HIT THE online super cheap online, order-in-ten-seconds-flat BOOKSTORE FOR THESE BOOKS … a buck each  (Read my SECRETS for cheap ordering.) NEXT read MAKING MONEY THRU BOOKS see how you will be paying for your children’s college fees thru collecting the great titles. One of the paperbacks mentioned here, ANTHONY SAMPSON’S Seven Sisters (only book that has facts on VIETNAM WAR being only about OIL just off the Nam coast! And that book is now 54$ so paperbacks can become valuable, if the title is rare. It’s easy to learn who is rare, what prices are as ABE BOOKS has a ‘search’ with “HIGHEST PRICE” or LOWEST” and you can see what causes a book to have the high price, and still find them for a dollar! THE ART OF BEING A BOOK SCOUT as an investment is discussed at this page, “SHHHHH, THE SECRET OF AMPLE CASH, THE USED BOOKSTORE!”

SPIRITUAL SUBJECTS: Timothy Miller’s “HOW TO WANT WHAT YOU HAVE” is a fab book. Tuesday LOBSANG RAMPA (his actual name) has become very rare, hard to find. He wrote: "Third Eye" , "Doctor From Llasa", "Rampa Story", "Cave of the Ancients, Living with the Lama, Wisdom of Ancients, Saffron Robe, Chapters of Life. "Feeding the Flame," "The Hermit" "You Forever" and that's only half, best writer ever! COLIN WILSON writes on two subjects, occult and murder. I Only buy his works on mysticism, and his sci fi novels, never his crime. HIS PSYCHIC DISCOVERIES book is great. A REAL TURN ON! The bibliographies in his occult books will help you build a valuable collection. "The Search for Bridey Murphy" by Morey Bernstein, 1956, Tao Te Ching transl by Timothy Freke. “PSYCHIC ARCHEOLOGY” by JEFFREY GOODMAN and Andrija PUHARICH books also Alan Vaughn, "Patterns" DAVID JONES “ VISIONS “ and “ G.I. Gurdjieff: The War Against Sleep by COLIN Wilson Colin (ISBN: 0850305039) At 11.95 it is still a value, used, its current cost. RECOMMENDED BY THE MASTER JULES: Dialogues on Awakening" by Tom & Linda Carpenter "Conversations with God" VOL I-IV. "FRIENDSHIP WITH GOD", by Neal Walsch who supposedly channels directly from God. A COURSE IN MIRACLES" no author, pub by FOUNDATION FOR INNER PEACE. "TUALA SPEAKS" by TUALA, Devorss Publishing. "UNIFIED Course" by Roger Lamphear. "Ascension Handbook' by Tony Stubbs. Elwood Babbit wrote Perfect Health and with Hapgood wrote "Talks with Christ," The God Within". Ceanne de Rohan "The Right Use of Will" and others, 8 books. "Revelations for a New Millenium" by Andrew Ramer. Ken Carey's "Starseed Transmissions", "Return of the Bird Tribes," "Starseed the Third Millenium." "Secret Places of the Lion History of Egypt" by George Hunt Williamson. "The Voice of the Silence" by Helena Blavatsky The AGNI Yoga Series "AUM," "THE COMMUNITY", "FIERY WORLD" (I, II and III.) "HEART" "Brotherhood," " Leaves of Morya's Garden" VOL I, VOL II (best)." No author, channeled. "The Infinite Way by Joel Goldsmith. "The Harbor Material" Messengers from Ascended Civilization" by Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene. "Pleiadean Keys to Living Library" Barb Marsiniak Legend of Attazar and El Anra by Solara. Mark Nicholas "Calling All Workers of the Light., Book 1, SINANDA Series. Dove Center Publishing 811 Burnell ave #2 San Francisco 94131, Virginia Essene "Dissent of the Dove""The Pleiadean Workbook" Amara Kuan Yin "The Other Bible" Death of An Evil God By Dr Joseph S. Chiappalone, (he's on the web do a search on that name. I don't agree with him but he IS interesting.) What's Going On and Making Sense of the Madness same author. Weinberger, Everett, WANNABE on Hollywood (Just for the Hell of it.) Sounds fun. "Many Lives, Many Masters" "Thru Time Into Healing" by Brian Weiss "Living in Prehistoric world" The Pleiadean Agenda Barbara Hand Clow, Inner Voice Nancy Rajala "Inner Voice" by Nancy Rajala N. 50 w 6238 Western Rd Cedarburg WI 53012 414) 375-3474 Astrology Karma & Transformation Stephen Arroyo One Tibetan guy wrote: "Visions of Knowledge" Dynamics of Time Space and Knowledge" "Hidden Mind of Freedom" "Love of Knowledge" "Mastery of Mind" "Openness Mind: Knowledge of Freedom" "Mastering Successful Work" This man, Tartang Tulko is his name, in Marin County CA. His teachers teach his seminars. Supposed to BE HOT! ABANDONED GENERATION- 800-253-7521 about failure of US education. Jonathan OTT BOOKS 1251 Occidental CA 95464 Ayahuasca analogues" El Anra By Solara Legend Attazar.and one I recommend, “HOW TO WANT WHAT YOU HAVE” by Timothy Miller & "SOUL'S CODE" by James Hillman To find the best spiritual titles, google that phrase. “new age titles,” Spiritual” etc.

ON ALCOHOLISM/ ADDICTION: ."Going All the Way" & "Whiskey's Children". J. Wakefield.
FOR YOUNG PEOPLE: Jim Kjelgaard books on exploration kind of like The RA EXPEDITION books by that other Nordic guy. Thor Heyerdahl. OLD PEOPLE LOVE 'EM TOO!

ECONOMICS: Gerry Mander, The case against the World Economy. :The End of Economic Man" by Peter Drucker. Books by Joseph Needham.

HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS: "Getting the Love You want" by Dr Harville Hendrix, Dr PHIL books, forget his last name…."Getting to I DO" by Dr. Pat Allen. "THE RULES." Unknown author.

REALITY POLITICS- FINLAND STATION by Edmund Wilson, totally fabulous!! THE LONG PEACE, John Gaddis. Dates the cold war's start to l917, when Commies took Russia, which West was exploiting. Explains the intervention of west, Cold War. And Similar "The Road to Teheran" Foster Rhea Dulles. Which FLETCHER PROUTY LOVED. The Great Conspiracy by Alfred Kahn and Senator Claude Pepper. "Deep Cover" by Michael Levine (also Fight Back) For info on the CIA in drugs. CIA BLACK BOOK, "CQC MANUAL", "BRAIN-WASHING" by KENNETH GOFF, "GUERRILLA CAPITALISM" by ADAM CASH, MIND CONTROL IN A FREE SOCIETY" "IT'S A BAD MATCH" BY BETSY RUSSELL-MANNING,EDMUND BERNAYS, “PROPAGANDA”; "THINGS TO DO 'TIL THE REVOLUTION" BY CLAIRE WOLF - MORTON HALPERIN's BOOK ON KISSINGER. STUPID WHITE MEN and DUDE where’s my COUNTRY? by MICHAEL MOORELIES AND THE LIARS who tell them by Al Franken. Noam CHOMSKY *Deterring Depression*. One of history’s greatest intellects proves the Fed govt. of the U.S. to be a terrorist organization...with its own documents."TREASON IN AMERICA" by Anton Chaitkin & Humorist Molly Ivens wrote “Bushwhacked”, Anything by Jim HighTower.These people are the thinkers, their books will go way up in value. 

NEXT, THE LIST AT POLITICAL SPECIALISTS’ LIST WEBSITE, which I PUT UP myself, got the book names from the really knowing boys.


CHOMSKY, NOAM. *Class Warfare*. Astonishing set of interviews in which Chomsky  asserts that the great Western powers wish to kill as many of its own people as possible. 

HISTORY/CULTURE / THE GREAT MIND SHARPENING WRITERS:- SAUL, JOHN RAULSTON. *Voltaire’s Bastards*. Very insightful book on iconoclasts and social herd-ism. One of this age’s great thinkers and a favorite of Camille Paglia. 

SAUL, JOHN RAULSTON. *The Doubter’s Companion*. Devastatingly logical book and an entertaining inadvertant course in how to think. Arranged like a dictonary and somewhat in the traditon of Bierce and Voltaire 

BIERCE, AMBROSE. *The Devil’s Dictionary*. For rapier wit, acid cynicism, and pungent insight, Saint Ambrose is unsurpassed. THE model for all cynical works after Voltaire and, so far, THE most entertainingly vicious assault on hypocrisy ever published, period. 

SCRUTON, ROGER. *A Dictionary of Political Thought*. Perhaps the most incisive independent dictionary of political terms and proposals ever published, far exceeding the work of that brickheaded idiot William Safire. 

COOK, RICHARD & BRIAN MORTON. *The Penguin Guide to Jazz*. The best book of music criticism ever published and a mammoth overview of ALL jazz musics, including the incomparable ECM label. 

HODGSON, WILLIAM HOPE. *The Nightland*. A very strange and brilliant book of far-future fantasy, which had a tremendous influence to almost all modern fantasists (Bradbury, Lovecraft. Ashton Smith, Ellison, Vance, etc.). 

GIBSON, WILLIAM. *Neuromancer*. The book that started the cyber-fiction wave in sci-fi and still beats ‘em all cold, especially the tepid nonsense of Sterling, Jeter, et al. 

VANCE, JACK. *The Eyes of the Overworld*. The best book by one of modern fantasy’s pre-eminant authors. Hilarious, stylish, and tremendously imaginative. 

DE GRAZIA, EDWARD. *Girls Lean Back Everywhere: The Law of Obscenity and the Assault on Genius*. Very entertaining, extremely well-written tome on the history of literary pornograhy. Pisses off prigs, bluenoses, schoolmarms, censors, bluebloods, and, especially, feminists everywhere. 

McWILLIAMS, PETER. *Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society*. Brilliant discourse on the nature of much of law and an inferentially embarassing illustration of why most of the people who call themselves “Lefties” are actually feebs and weenies. 

YOCKEY, FRANCIS PARKER. *Imperium*. An incredible book from an extremely formidable mind now lost amongst accolades for much lesser works by inferior individuals. An astonishing overview of histories and societies, incoporating the best of formal wisdom and conspiracy materials. A VERY hard book to locate but worth the effort. $12.50 on ABEBOOKS right now. Used.

DUESBERG, PETER H. *Inventing the AIDS Virus*. By the #2 retrovirologist in the world, this revelatory book cost Duesberg his career and livelihood but is the most exhaustive study of “AIDS” ever done. The conclusion, of course, is disturbing - that’s why they ruined him. THEY WANT US DEAD! 

RUSSELL, BERTRAND. *Why I Am NOT a Christian*. A withering attack on the inexhaustibly perfervid stupidity of the Christian religion by one of the world’s leading modern thinkers, and the reason why he was banned from the U.S. in the 50s...because Xistians are such warm, open, intelligent people, now aren’t they? 

MENCKEN, H.L. *The American Language*. A huge 3-volume study of the American tongue by a cynic second only to Ambrose Bierce...though he’s not very cynical here (mostly just witty). Recommended for lexicographers, grammaticians, and language tutors only, but, Jesus, what a GREAT study! 

COVELL, JON CARTER. *Ikkyu’s Freedom*. An EXTREMELY hard book to find but the best work ever published on Ikkyu, zen’s most celebrated (in the East anyway; in the West, we haven’t a clue who the fuck he was) patriarchs. Without doubt, the most outrageous iconoclast to walk planet Earth, his story is too much swept under the rug and could be a textbook on how human beings SHOULD conduct their lives, to one degree or another. 

P.G.WODEHOUSE. Creator of the infamous butler Jeeves, Wodehouse is the greatest literary stylist after the Great Age (Dickens, Marvell,
Shakespeare, Swift, Balzac, etc.) and a hilarious novelist. Every book he ever wrote is worth the read.

CONSPIRACY RESEARCHER, BROADCASTER PBS RADIO DAVE EMORY RECOMMENDS- BOORSTIN, DANIEL “HIDDEN HISTORY, EXPLORING OUR SECRET PAST” $1.80 at abebooks I just ordered it; PETER DALE SCOTT “Iran Contra Connection.”; One of his books is several thousand dollars, as ITT tried to kill every copy. (Big transnat’l corp) ‘The Fish is Red by W.O. Hinckle “Al Kahn & M. Sayers “THE GREAT CONSPIRACY” The Art of Deception” by Reed buckley “How to Win any Argument “ Deadly Business by Pat Brogan; LESLIE COCKBURN’s Out of Control; Todd Gitlin The Sixties.; Cloaks and Gown: by Robin Winks“Listen Yankee” by C.Wright Mills. The Assasinationof RFK by William Turner The New Power Elite” by Kurtz; “The Great Heroin Coup” Henrik Kruger ‘ Rise and Fall of the Bulgarian Connection” Ed Hermann. “In God’s name” David yallop “Rise of thesouthAFrican Reich” Brian Bunting; In Search of the Manchurian Candidate” by John Marks “Covert Action by Garwood “Hidden History of the Korean War” by I.F. Stone. (READ ALL HIS BOOKS.; Decent Interval by ex CIA op Frank Snepp.’ The Third Option” By CIA killer Shackley “Betting Money” SC GWYNNE; Mother Jones July 83 issue, THEIR WILL BE DONE by Martin Leo ‘ Pan Y Vino by Ignacio Silone ‘ “Property and Politics” by Grace Holzell”The CHINA LOBBY in American Politics” by R.Y. Koep; “The Nazis go Underground” by Karl Reiss. “The Art of Deception” by Reed Buckley; The Belarus Secret “ John Loftus.; Hidden Terrorists by Languth; DAVE HAS MANY MORE. SURF to “ARCHIVES ON AUDIO” Google it. 

SCIENCE- Man and the Microbe, The Day we Bombed Utah, (atomic radiation, killed people I knew, too.) Lives of the Cell, The Thousand Acres by Smiley; Rats Lice and History. AIDS EXPOSED: BIO ALERT PRESS 805-685-4816.

HOLISM: "DIET FOR A SMALL PLANET by Frances Moore Lappe, anything by her. "Nourishing Traditions," a healthy meat eater's guide, by Sally Fallon.

MONEY, HOW TO MAKE IT, KEEP IT: "Creating wealth" AND "Nothing Down" BY Robert G Allen & "How I turned a Thousand into 5 million" by NICKERSON. Seek this one at thrift stores as it costs over 300$ as collectors seek it. THE GUERILLA CAPITALISM website, the SECRETS OF MONEY website.

MENTAL ILLNESS: Kay Redfield Jamison author of "Touched by Fire" "The UNQUIET Mind" E. FULLER TORREY another author worth reading. TOXIC PSYCHIATRY by BREGGIN. ANYTHING by R.D. LAING.

Luckily, we don't need bookstores where we drop 25$ for one book.Search on the WEB at and and you will be able to see dozens of copies at different USED BOOK STORES all over USA, where the owners LOW-BID AGAINST one another, lowballing themselves and you can order it instantly for a buck or two! I prefer ABE so far. Some times you find books selling for 300$ at some book dealers, and the same book for 2$ at another cuz the dealer has no clue what he has. The Nickerson book on real estate is such a classic that you cannot find it cheaply, however. Everyone wants over 3hundred bucks for that old paperback! For that book, only thrift stores, salvation army. And a prayer. But what's neat is you can check odd titles and see what's hot.

By Anita Sands Hernandez astrology at earthlink dot net

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