About Egyptian cotton which is the BEST fabric to use for Sheets and fine frocks.
though women's hands bleed to pick it. BUY IT AND DYE IT!

EGYPTIAN COTTON, picked by hand,
                            err...BLEEDING hands!

Throughout the past two centuries, Egyptian cotton has prevailed as one of Egypt's biggest competitive advantages. With an established reputation of being the "best" cotton in the world, its softness, strength and superior characteristics, have positioned products made of Egyptian cotton as the world's finest.  THE HISTORY OF EGYPTIAN COTTON

If you want to see, handle, touch the finest of cottons, go to MOBACO a retail cotton only boutique in Cairo. They have three stores in PARIS. You know they are good if they can do that! They handle this Caviar Cotton and you can see and feel it there.  If you go online, you can google RITZ TOWELS EGYPTIAN COTTON and see the RITZ factory. These are fabulous towels, the set is usually 15$ But RITZ itself has no net presence. Once you feel a RITZ TOWEL you will recognize it as something that has been imported for 80 years. Everybody's grandma had a few in her kitchen. Now they're on EBAY and AMAZON!

But it is Egyptian cotton sheets which we want to discuss here. They have not gained such a reputation without reason. Egyptian cotton "is" the world's finest cotton and the following characteristics are what sets Egyptian cotton apart from other natural fibers:

1-The length of the fiber makes it possible to make the finest of yarns without sacrificing the strength of the yarn

2-The strength of the fiber makes fabrics more solid and more resistant to stress

3-Its ability to absorb liquids gives fabrics made of Egyptian cotton deeper, brighter and more resistant colors

4-Its softness increases with each washing

Egyptian cotton is hand picked (see above photo) which guarantees the highest levels of purity. In addition, hand picking puts no stress on the fibers - as opposed to mechanical picking - leaving the fibers straight and intact. All these factors have resulted in the Egyptian cotton being by far the best cotton in the world. Fabrics made of Egyptian Cotton are softer, finer and last longer than any other cotton in the world.
It was thought for ages that cotton was cotton and thread count was king when choosing quality sheets. That is no longer true. Consumer guidelines for buying bedding suggest that cotton from Egypt is superior to other cotton. Is this true and, if so, what is the big difference?

Egyptian cottons are used to create bedding of all types from sheets to pillowcases to comforters. The long staple or long fiber of Egyptian-grown cotton means that there is more continuous fiber to use when creating threads or yarns. This yarn is smaller in diameter yet stronger than other cottons. Smaller yarn means that more threads per square inch can be use to create stronger fabric which is light in weight yet breathes well.

More threads per inch mean that the thread count on the bedding label will be higher. Many buyers think that choosing high thread count sheets is the only gauge of quality. This is not true, but in the case of cotton grown in Egypt, the higher thread count means the fabric will be incredibly strong and will last for years and years. If cared for properly, Egyptian produced cotton fabric used for creating bedding products can last for decades.

The "hand" or feel of the sheets created from Egyptian grown cotton is a bit harder than other cottons when the bedding is new. However, with every single laundering, the cotton sheets from Egyptian fibers become softer and softer. Like a fine wine, age improves the Egyptian fiber cotton bedding and, unlike many products, you will prize your Egyptian fiber sheets of cotton more and more as they age and become soft and cuddly.Just turn the paddle on washer to gentle, and wash one sheet at a time.

Cotton grown in the Egyptian fields will also produce less lint and therefore will not pill after repeated washings as some materials may do. At one time, the only way to obtain Egyptian fiber cotton sheets was to shop in high-end expensive stores. This is no longer true and most department stores and online bedding stores carry a selection of Egyptian produced cotton sheets and other bedding items for the buyer seeking this quality product.

King Cotton was once the name for the cotton grown in the Deep South of the United States. This cotton has much shorter fibers or staple than the Egyptian produced cotton. Egyptian fiber is now considered the king of all cottons for its durability and luxurious feel. After all, we spend almost one-third of our lives in our beds and our bedding should be comfortable and durable. Choosing the right sheets made from the king of cotton, Egyptian produced fibers, you will experience a bed that is comfortable and cozy.

A word of caution regarding bedding labels: if the package says "cotton rich" the actual amount of cotton, whether Egyptian or other cotton, is not stated and can be a very small amount. It is better to select products that state 100% cotton or, if choosing a blend fabric, that clearly state the exact proportion of cotton in the bedding. This will ensure your product composition is one that you will be pleased with.

THE EGYPTIAN COTTON STORE in LONDON says:  "Recognize quality. Selecting the finest quality bed linen can be confusing amid so many claims of thread counts and finishes. The Egyptian Cotton Store understands cotton and the secret to detecting what is the best. Of course thread count is important but when choosing the finest there are other considerations, such as the quality of the cotton itself, the feel of the fabric against your skin, and the design.

NOTE: Their plain white flat sheet, 400 thread count, in a super king size is 51 pounds sterling (!) for a 6 foot by 6 foot square sheet, so it doesn't make sense to buy cotton from them, but it makes sense to find cotton factories in Egypt that can give you that thread count and a fine Egyptian cotton yardage! And you get to see the Cairo Museum & the pyramids!

What makes the thread count
The thread count is the number of threads in a square inch of fabric. This is achieved by measuring the number of threads in the Warp (length) and the weft (width). The most popular cottons will be around 150, while good quality sheets will start at 180. Anything above 200 brings you into the luxury range.

The thread count is also influenced by the construction and quality of the yarn used. With finer threads, such as Egyptian Cotton, more threads can be woven into a square inch, which produces a finer fabric.

It is well to be wary of marketing claims of very high thread counts, sometimes up to 1000. These claims are made by twisting fine gossamer threads to achieve the high numbers for customers who may, understandably, buy on thread count alone.

Choosing Egyptian Cotton.
Like anything else, the finest quality can only truly be achieved when made from the finest quality materials. The quality of the cotton depends on the length of the fibres, known as staples. The longer the staple - the better the cotton. The cotton is then carded to remove dirt and short fibres. However a process called combing is far more meticulous and will remove up to 15% of the fibres. This combing process, used by The Egyptian Cotton Store, will leave only the longest staples, ready for spinning and weaving into the strongest and finest fabric. The result is a fabric which is softer and more sumptuous than any other.

The Egyptian Cotton Store uses only 100% long staple Egyptian cotton, which is indisputably the finest quality in the world. More than that, we only use cotton, grown on the Nile Delta. This is because today “Egyptian” cotton is produced in other countries, and although it complies with the standards, it does not have the same growing conditions and is often harvested mechanically. Egyptian cotton from the Nile Delta is hand picked which guarantees purity and puts no stress on the fibres.

All these factors have resulted in Egyptian cotton being by far the best cotton in the world. Fabrics made of Egyptian Cotton are softer, finer and last longer than any other cotton in the world.

And finally….The Design --After so much care in ensuring we obtain the finest fabric, we must do justice in the design. Our London based design team; know just how to combine the practical with fashion. Practical; in making sure that fitted sheets fit the larger mattress but also have a superb fit for all; valances that look tailor made whether you have a divan or a foot board; Duvet Covers that do not allow the Duvet to “peep” through; Flat Sheets with deep double-cuffs that will “show off” over the bulkiest of duvets, blankets or throws, and lets not forget the humble pillowcase with extra deep shams, generous flaps to keep your pillow in place and of course comfort for the head and face.

The fashion statement from our designers is “Sophistication with Charm”. English designers have been renowned down the centuries for their ability to embody sophistication and class. That is the course set and continued by our English designers.

THEIR EMPEROR SIZE SHEET is big enough for a dress factory to make 2  frocks.
 I would recommend some good DYE if their colors don't move you.

Go to their site.WHOOPS. I just went. Impossible to get in. No search engine on their site works. Stuffy. Don't want business. NO PROBLEMA> Google around See who ELSE sells Egyptian cotton.  http://www.overstock.com/Bedding-Bath/Sheets/King,Egyptian-Cotton,/size,material,/4549/cat.html?TID=SN:cat4549:::refinements-1-2:

And then biggest CAIRO retailer: MOBACO in EGYPT --hundreds of stores in that country.

Write SALES @ mobaco.com and ask how much to ship you a king size white sheet. Then google "HOW TO TIE DYE WHITE COTTON" That is my humble instruction but read TIE DYE MASTER, PAULA BURCH who wrote the ENCYLOPAEDIA, the whole TIE-DYE course, FREE ONLINE. She uses the master dyes, PROCION.