NETSCAPE saves the addies of all the sites you love. I used to share them, but very occasionally, as one had to hand send bookmarks by writing them down on a pc of paper then typing them into the email to a pal. GO TO THIS PAGE, and laboriously typing it all out.

GUESS WHAT! You can send that whole huge list of bookmarks you've collected over the years, and actually share it with your friends. In one fell swoop. It's knowing the tech that prevents the wreck!

Here's how: I hope that you use Netscape! If so, open the bookmarks file
when you are looking at it in DOS. That means from within the system.
You can do that with a good dos file manager like ztree. You will see it as
bookmark.html. Not sure what you can do with explorer as I don't use it.
Go to and download a free dos file manager.

Now, GO into the system where all files are in trees. Find


Only it will have YOUR NAME, right? And maybe it's not netscape
maybe it's some other browser.

BUT THE THING that you want to do is make a copy somewhere on a drive.
NEVER edit that one. Do not touch it. Just copy it to another directory
in your tree. Then click on "bookmark.htm", to "edit" it. It opens up in
a .html window. I can click on anything and open it up as I USE A FILE
MANAGER called Ztree. Download it, at and you can
learn to manage your files in one sec, with me on other end of telephone.
Or without me, it's so easy. It's like Explorer but better.

Then, you can click on the individual bookmark you wish to send, and it
copies it as the URL, not as it's labeled. I tested this in vers. 4.79
of netscape. If you don't have NETSCAPE, just go online and get it for
free! You get a vers 4.7 or so as 6 is so awful, everyone sent it back
an hour later! The old Netscapes are the good ones. In Netscape, the
file name is "bookmark" {bookmark.html to be exact!}

Next do a file search and find it; you can open it up. How? Select "file
" then pick "edit page"-- it opens in Composer which is the wonderful
HTML webpage maker inside your NETSCAPE. BETTER than MICROSOFT WORD!

There, you can see the links as labeled, and you can edit and copy &
paste to your heart's delight. Save it with a different filename, of
course and ON ANOTHER DIRECTORY. Do not ever play with the one NETSCAPE USES!

Actually, so as not to make a mistake and SAVE it automatically without thinking while you're working, what I do is copy it into another directory entirely, as a new folder before you start screwing with the text! I call it BKMRKCOP.htm -- Once you have entered that file, and cut, pasted sliced & diced, you can save it as shortbookmark.htm and attach the bookmarks left to any email, and send it along as an attachment. That way you don't have to send all your bookmarks, but just those that apply to a particular topic.

The lovely thing about NETSCAPE BOOKMARKS is that you can save them in headings. I have CATS, GARDENS, POLITICS, COOKING, HOLISTIC HEALING. If I'm online and I find some nutty NEW AGE site, I have NEW AGE as a category. CONSPIRACY theory. And best of all, a section of bookmarks called WEB TOOLS that are interesting things you can download, share ware, abandonware, training sites, free NETSCAPE sites! And that is where I now save the many articles I find either online or as emails from tekkie pals, on how to run a pc if you're a total newbie!