COLONIAL POWER. I was one man. Now
I had the advantage of being severely
pissed, having been thrown off a train
by the English. Imagine what you can do
when you lose your job, house and car!

BEFORE this world is utterly poisoned, polluted and becomes toxic to life ---before the OLIGARCHS screw us to the wall with prices, with USURY, interest rates, inflation, before the bankers DRAIN OUR BLOOD, before all economies go bankrupt, --- create an activism group. Read the greats. Gandhi, Cindy Sheehan.

Noam Chomsky is a great trainer of activists, to wit:
CHOMSKY thinks we should work the Congressmen, senators over. He believes
we should pester those who change laws to 'do the right thing.' GERSHREI

But is activism so very simple? Below, a very sophisticated Buddhist kind
of mystical activism is described, and it is the ANTITHESIS of CHOMSKY's!

When you have your own group of friends in your living room, you have joined thousands of others in an unofficial   WHITE ROSE SOCIETY, (no registering, no REAL joining... just keep the image of brave dissent in your heart as you spread the Word. Read the file above about the WHITE ROSE in GERMANY in Hitler's day and then find your own LIVING ROOM GROUP & do some ACTIVISM. TACKLE SPECIFIC problems. Look what ONE WOMAN, CINDY SHEEHAN did, rattling the cage bars, tackling BUSH and the IRAQ WAR. Look what one man PIOLIN did, an L.A. Disk JOCKEY who created the L.A. Million man march.

You and your group can tackle specific problems, new fees, new tuition raises, new gov pulling funding for programs, free parking for students around a college, even in the streets, via a dentistry for students at colleges without having to get MED-I-CARE or PUBLIC AID.little things, wild ideas you have of how it could be better. Then tackle the CRIMES OF WALL STREET.... Do that and you WILL prevent these and other evil events from happening.

MAGICAL ASSISTANCE WILL COME! When you rattle the cage bars, the heavenly angels above instantly spot the "fire of righteous outrage' in you, the 'truth' in you and your group. Here is a phalange of human energy, a BUNDLE that cares. You hold meetings, you get air time, you get your mouses to this or that website. You create your own website. Amazing right there. Angels, saints and passed on heroes  want YOU to be a reformer like them, an activist in the lineage of Michelet, Hegel, Hobbes, Marx, Martin Luther King and Gandhi, people who didn't have CALL IN RADIO shows and WEBSITES, or popular pickets, demonstrations open to them as an avenue of NOISE.

STUDY for ten minutes daily at the ACTIVISM INDEX and learn the many, fun things you can do to be EFFECTIVE at engineering a planetary upgrade. You and your friends and family will "forward the Action."

1.) READ BIOS! INHALE MOLECULES from THE LIVES of the great economists, writers & activists! They reach the brain and exhilarate! Google the name of every hero we mention and read, read, read. These are not only agitators of the populace like Martin Luther King and Gandhi, but CRITICS like RALPH NADER, also many heroes were economists who examined the causes of unfair division of money, men like Adam Smith, Karl Marx Frederich Engels and Leon Trotsky. Then read up on the framers of our own, American REVOLUTION, which would put Jefferson, Thomas Paine and BEN FRANKLIN VERY high on the list. Some think Franklin was a pawn for the oligarchs of his day. That gray area makes him a great subject for an article or even a film which hasn't been done yet. Studying his life, one absolutely must admire his greatness. He is inspiring. THEY ALL ARE.

2.) LEARN about one little issue to start -- low salaries, anti-unionism, dumbing down, toxic foods permitted by greedy marketplace, done by checking out the  ISSUE INDEX.  Pick one of those issues. If you're a single parent, raising small kids, or two parents working full time and no child care, your issue can be daycare or the lack of it, the degraded Welfare /AFDC situation. If you're an unemployed worker it would be NAFTA GATT treaties that allowed Big Corps (transnationals) to close down and move Factories to the 3rd world --- abandoning American Union workers. Be conversant with our era's most pressing ISSUES and HELP
OTHERS TO KNOW THEM. Is it flouride in our water or anti-unionism, Gatt and Nafta Trade treaties which sent blue collar jobs to Latin America? FIND OUT. GOOGLE around.

Then, learn a little about your specific issue so that you can do a few minutes of mail outs or CALLING radio talk shows daily. NOT HOURS. Minutes. Have a life. A full one. This ensures it will stay full. If you want to select an official, established Issue group to befriend and actually go to meetings where other reformers can befriend you, love you, care for you, Newspapers are full of bulletin boards of meetings. Or create your own GROUP MEETING. Send your group pals to the ACTIVIST INDEX and the  ISSUES INDEX and together with the group, work out the items that your LIVING ROOM GROUP could spend time on! Send me articles on this, I'll post them.

VISIT  the HISTORY INDEX so that you understand what failed in the past, implications --get the "tie-in" factor. THEN go to the WEBTECH website so you can learn to GOOGLE/ research and write up what you learn and I'll post it. Then visit THE CONSPIRACY INDEX so you really know what the GOV is up to behind our backs, or what it looks like!

3.) LEARN TO USE YOUR TOOLS: A DUAL CASETTE ghetto blaster that costs 5$ at a Salvation Army store will dupe tapes. CD BURNER will turn your "COLLECTION OF FILES"  into an easy to mail encyclopaedia. THERE is equipment to turn tapes into CDs so that you can record FM radio activists. NOAM CHOMSKY, RAM DASS, RALPH NADER, so many activists show up on FM radio . Learn to use "MICROSOFT WORD," the usual WORD PROCESSING PROGRAM in your PC. There are others. DOWNLOAD FREE, SHAREWARE.  That net tekkie pal you have who knows how to burn CD's should demonstrate to your LIVING ROOM GROUP OF ACTIVISTS. Then, I'd put spelling & GRAMMAR *very* high on the list, since so many conspiracy Lefties seem incapable of the basics and hamstring themselves in front of everyone except other foaming bad spellers and ungrammatical Lefties. Don't feel you have to AUTHOR everything personally. Take the best writing that you find by famed reformer writers, and LEARN AT WEBTECH INDEX  how to save its text to C:\directory -- which most call saving to cache, or saving to hard drive. Then, to edit the text, use a TEXT EDITOR FIRST, then your WORD PROCESSOR to save it as an html file, without >>> marks from the internet.

A GOOD TEXT EDITOR will take a command to erase ALL the >'s in one fell swoop.Find that kind of free, online downloadable text editor.  GOOGLE UP "Free download text editor shareware." Learn how to format a piece so it's legible and do it fast. This is an artform. COLORIZING at times, so it's pleasant to read, a MAJOR ART FORM! Become the THOMAS KINKAID of EVOLUTIONARY/ REFORM/ ACTIVISM & ANTI -WAR TRACTS!

ZTREE is a FILE MANAGER with a Built in TEXT EDITOR. Amazingly useful! Download a copy of this software, free for thirty days. Hondle the Owner, Kim Henkel for a deal. Very small size, under a million bytes.

4.) Slowly, pace yourself but build an ADDRESS list!  Lists of the Email addies of journalists, politicians. Then Phone numbers, then snail mail addresses. Daily send off a letter to the editor at a newspaper or magazine. Call in to the great radio talk shows. Inspire, worry, describe problelms but always describe the potential fix. That excites and gives the listener/ reader the sense that he can join in and make a difference.  Under 'wild ideas' is your suggested fix. It isn't enough to just complain or point out a nat'l problem. Noam Chomsky, a great trainer of activists,   admonishes the activists to TELL those who can fix it,  work over the Congressmen, legislators and senators. Pester those who could change the laws so that they 'do the right thing.'  But is activism so very simple? Below, a very sophisticated Buddhist kind of mystical activism is described, and it is the ANTITHESIS of CHOMSKY's!

Your friends, your internet bump-into-pals so share lists, create LISTS that you can share. HTM text or plain text. Not PDF. That stuff is of no use at all. You might have the POLITICAL pals  or the POLITICAL ACTIVIST list. A FAMILY MEMBER list. Neighbors who are in our own city get a list for local events. Maybe a gardeners list, a HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER LIST. I RECOMMEND NETSCAPE 4.7 for a mail browser. Not to surf with. As browser offers lists in a better way than any other browser, and the EMAILS can be collated by subject line, sender, size, date. If you find another BROWSER that will do that, let me know. astrology @

Stack names in that list or group so you ONLY HAVE TO WRITE the word 'GARDEN' and whacko! IN GO A HUNDRED NAMES into that email, why not!?? AND ALWAYS BCC the list. ONLY YOUR OWN name at the top has the TO: ANITA as that makes all those names invisible to spammers who gather addies for commerce.

5.) Always tell folks IN YOUR HEADER or in LETTER what it is at first glance. THE SUBJECT LINE should read something that captures the imagination, creates anger, arouses, seduces. Maybe it will read: BUSH CAUGHT in BIGTIME LIES TO CONGRESS!  YEAH! Then say "Read it, cuz you won't believe it!" (I use vernacular as it shoots right into the brain like a carb, plenty of juice. FORMATTING IN COLOR does the same thing) "PREXY TELLS BALDFACED LIES! Then they DEFINITELY will open the letter! The top part of your EMAIL is  typed in text  maybe saying "I want you to read this, it's the horrible, scandalous truth about that new Judge Bush is supporting so Open the file below. " SOME PEOPLE have to open attachments. But do give the reader a hint." JUDGE X worked for CIA during his stint in the military." HE WHAT????? YEP! Then you append THE FILE as htm attachment, and you can do it as an attachment beforehand.

Below you have appended the FILE. You left on it the  WASHINGTON POST and the date, the writer and maybe even the entire URL etc,  but run over it with a highlight, then hit the CHAIN LINK up at top to make it a LIVE LINK. Like this:  "BUSH JUDGE TURNS OUT TO HAVE BEEN a PART OF the infamous, MEI  LEI DEATH SQUAD IN VIETNAM in 70's, " BOY THIS IS JUICY. Hey, Go to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER in ORLANDO with any really good skivvy cuz they pay you beaucoup to be a stringer! And tell them, "Hey, N.E., you want me for a stringer as I COME UP WITH HIDDEN POLITICAL STUFF all the time! YOU WANT ME! (at a thousand or two a pop!). Make friends. Why be an activist for free? CONNECT with the SCANDALMONGERS! Write the big columnists in Washington. I have the email of a WASHINGTON POST REPORTER who reads whatever I send him. I don't expect answers. He'll use what he can use.

6.) ADD PICTURES! NEXT, do you know how to save a graphic to cache by right clicking on it? Then you know how to send a graphic? A JPG? a GIF FILE? STUDY THIS MATTER. Basically:

a.) YOU CREATE a DIRECTORY using your file manager. (ZTREE software is downloadable online, beats all of them, even microsoft explorer.)  Then name each directory. You should have several dozen directories. Family, ACTIVISM, ECONOMY, POLITICS, BUSH , and for images-- PICTURES.
b.) go to Google and pick the Images page.
c.) Instruct IMAGE  to find something you want. say "CRYING BABY" maybe.
d.) I wanted a picture of God, and GOOGLE actually found it for me, so I SAVED IT ON MY PICTURES DIRECTORY It was called something else but I titled it "godhand." Bet you put those words in google image page it gives you that same one, too!

7.) POST IN PUBLIC - You're great. You're hot. Put your thoughts in the public eye!

a.) Stick that article and the IMAGE in a written piece which will be a LIST mail out,  a posted in cyberspace article and a contribution to many other websites. You'll get fans! Some readers who are paying attention will answer you with a kind letter, a question. Always save their name to ADDRESS BOOK as if it were a ripe fruit that had dropped in your lap. Don't expect plaudits from the millions. The Road to Rome begins with a single step. That person who writes you today and the guy who writes tomorrow. Build your email lists with those few who answer you, question you. They are God's treasure. So there are ECONOMY list people .POLITICAL, HOLISTIC, ENVIRONMENTAL LIST or all four. What lists do you have now? Do you have a good address book software that makes great lists? YOU GOTTA GO SEE netscape version 4.7! An oldie but a goodie! Vers 4.8 is good too, I hear. Less buggy. I DO NOT SURF WEB with this browser. No. I use MOZILLA FIREFOX latest version as it's smooth. Non buggy. You just compose htm text and keep email in this browser.

b.) GET YOURSELF A REAL WEBSITE WITH A CATCHY NAME. Costs 5$ a month for the webhost only, no need to pay for domaine name anymore. WEBHOST pays. Read VULTURESANDWICH.ORG and see how easy it is.

c.) MAIL or POST those articles/ as text if necessary, to various blogs, lists, websites. Have a BOOKMARK for great sites that allow posting. Get editors familiar with you, then they automatically take everything you create. Everytime you visit a great website with a smattering smorgasbord of great articles, get the editor's name and create one list you call EDITORS.

d) Download a great EMAIL CLIENT, (free,) inside NETSCAPE VERSION 4.7 downloadable free online. NETSCAPE BROWSER vers. 4.7 has inside it a superb HTM editor. Best email client ever. Use the NETSCAPE COMPOSER for HTM article writing. It handles text, also, having a built in text editor, also. MICROSOFT WORD is way too complicated and way too heavily coded & byte intensive, turning everything into cascading sheets of code. NOW, do not SURF WITH NETSCAPE as a browser. USE MOZILLA FIREFOX, VERSION 3 or 2 if you're on WINDOWS 98SE as I am, as NETSCAPE jams at high tech sites. . LAST. DOWNLOAD A FILE MANAGER. Learn to use a fabulous file manager like ZTREE. Windows Explorer just ain't that handy.

e.) LOCATE NEAT GRAPHICS (pictures!) by USING IMAGE-GOOGLE. Save each graphic to cache. Then DOWNLOAD free FTP software (file transfer protocol) so that you can  shoot the image GODHAND.JPG to your website. IT MUST be posted in cyberspace somewhere. YOUR SERVER should give you a freebie website. That'll do. Call server now,ask about this. (Download Netscape vers 4.7 as a browser, free online,) I have many browsers, * so should you.

f.)  HOW TO INSERT IMAGES! ENTER THE ARTICLE with your NETSCAPE COMPOSER software.  GO TO SPOT where you want image. HIT INSERT button. PICK IMAGE. SUPPLY THE URL of that image. http://www.SAMPLEWEBSITE.ORG/godhand.jpg and then SAY TO THE MACHINE, filling in right boxes, "LEAVE the IMAGE AT ORIGINAL SPOT" click and ORIGINAL SIZE "click! Two clicks and HIT ENTER! VOILA, the image appears! There is one more thing to pick 'location you want graphic on your page. Placement.

HAVING THOSE GRAPHICS in your articles will make readers sit back in AWE. They don't leave your page til it's been read. It gives your writing a 'consummate master at work' know how Americans love ILLUSTRATED novels since they were children. They take illustrated works SERIOUSLY!! for some obscure reason. Makes the juices secrete.

WRITE FAST, WRITE FURIOUS. SALT YOUR ARTICLES with LIVE LINKS! URLS are the new footnotes! Learn your language! No one is much impressed by a ranting writer with few literacy skills. They’re dismissed out of hand....rightly. Be elegant. But not posh. Relaxed but not strident. Stud piece with GRAPHICS that are FABULOUSLY COMEDIC, and use BOLD BULLETS at start of paragraph. Use ITALICS very occasionally as they DO EMPHACIZE STUFF!

THINGS TO AVOID: RANTS, even disguised as tonepoems. ANYTHING Religious ranging from ecstasy to mentioning God, Jesus and Mary. A lot of great liberterians ace themselves with prejudice, anti-ethnic, anti-semitic asides.  View your fellow soldiers in the flock for signs of similarity, not difference Make a RAINBOW COALITION. Tolerate other ethnicities. AVOID signs of HIPPIE DIPPIE PROSE which is airy fairy & verges on non rhyming poetry! Do I trust an issue when it's written out 'flouride oh terrible toxin of the oligarch overlords..dimming our canny reason, dumbing down our tender babes, assuring their blind compliance......" NO!

BEST BET: The facts, with a little EXPLOSIVE, PEPPY TV JOURNALISM HEADLINES to make folks read. If you don't sugar the CORN POPS nobody wants' em! GRAPHICS is another way to soften the sugar. GOOGLE page has a choice called IMAGES. PICK a word that suits your political theory. Ferinstance, I like to put a PIRATE on an article about the IRS. I prefer cartoons and logo art to actual photos of pirates!

NEVER RANT! I recently got a very savvy POEM from a CRAIGS LIST stalker girl. Subject: the IMF. Her send outs tended toward BEING SIMILAR to utterances in madhouses, PROFANE, yet ecstatic SELF RIGHTEOUS gibberish, phrased in schizophrenic rhymless prose -- some rhyming. They weren't in the calm, reasonable language that people USE to talk to each other. THEY WERE A MAD MONK SAVANAROLA harangue. THEY were PROFANE and ANGRY, nuts. They had no suggestions for activism action. They just ranted so though I felt her heart was in the right place, I was wary. Then she started mailing them daily. I no longer felt her compassion. I only felt her insanity and I wrote her, 'get a shrink, kid' Never looked at another email or answered her and she stopped. I'm sure they hauled her away to the MadHatter's Palace.

AVOID emails that are very BYTE INTENSIVE... huge files that take ten minutes, jamming our EMAIL while we wait for THIS BEHEMOUTH of HTML CODING to load. If I write a file that's 200 thousand long, my biggest size, I will post it at one of my dozen websites, and just send the URL. Folks respect me and they WILL CLICK. They will trust you.

If your article has huge graphics in it, use IRFANVIEW, a wonderful, FREE SHAREWARE GRAPHIC SIZING SOFTWARE (change colors too, different fun things,) to make the graphic smaller.

SIGN YOUR NAME to the article you publish and risk death. That's what I do and I never had a problem, although I also downloaded a VERY GOOD FREE FIREWALL! So no hacker attacks! If you are wary, go for the zen approach. For all very dangerous ideas, find a way to get them into circulation without giving yourself away. It’s an excellent way to exercise restraints on ego, ‘cause no one will ever be able to credit your brilliance (this would also help Lefties to understand charity a little better). A dead fellow Leftie is one less to win the war with, a live one is vastly preferrable. A little craftiness goes a LONG way.

8.) Know this. THE MOMENT YOU ARE AN that point, your movement has WON.
 It’s a lifelong fight; the moment you become self-satisfied, the movement has LOST.
9) : Question your own side as deeply as the other. Knowledge is not served by sloppy inquiry: all data is grist for the proof mill.
10). Look for moles. It’s a proven Machiavellian strategy that an effective enemy always infiltrates the opposition. They are nameless idiots, no names. Why do you think we have FBI, NSA, CIA? Cuz no names.

11.)  Never remain silentwhen someone‘s spouting nonsense. Take a deep breath, pray to heaven for aid, then gently engage them, don't set them on a rage alert, but gently make it possible for them to ATTEMPT to defend their right wing, bigoted position in front of the people they’re trying to propagandize. Letting the audience be the jury.

12.) TEACH the NEXT GENERATION. Your kids are programmed at school by the PRUSSIAN educational system which teaches by rote. When you seek to train children in thinking outside the box of their 'comfortable gauging of probabilities,' do a marathon of watching the films that depict the future, the wasteland headed our way. RED DAWN is one that breaks down the borders of our country. Mad Max, what could be after the bomb, Matrix, I and II ....ENEMY of the STATE as it shows latest tech of Big Brother. Then Costner in both the POSTMAN and "WaterWorld"?  (Don't laugh it has a meaningful Big Environmental Change plus future)    And dont' laugh again: Barbed Wire with Pamela Anderson.  Try to watch Barbed Wire if you can. It's an interesting take on post neo-depression era. It depicts alien immigration, some huge influx of a 'shadow race' into the USA and they are supposedly escaping the same harsh environment to do the same in America. It is being/is set up for the middle class and lower middle class to blend with this type of living. Certainly these are things to discuss with kids.

So get to it. I'm suggesting that YOU and your kids HAVE ENOUGH FIRE AND PASSION TO
LIGHT a thousand revolutions in the years to come. SHAPE it as intelligently as your predecessors, Karl Marx, Engels, Bakunin.You might read FINLAND STATION, by Wilson, about all the great reformers. A buck at ABE BOOKS.  RENT "GANDHI", the movie. And other Political Economic Theme FILMS. Then use ABE BOOKS to buy the great POLITICAL/ ECONOMIC/ HISTORY books, USE my SECRET METHOD to get them for a buck each. You are GOING TO ACHIEVE the spiritualization of your heart and your family and your mate, then your extended family, finally your friends and neighbors, later the entire community, country and world. This is how it goes.