baby, orphaned abandonware, cheap from DAN THE
                        MAN --- i.e. SOFTWARE ORPHANS LOOKING FOR A GOOD HOME!

For two decades, all over the planet, software that was born happy, gurgling and cooing, hoping to find a permanent hard drive to occupy and loving PC users to care for them, have been ABANDONED. It had nothing to do with worth. A lot of the best software ever made just got lost in the flurry of competition. The corps went out of business. One superb one is ZTREE which once was XTREE, a fabulous FILE MANAGER. Xtree went out of business so KIM HENKEL just reissued it, better. You can use it for free for 30 days. Go to ZTREE.COM. Download it, very tiny, less than a million and if you have l9$ get it permanently. A WRITER needs it. HENKEL just adopted an orphan. You also adopt abandoned software, give them a good home. Dan the Man puts them on a CD and you pay very little. Simply go to EBAY and hit SOFTWARE and find those vendors. I'm glad he stays online.  Clients always remember you and come back.. Dan sells orphaned floppies and CD's full of used software. And game software always Software with beautiful DNA, Copies of the big guys stuff. ABANDONWARE it's called.

Ferinstance. I always recommend MICROSOFT OFFICE l997 as being better than RECENT version as it's not so code heavy. It looks great online.  I do all my websites with it. see http://home.earthlink.net/~anitaastrologer/
see http://home.earthlink.net/~loveguru/
http://www.luckinlove.com and the newest http://www.masterjules.net
http://home.earthlink.net/~astrology/  was the first site I ever had. Freebie that Earthlink gives ... They give you TEN free websites when you sign up with them as a server.

(Note the way they're writen, not a true domain name, but it works for me as a.) I'm not made of money and b.) I put ads up at Craigs list to get readers. Under FREE SEMINARS, FREE GROUPS.

I recommend  EARTHLINK as a server if you're broke, cuz they will give you up to ten websites, free. Ten megs each. Tell them astrology at earthlink sent you when you call their business office. I get a free month. And when you sign up, you tell people , you get a free month if they sign up. I'm into deals, sales, things cheap, used or free. So go online, google up the abandonware thing or used software or go to EBAY but you DO NOT HAVE TO GOOGLE to find DAN THE MAN. Just go HERE to DANIEL SAYS DOT COM: And get web site design software. That's very important. Lot of freeware online already that's what I always do to get a good TEXT EDITOR.. That is so important. See HOW YOU WILL USE TEXT SAVING DAILY!

ON some 'USED SOFTWARE VENDORS' web pages, you'll see HARD WARE TOO-- , many early 70's  PC's. I have kept PC's in the garage from the year 1984, if I remember right. I could open a museum. Dan probably collects ancient PCs too; I know he has game ware. THE MUSEUM OF GAMES. I can see it now, in IDAHO where Dan lives. Give us another reason to visit the Spud State.

ANOTHER THING YOU WILL NEED IS  some HTM software that is "EZ-USE" necessary if you write articles like Momma here. ONE THOUSAND WEBPAGES LIST. Microsoft OFFICE 1997 is lean on coding which I like. After 2000, the coding got byte intensive DOUBLING the file size! Also, get a good website design software like COFFEE CUP.  A good old browser, like NETSCAPE vers 4.7 for your EMAIL CLIENT... it's probably still online, free and can be downloaded. If not, maybe your vendor will have it. It's all I use to design my websites as it has NETSCAPE COMPOSER.