HEALING SKIN CANCER with Balm of Gilead (Black Salve)
from The Annie Appleseed Project website

Historical Background THIS AMAZING healing medication came from ITINERANT GYPSIES! The last shall be the first! Here's how the whole thing happened. In 1890 Tom McCreary was diagnosed as having incurable, cancerous tumors on his neck by physicians. They refused to operate, not wanting to risk injury to his jugular vein. Tom paid careful attention to a repeated dream that came to him about how to make a medicine to cure himself. After obtaining the elements and herbs for the medicine from some gypsies traveling through Texas, he mixed up a black salve and applied it to his tumors.

In less than a month, Tom was healed and went on to live another 70 years. Over his lifetime, he was a preacher, rancher, doctor, farmer, and sheriff under Judge Parker, living with a strength that became legendary. Tom kept the formula for the black salve to himself, sharing it only with a friend. After Tomís death, his son Howard, and grandson Mickey, sought out the old friend who taught them how to make the salve.

Howard McCreary, attempting to make the black salve available to everyone, started a company in the 1960's and had some tests done on "Compound X" in the early 70's, at the University of Colorado to learn more about it. The Veterinarian College at Ft. Collins also tested Compound X and discovered that it killed all known viruses on contact. They found with one application, sarcomatoid on horses (similar to skin cancer) had an 80% cure, and with two applications 100% cure was achieved.

For many years, Compound X has been used to cure eye cancer and early viral diseases in cattle, sarcomatoid on horses, and abnormal tissue growths in all kinds of pets. In addition, ranchers, homesteaders, and folks of the rodeo circuits used it for external cancers, tumors and growths on themselves. Some successfully treated gangrene and even leprosy.

Today, people are using Compound X for SKIN CANCER, for moles, skin malignancies, warts, liver detox, diabetes, internal malignancies, herpes, chronic fatigue syndrome, viral diseases, tumors, yeast and fungal infections, allergies, parasites, lupus, gum disease, Aids related symptoms, and much more. The most likely event YOUR body will have is Squamous skin cancer from exposure to sun, especially in European blood families, as Northern Hemisphere was never as sunny as USA's southern states.

Tomís son, Howard McCreary was the first to use Compound X internally. In the 1960's he was diagnosed as having stomach cancer. After checking himself into the hospital and without telling his doctors, he took an oral dose of Compound X the night before his scheduled surgery. The next morning they postponed his surgery because he was running a fever that continued for several days. On the 5th day Howard said he passed a large quantity of black, vile smelling feces apparently the growth itself. When the doctors took x-rays, they discovered that the cancerous growth was gone. Howard went on to live another 25 years, without recurring stomach cancer. He later used Compound X to cure himself of bone cancer in the 1980Ďs.

During the course of his life, Howard provided Compound X to thousands of people. However, in his seventies, Howard was caught in a blizzard and later died of pneumonia.

Compound X or Balm of Gilead has been used successfully by tribal people and is now being used by the modern people of today. It is used for moles, skin malignancies, wart, liver detox, diabetes, internal malignancies, herpes, chronic fatigue syndrome, viral diseases, yeast and fungal infections, tumors, allergies, parasites, lupus, gum disease, aids and much more. There are no side effects because it is herbal.

SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS for EXTERNAL USE: Everyone is different, so proceed CAUTIOUSLY. First read this page, one of the best in cyberspace and there are hundreds : http://www.triherba.com/external.html  Then return here.

This salve will cause a burning sensation if there is cancer present. These things have roots which can touch nerves whereas healthy skin is less sensitive to it and reacts like skin reacts to chemical peelers, i.e. reddening. But the cancerous object really reacts to the salve. Probably because of the hidden roots that go down and touch nerves.

To apply salve, I used the tip of a wooden stick, as Wood doesn't react to acids...a q tip would work but it unfortunately absorbs the moisture in the salve....or the back end of a wooden eyemake up tool as you don't want metal near this acidic salve. You pick up a bead of salve the size of a grain of wheat. Apply it to the keratin hardening or suspected skin cancer (flakey and red for long period of time?) then, cover it with a square of scotch tape (to keep it moist) or a bandaid which dries it up a bit more than tape. Wait over night. If it isn't cancer, nothing happens. It just gets red. If it is cancer, the 'thing' begins to itch and react to the salve and it will bubble up into a pus-y scab. The Real healthy skin right next to the cancer gets red, but no scab happens. Only cancer viruses react to this stuff.

Begin with a small amount of salve on ONE cancer, and follow the directions below. Maybe do a couple, but DO NOT OVER DO IT! Too many roots reaching down to nerves affects the nervous system, gives a headache. Some hardy souls are able to remove several cancers at once. Others cannot. You will want to learn your own tolerance for this burning sensation, as well as how quick you body is able to remove the toxins which will be released, so begin slowly.

Once you have established what is comfortable for you, place a liberal amount of salve on the affected area. Cover with a bandage (after rubbing vaseline on the gauze so it doesn't suck up your medicine) and leave area alone for 24 hours or as long as you can tolerate it. If cancer is present, you feel a burning sensation, and a white scab will begin to form. If it is not cancerous, there will be no significant effect. It's like a cosmetic chemical peel in that you may get red skin but no scab.

If the pain is too severe, then only leave on for as long as you can tolerate, at least 5 hours. Wash it off (hydrogen peroxide is good, but leave the scab. You can soften it with a q tip and hydrogen peroxide but leave it. Remember when you were a kid and Mom told you, leave the scab or that wound will leave a scar. Then, you understand the healing process. Scabs were invented by nature, and no situation is better. )

You can break open an aloe leaf and use the slime on the different skin blemishes that you're working on. Ten days later, when the scab drops off on its own, use Vitamin E ointment.. (Make your own with a few tsps of any good food oil and open a Vit E capsule into the oil, fridge between uses.) Some people keep a bandage on (but no more salve) Some people leave it open to the air and sun only bandaging it if their head will be rubbing against a pillow. I bandage for trips to super market, not wishing to alarm people. . DO NOT LEAVE COVERED LONGER THAN 5 DAYS. ALSO DO NOT PUT MORE BLACK SALVE ON AFTER THE 24 HOURS IS UP.

Remove the bandage at the end of the time and rinse thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball or Q-tip. After cleaning, cover well with a softening salve (Myrrh, Golden Seal Salve. Vitamin E ointment, olive oil, Castor Oil, aloe vera etc).

Twice a day (morning and evening) clean the edges to keep them loose and free of pus. Do Not let a hard scab form. Five to seven days should show a core loosening and it should come out in 7 to 10 days. Do not try to pull it out or force it in any way. The feelers and tentacles must come out too.

Swelling will most likely occur and the cancer will be painful and/or itch. This is the normal reaction. The growth will change color after the first day, and may even become "dead whiteĒ. There will sometimes be pus as the body ejects the mass; just keep it clean. Keep changing the bandage and cleaning the area until it is healed.

More than two applications do not seem to be necessary for external growths. More applications cause increased pain and longer healing time. DO NOT TRY TO PULL IT OUT OR FORCE IT IN ANY WAY. During the first 24 hours you really do the poisoning of the growth. A full 24 is good as THE ROOTS MUST COME OUT OR DISSOLVE...LET IT DO ITíS OWN THING. IT WILL COME OUT! BE PATIENT!!

If after two full weeks, you believe there is still some cancer left, start over. If there is no scab forming, there is no cancer. But if you feel that you should apply another layer of Compound X, that is ok, just follow the above directions.


Compound X is somewhat acidic having a pH like vinegar. It is best to use wood or plastic utensils when handling Compound X (Balm of Gilead).

Using a non-metal utensil, lift out enough Compound X to make a ball HALF the size of a dried pea or the size of a lentil. Make sure you know how big dried pea or lentil is, even if you need to get one! Pack the half pea dose into a gelatin capsule, and swallow it after you have eaten a meal! Take this dose twice a day for 20 days and always on a full stomach. It will make you nauseated if you take on an empty stomach and it will make your stomach burn... Take with food!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT- DO NOT TAKE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.

After the first 20 days, during which Compound X has built a great deal of zinc into your system, it is prudent to take a complete 5 day break from the black salve. During these 5 days you may wish to double your doses of vitamins and minerals, as this will help balance the system. Compound X can be taken as directed above in 20 day cycles with a 5 day break for a total of four (4) cycles.

NOTE: Avoid caffeine and alcohol, take extra Vitamin C, and drink pure water. In addition eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable, organic if possible. This helps in the healing and rebuilding of your health!!!

Internal cancers of all known body zones have dissolved under the onslaught on Compound X (Balm of Gilead). Compound X hunts down and kills abnormal tissue wherever it is.

Colon cancer and uterine cancer have been healed with not only the internal dosing described above, but by also using enemas or douches of one quart water to which was added one (1) pea size volume of Compound X (Balm of Gilead).

Breast cancer has been healed with internal and external applications.

Emphysema, Aids, and Viruses also seem to come under subjection to Balm of Gilead.

NOTE: If you are in the process of Chemotherapy or Radiation Treatment do not use Compound X at the same time...The Chemical action that occurs could clash with other substances.

NOTE: Brain Cancer should be monitored by a professional, because the swelling that will occur, it may have to be relieved by a surgical hole being place in the skull to relieve the pressure.

What to expect during the first 20 days.

Lymphomas, such as appear on the neck or arm, may change from the texture of a hard lump, to rather soft, pliable, even squishy consistency. During the first 20 days, you may continuously run a low fever. Sweat, urine and feces may take on an offensive odor and be darker that usual. At the 20-day mark, it is wise to have competent physician take biopsy, or test your cancer for malignancy. For many, but not all people, the test reveals that the cancerous tissue is dead but present.

Compound X (Balm of Gilead) is not a gentle healer. But neither is surgery. In many reported cases, it is a relentless substance which hunts down and penetrates all abnormal tissue. It cannot be stressed enough that Compound X or Balm of Gilead is very potent. Do not assume that if a little is works more will be better. Use the smallest dose possible and increase only if necessary. Pain, swelling, headache, restlessness and sometimes fever is associated during its use. Animals seem to mind it less that people. So take a tylenol to wait it out. Leave the bandaids on over night. Next day remove black salve with hydrogen peroxide or diluted lemon water. I apply aloe vera gel and then you start the ten day process of waiting for the SCAB to fall off on its own. Then you start Vitamin E applications or Silver colloidal to get scar to pass away.  You think they won't but they do.

In almost all reported cases, Compound X completely eliminates abnormal tissue and stimulates regrowth of either healthy or scar tissue.

More than half the people who have used Compound X have reported that they ended with a moderate or heavy scar when the used externally on their skin. If scarring cannot be tolerated on the face or elsewhere, consider Vitamin E ointment or Castor oil or one of the salves mentioned previously.

After the Core Comes Out - After the core comes out, you will have a slight dimple scar in your flesh and if tumor was huge, you may even see muscle, but it usually doesnít bleed. This is normal. Skin scars do heal and become invisible in six months as we continually slough off skin cells.

As post scab skin is thin, keep the area clean, soft and bandaged until the core area is filled in & new skin is formed. Colloidal Silver can also be used before you put a new bandage on. This will keep any infection from developing.

MY EXPERIENCE:  I used the black salve on my facial, on six keratin hardenings and ONE which was not keratin. It was just a red flaking area that itched, probably skin cancer. As it had been 'bad' for two decades, right where glasses rest on  bridge of nose.

Five days later, I had seven  splotches/scabs on face. Dime to quarter sized. ALARMING but I have to go out for catfood so cashiers look away in horror. It looks as if I'd been boiling a pot of donuts in oil and a cat
fell into the pot and splashed my face so I was prepared to say that...but I thought as a walking science experiment, I should fess up the truth. That it was BLACK SALVE for skin growths. And give another person the chance to benefit from my experience, though I can't detect keratin on any cashier's face this week.

The medicine only eats up the carpet on the actual viral or cancerous growth. IT DOES NOT eat thru real skin. Good  healthy skin it reddens..like one of those beverly hills mild chemical peels BUT the KERATIN will gross up within 24 hours of that bloodroot black salve being applied. You have to leave it on 24 hours with something covering it, like a small round bandaid.

I did that to about six keratinosis and one skin cancer. I didn't follow the other instruction. DO ONE or two growths at a time. I did seven. NERVES rundeep and that paste reaches them when it's close to skull. I could feel my nerves throughout my body, in ankles, legs even. My skull felt like I had seven red hot nerves going deep into the brain. THE BRAIN had a slight, mild, vague ACHE. I used a tylenol first nite and it was bearable. But I TORE off that black tar after  24 hours.

At that point, You're not supposed to touch the damage. It's like a battlefield with corpses littered all over it, but all skin things heal. right? RIGHT????? I once had chicken pox, big holes all over my mybody and face, they healed without any scarring. I was 40 at the time. So I trusted that these HOLES would heal well. A real Science experiment, I tell you. And when I went out to market I looked as if I'd dropped a shoe into a pot of burning oil and it had spattered.

UPDATE: Within a week all but one scab fell off and my skin underneath was not red, it was fixed. The kerains let go but they'd only been topical, easy to blast. The more serious one, size of a postage stamp on bridge of nose was early stage skin cancer (I'm like my Dad's Hungarian skin type, no sun there!) it had a bigger, deeper cavitation and gnarly scab, but by second week, that too was gone. That site had pale scar tissue. The keratins didn't. Scar tissue takes a while to go normal, and I'm sure it will. My chicken pox went normal eventually. And whee! The skin cancer was gone.
signed, Anita in Reseda California i.e. astrology at earthlink.net