BEST MEAL EVER! You can make this entree out of canned BEANS!

My car broke down recently and I couldn't go to the store for three weeks. I ratted around and found an ounce of freezer-burned bacon that had escaped my eye.(I once every six months take BACON and break it into a dozen pckgs, freezing them all.) What to eat it with? BLT is my fave but no bread, no tomatos. But I had a can of pintos! ( I  had walked a mile to a market a week earlier, found I didn't dare buy two cans. Too heavy to walk it home!) But I had ONE CAN. I hate eating beans by themselves, and I didn't have any corn tortillas but I found some little dibs and dabs of stuff that made that BEAN DISH SO WILDLY GOOD....that I am writing it down. IT WAS AMAZING!

INGREDIENTS: You need  2 strips of bacon, l jalapeno chile, l tomatillo, 1/2 an onion, fistful of cilantro, a shake of homemade seasoning salt*, one can PINTO beans.

Fry 2 pcs bacon, drain so they're crisp. Use paper towel to clean grease out of pan. ADD 1 tbspon OLIVE OIL, chopped  tomatillo, onion, minced cleaned out (no interior seeds,) jalapeno. Sautee, then add cilantro ....saute a little more, then dump drained can of pintos in, Mash with masher. Add bacon pcs. Serve.
What's a savory beans on your plate if no corn tortillas? Last time that happened, I stood outside looking at all my latino neighbors thinking, who can I hit up for two tortillas? But no heads were visible; it was the dinner hour. Luckily I had a big piece of CORNBREAD wrapped in plastic in the freezer.So I had my HITTING BOTTOM BEANS with that. They were AMAZING! Peppery, savory! Filling! And half a pan is left over for a three a.m. snack.

* My ritzy Bev Hills pals always throw away spices after a year. So I say, when you are going to clean house on old spices, I'll come get them. And I do. I mix my favorites: celery seed, (Secret spice of KFC) thyme, sage, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, tad of oregano, tad of curry or tumeric, and I re-use their spice bottles which have shaker lids.

LEARN EVERYTHING KNOWN ABOUT BEANS, especially how to cook them from scratch. The main tip is never salt it until it's all cooked. Most beans, split peas and such stay tough if salted first.