OK, I've GOT A COLD. NOW WHAT?  Technically there is no "cure" for a cold. It's caused by a virus. Ditto the FLU But there are ten things you can do that minimize symptoms, discomfort & may actually help you get over it faster. AT FIRST SIGN OF A COLD or FLU, ...SINUS SNUFFINESS, that feverish forehead, that gravel throat feeling and bone ache which means it's a FLU.....
1). MAKE hot and spicy clear SOUP! Not creamy, that increases mucus! (Many of the causes of the common cold are floored by exposing them to high heat.) Fever usually causes germs and viruses to slide into abatement, stunned. Between bouts of hot stuff, drink lots of fluids (your body can naturally fight off the cold better if you're alkaline. Add alkaline minerals to water. (Celery juice works in a pinch.) Take acids also, either spectrum end wipes out bugs. Vitamin C supplements help but they are better as a PREVENTITIVE measure.. Traditional methods: chicken soon, plenty of fluids, vitamin C, and stay away from work. Chill out with TUBE. Quit all coffee & boy you'll enjoy  plenty of naps! Boil a whole chicken. Break into pieces, boil some more this time with a few jalapenos or habanero chiles,a few onions, a few carrots, some celery, herbs like bayleaf. Pour into receptacle when cool-ish and fridge til fat rises to top. (Give the meat to the pets, or shred and freeze for tacos later). SKIM off the fat and store for soap maker pals. It clots like a wax candle is easy to lift off. Drink it hot.

2.) SALT! Sniff and Inhale a little spray of salt water getting it well up inside your nose then blow it out before it reaches your stomach or worse, lungs. It may burn a little but it works. Germs get burnt by it too! Aim for the same saltiness of the ocean. No more than that!

3.) ONIONS! The most ancient remedy for the head cold is to put onions up your nose! Sliver them like toothpicks. Stick head over steaming pot of water, set in sink so you can't spill it on your chest! Throw a towel over your head like a tent. Stick onion stick up nostril and tickle the top beds of the sinus cavity, way up in the nose with the onion sliver. You will sneeze like crazy. ONION is gemicidal. Germs up in there die instantly. It is also an expectorant so mucus flows heavily for a second and then you have no mucus for an hour. Do it hourly, you won't feel stuffy. Want to amp effect up a little? Drop the onionn tip in a slivered garlic piece, rub it all over, then insert that bi-flavor tickler. Boy, you'll taste garlic instantly! (So will the germs! Also germicidal!)

4.) Spread Vics Vapo rub (or any type of menthol oil or TIGER BALM onto your chest) this helps you breathe. I put more on my sinuses, nose.

5.) Try a product called "AIRBORNE", an over the counter medication. Take 1 more a day for 2 days than they call for. Has a nice flavor. And it really works. Along with of course, food, water, juice, sleep Do not get the knock off brand, tastes putrid.

6.) This HOLISTIC MEDICINE is great stuff--It's all over the net. http://tinyurl.com/y4qvkz
also, this is a great medicine, organic -- http://www.mind-mart.com/alpha-cf/ and they offer teas.

7.) ZINC! To get over that cold faster: Try zinc. Coldeze is good. Also Airborne. Zinc has been used in Germany and supposedly has been proven to shorten the length and intensity of a cold.

8). NAME BRANDS! To feel better: Lots of options but I like Dayquil and Nyquil. Also sudophed will dry up your nose w/c will help you feel better. Don't take it at night though unless you are sure it won't keep you up (it keeps me up...hence the Nyquil instead).

9) ORANGES, LEMONS, GRAPEFRUIT. Boost your immune system with high potency Vitamin C and drink lots of water. Vitamin C in fruits but also as a pill. It is water soluble so you have never take too much. I also take Airborne and it has Vit C including other anti-oxidants and herbs. Whenever I start feeling a cold coming on and I'm convinced I'm sick, I take it and it actually works!

10.) HERBS. Take sleeping herbs to deepen sleep. Sleep is an immune supporter.

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