Make a million bucks in a few months time with 8$ investment and some Tech Know How

I just saw a young gal on the TV NEWS here in L.A. featured as a mega-noteworthy person because she has (in a few months,) made millions of bucks. She bought a mansion and they showed it. That's proof enough for me! Her innovative concept website helps the WEBSURFER make his/her own "myspace page' so it RIDES the wave BEHIND MYSPACE. Her site offers glam design choices and an FTP file transfer protocol mechanism to 'embed your new site at MYSPACE.'

The money comes not from the teens who use it (it's FREE to them,) but from Advertisers for teen merchandise, who pay her to put little, tiny, unobtrusive ads on her site.

What a brilliant concept! She offers a website design tutorial, a web assembly page, and FTP software she calls "EMBED YOUR SITE ONCE FINISHED ON MYSPACE."

MENU says that she offers a magazine though I didn't see it. I did see a public blog which I consider such a waste of space, I'd have done it much smaller and with frames..

Now, the difficulty in doing a similar enterprise yourself? FIRST, a HIGH CONCEPT IDEA. SECOND some tech-expertise. This wildchild is a TEEN with ONE SEMESTER of website design under her belt. The fact that she could create such a website is not a miracle, I suppose.  I didn't catch her name on the news but I did quickly memorize the URL..... you can search her site. I feel that an ADULT could do such a website if he/she had a HIGH CONCEPT which would serve the marketplace, offer a service.

SYNDICATED WRITING is lucrative, but how do you attract a PUBLISHER? Get a website first. One column that you might easily sell to magazines would be "TEEN LOVE GURU" a DEAR ABBY website for young gals and maybe boys, too. TEENLOVEADVICE. ORG might be its name.  Now, a very hot area with girls and even boys....the NEWEST FASHIONS, FADS for TEENS. These changing modes are so hot that DESIGNERS send out 'lookers' to find kids in clubs, kids in boutique areas, to 'steal' concepts. Whatever you dredge up, the concepts need to be updated all the time.

This new, pop design thing is such a hot area that my newspaper (THE LOS ANGELES TIMES,) had started a weekly Teen Design page. This week I noticed ETHNIC SCARVES costing 6thousand dollars at DIOR, hanging beads and shaking glittery bead glitter hanging off the edges. PRETTY. Keeps the throat warm in winter and has fascination potency. So it's the accessory of the moment, but what's wonderful is that the article continued with details on how you can make them yourself out of a COST PLUS ethnic scarf. And they had a second design, same day, an angora striped wrist and hand cover, not a glove, no fingertips, like a Michael Jackson type item, but the thing just covered wrists. Each had a red heart knitted onto top of hand and these were shown on a GOTH GIRL. AND you got the knitting instructions, free!  SO ...the HOW TO aspect should be added to the fashion tips.

I've frequently looked at pages of TEEN VOGUE, the best mag for this kind of fashion update and realized that if one had tracked innovative styles in the last decade, you'd have seen dropped waist hip hugger jeans coming early. You'd have seen little sweaterlets leaving waist bare, and all kinds of new trends. So consider TEENFADS.COMwith a MAKE IT YOURSELF menu.

The high profits resulting from such concepts as these are due to the concept being TEEN-MARKET ORIENTED! There's this HUGE marketplace out there with sweaty rumpled money that has kids' fingerprints on it. Seniors don't buy stuff. They have no needs. Married folks only need advice on CHILD RAISING, so that's a possibility. KIDRAISER.COM or MYKID IS

Anyway, check out this hugely profitable idea at and see what it sparks in your mind.

NEXT, you fellows who know electricity and machines. MACHO MEN IDEAS... MONEY MAKING IDEAS, FLYING PIG IDEAS!

IDEAS to make you rich1.) FORGE a MULCHER VULTURE sample, at a local GARDENING TOOL FACTORY. Make them in SOUTH KOREA for a buck a piece. Wholesale to HOME DEPOT type stores. The key is to find a tool factory in South Korea. Get them shipped to USA by the thousand, find someone who is young, ambitious, wants to go on the road wholesaling them  to every HARDWARE store, HOMEDEPOT, LOWES type CHAIN, going to the head office and taking orders. Get your own list of INVENTIONS. Here's MINE:

 2.) TEAR DROP TRAILERS. With the REAL ESTATE collapse leading to the mortgage industry taking back all those homes and millions now homeless with a home worth half the amt they paid for it yet with twice the payments, do TRAILERS. Light and bright, that a 6 cylinder car can haul. Or OVERHAUL old gas run school buses, not diesel. CONVERT THEM TO MOBILE HOMES, RV's.


THE PC IS MIGHTIER THAN THE PEN!!   LAST, if you write a ton of articles easily, DO THEM AS BOOKS: is a great article about a man who's written and  published more DIFFERENT books than any one else on the planet! CHECK IT OUT!