BYE BYE MISS AMERICAN PIE! ( American hegemony Lost )

America is on the skids. She's hacking her last and docs say she's terminal. The DOLLAR has TANKED! Forget about buying stock shares here as an investment. The ground rules have changed. BUY rural FARMLAND one gas tank from your home where thirty families you adore can workshare during the foodless riot weeks. America has gone the way of Norma Desmond,  the 8 track tape, the Edsel and the pet Rock. She was a momentary fad whose glory day has passed.

In the wake of greatness, we are now the TIJUANA of the planet. Shoppers abroad want to buy our exports, and CAN afford 'em, in fact they're  cheap as China. The only AMERICAN BUSINESS left (with the dollar so not unlike a PESO) is exporting manufactured goods. You in that biz? Then you'll keep your job. Anything EUROS can buy cheap will be a solid HIT. EXPORTS my SON! (after "The Graduate?" Scene where neighbor tells Dustin that Plastics are the future?)

THE STOCK MARKET has plummeted to its death. Oh, it hasn't hit bottom but it will. Count on there being puhlenty of foot room to further sink so there's little hope for doing a Warren Buffet unless you're trading upscale Malaysian, Indian, Chinese stocks & funds.

No problema. Not if you get with the program. The mark of a man's consciousness is how fast he can adapt to the prevailing reality. You can leap from ice floes to dry land. INVEST IN VIETNAMESE OIL.

Even SOCIALISTS note that USA is in hard times--smart guys like  Alex Cockburn.

It's no surprise that anarchists REALLY agree to that (with the sound of gleeful hand rubbing)

The bans have been published. The death notices are in

Was GLOBALISM the cause? (That's when we really have to compete
we no longer are the prof's fave pupil.
Banks / Bankers being equal opportunity bosses it appears)

Even the far right wing libeterian sect in AZ, IDAHO agrees.
Read URLs BELOW see what they ascribe the loss of our
status to .... but they predict that the LINKING with CANADA AND MEXICO
as a NORTH AMERICAN UNION (Pronounce that, it sounds like NO!)
is our only retreat position now. To link our highways, our currencies.
(sigh) even the right wing of the left has an opinion.
When all the votes are in and all parties vote for the same thing,
ya got trouble! There is no back up position.
GET YER MONEY out of American stocks. ANY COUNTRY in ASIA can have
a better rate of growth or GNP than we do at this point.

THE LAST pundit to weigh in on this question: the NEW YORK TIMES

The Rest of the world Nurses us...

We consider you a sonovabitch who deserves death!
Your CIA deathsquads killed thousands.
You trained the Evil King's Secret cops, don't deny it.
Your Policies and Wars killed millions. Your
presidents were jerks who worked for oil companies. Your CEO's greedy
hogs. At Checkpoints in Iraq you regularly shoot
whole families dead. The rest of the world will smile as YOU
sink beneath the waves. And hey, your
real estate is so cheap, your corporations
so bon marche that we will own everything of
value in your country real soon! See ya!

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