorrect to evict farmers. This slightly abrogated the trend, didn't it?  But there were other things that had to be rearranged as hard times had truly arrived. Newt Gingrich and the Conservative anti-welfare state right wing put the DEATH of WELAFRE  into the works, started the propaganda rolling and CLINTON finally nailed the last spike in the coffin for welfare recipients. After all, they were the TRULY useless mouths (!) reproducing at state expense. That had to stop. Retards breeding and cheese giveaways are over with.

So now, WHO is targeted for extinction? Who are the new Kulaks? Welfare recipients? Who is extraneous? Who are the useless eaters? Well, first the prison poulation. One in six men is now in the cooler. However, the cost to keep them is l00 times what it costs to leave them roaming the streets.

These kinds of things happen. 10-20 million Russians were murdered by their ruler in 'their end of the Great Depression' How many died or starved in the USA back in thirties? We sure weren't keeping count.

But the real question is, especially as a huge heat wave hits all land west of the Mississippi, threatening this year's crops, what about a future Great Recession? What or who will give? We have no kulaks to pen up so we can have their land. WHO WOULD GET PENNED UP? Someone because if not WHY are they
building so many jails and privatizing jails?

The cold war stopped as SOMEONE ON HIGH said 'those Ruskis and Polacks and Chinamen are folks we could trade with. Treat them GOOD!' They were not the enemy. BUT MANY OF US WERE. The gov closed all the cold war military bases and handed them over to mysterious groups. They were turned into concentration camps. Well, it's been said, it's been said on the internet for years.

My Dad suffered depression in Germany, 20's, 30's where a loaf of bread cost a wheelbarrow of marks, my Mom in San Luis Obispo, California, where her mother opened a boarding house in the family home, and Mom put herself thru S.C working at a department store, in the MIDDLE of depression. It affected them both, hugely. So It's in my genes to wonder how thick the pudding can get and how the going gets ugly when The Ugly get going. What would you think would be the features of some kind of ORWELLIAN vision of the immediate
future that would be most accurate? Does it entail: concentration camps? Or homeless shelters? or just rampant homeless on streets? Double digit Inflation? No medical care or SSA for oldsters? Houses tripling in cost? TAXES on homes unpayable by oldsters? Evicted elders on the streets? Truly Immoral Wars against innocent civilians in resource rich third world countries, to steal resources? What else? Street crime going up?

THE FINANCIAL TIMES said of a recent analysis of our economy (this is an excerpt) "The study's analysis of future deficits dwarfs previous estimates of the financial challenge facing Washington. It (THE DEBT OF
USA) is roughly equivalent to 10 times the publicly held national debt, four years of US economic output or more than 94 per cent of all US household assets.

Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve chairman, last week bemoaned what he called Washington's "deafening" silence about the future crunch."

US 'faces future of chronic deficits' By Peronet Despeignes in Washington Published: May 28 2003

The Bush administration has shelved a report commissioned by the Treasury that shows the US currently faces a future of chronic federal budget deficits totalling at least $44,200 billion in current US dollars.

The study, the most comprehensive assessment of how the US government is at risk of being overwhelmed by the "baby boom" generation's future healthcare and retirement costs, was commissioned by then-Treasury
secretary Paul O'Neill.

But the Bush administration chose to keep the findings out of the annual budget report for fiscal year 2004, published in February, as the White House campaigned for a tax-cut package that critics claim will expand
future deficits.

The study asserts that sharp tax increases, massive spending cuts or a painful mix of both are unavoidable if the US is to meet benefit promises to future generations. It estimates that closing the gap would require the equivalent of an immediate and permanent 66 per cent across-the-board income tax increase.

The study was being circulated as an independent working paper among Washington think-tanks as President George W. Bush on Wednesday signed into law a 10-year, $350bn tax-cut package he welcomed as a victory for hard-working Americans and the economy.

The analysis was spearheaded by Kent Smetters, then-Treasury deputy assistant secretary for economic policy, and Jagdessh Gokhale, then a consultant to the Treasury. Mr Gokhale, now an economist for the Cleveland Federal Reserve, said: "When we were conducting the study, my impression was that it was slated to appear [in the Budget]. At some point, the momentum builds and you think everything is a go, and then the decision came down that we weren't part of the prospective budget."  Mr O'Neill, who was fired last December, refused to comment.

The study's analysis of future deficits dwarfs previous estimates of the financial challenge facing Washington. It is roughly equivalent to 10 times the publicly held national debt, four years of US economic output or more than 94 per cent of all US household assets. Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve chairman, last week bemoaned what he called Washington's "deafening" silence about the future crunch.

US tax-cuts - President Bush recently signed into law a $350 billion tax-cut package saying:``We can say loud and clear to the American people: You got more of your own money to spend so that this economy can get a good wind behind it." Read more of the FT's news and analysis of the tax-cut debate.

The estimates reflect the extent to which the annual deficit, the national debt and other widely reported, backward-looking data are becoming archaic and misleading as measures of the government's solvency. Mr Smetters, now a University of Pennsylvania finance professor, said tax cuts were only a fraction of the imbalance, and that the bigger problem "is the whole [budget] language we're using".

Laurence Kotlikoff, an expert on long-term budget accounting, alleged in a recent Boston Globe editorial that the Bush administration suppressed the research to ease passage of the tax-cut plan.

An administration official said the study was designed as a thought-piece for internal discussion - one among many left every year on the cutting-room floor - and noted the budget's extensive discussion of projected, 75-year Social Security and Medicare shortfalls.


That would indicate ALL YOUR SALARY subtractions for your entire LIFE taken by your GOV would not be there to protect you as an oldster. I think we need to think that dark days do sometimes come, COULD come and to RE THINK our old-age strategies, our health needs.

Seems to me there is something there we should look at. Futurists even amateur ones like you and me, have to cast our eyes toward these possibilities. When the going gets tough, the tough get GOING! AND WE GET READY!