THE ART OF BALI by Anita Sands Hernandez

BALI would be your best vacation ever. The art is primitive, inexpensive and beautiful. You can fly there from HAWAII, so have a lovely vacation in MAUI or on green KAUAI where Spielberg shot his Jurassic dinosaur movie, (during a huge typhoon) then you relax, a few days later, connect to INDONESIA. Two short legs of one memorable journey.

The BUDDHIST community of BALI is the most evolved of all Indonesia, being a museum of incredible artwork and artisanry. The Balinese are beyond magic. Get Books on Bali used at, Miguel Covarrubias wrote a great one, but there's a better newer one out.

What you do is --you set up relationships, connections with different artists and artisans; Then ask for a special, lower price for BULK BUYING. Ten paintings, TEN sarongs, Ten tea-sets.....25% off. If you buy fifty sets of carved, wooden, painted animals, ask for 30% off. But don't push it. They price fairly being Buddhists and you can get huge prices for their work. Check it out!


They do these on fabric, stretched on stretcher bars, like Van Gogh and Gaugin did. The work is lush and beautiful like their country. Take in the gorgeous sights at  and you will realize what these people are like, the ART they can do is amazing. Google online galleries with Buddhist folk painting. Simply astonishing. You can right click with mouse on any graphic and save it.

THE NATIONAL DRESS FABRIC of BALI is also attractive. It is called BATIK. It can be exquisite, takes a great deal of hand sketching and various dye baths so it's not cheap. My own taste, (shown by this graphic,) is to use Rousseauesque colors and entirely avoid black, brown and red!

Just seeing some good batik may inspire you to read up on THE RAG TRADE and manufacture and wholesale woman's frocks and men's sport shirts. Read the DRESS FILE. A few sewing machines humming away, some thrift store VOGUE/ SIMPLICTY & MC CALLS PATTERNS, you create a line. Ten garments in each size, show it to a local department store and take an order! With unique fabrics, you can't go wrong. Next season, 100 dresses in each size. The year after two or three additional department stores and 1,000 dresses in each size. By then, you're rich and can set up the workrooms in BALI or INDIA.

Silver jewelry and tableware from Bali and the Hill Tribes of Thailand have become popular in jewelry. Components consist of handmade beads, pendants, toggles, clasps, charms and chain that are imported from these places. They add rich texture and contrast to jewelry made of stone, glass, and pearl, and excitement to many designs. Sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Fine silver contains 99.9% pure silver. Bali and Thai silver can be in a range of these silver content percentages, but the majority of it, especially the Thai silver, is at the 99.9% level, making it a finer silver than much of the jewelry we buy at the counter in American shops.

Bali Silver - Bali is an island among all the other islands that form Indonesia. Certain communities specialize in the art of silversmithing, and pass their art to succeeding generations. The artists often use very simple tools, but with them achieve little works of art! They begin with pure silver that is mined in parts of Indonesia, mixing it with a tiny bit of copper to make it stronger, and a tiny bit of borax, which helps the metals melt when heated with a torch. Once melted, the silver is poured into a mold to create sheets or wire. From these pieces, the silver is cut into different shapes and sizes to form beads. Filagree type designs are created by cutting small holes into the metal, soldering thin wires onto the pieces, and applying granulation, resulting in a surprisingly wide variety of designs. After the beads are formed, they are cleaned with a solution made from tamarind fruit, then dipped into an antiquing solution which fills the grooves with a dark color and creates a contrast between the high and low parts of the bead. In this way, the beautiful pattern of the bead is enhanced.

Thai Hill Tribes Silver - During the last decade, Thai artisans from the Hill tribes of northern Thailand have gained a wonderful reputation for their beautiful, artistic creations in silver. Before that, these poor tribes earned much of their income from opium sales, but with government support, the growth of their new industry in silver artisanry and sales has set these people in a new direction and given them a better way of life.

The Hill Tribes consist of about 20 different tribes, including the Karen, the Hmong, and the Yao. Every member of the family becomes involved in the creation of silver beads, pendants and jewelry. After melting down the silver with torches, and pouring it into molds, very small pieces are shaped by a long process of tapping. The process is very similar to that of the Bali artisans, but the style is uniquely Thai. So now add a spin. Get them to work in ABALONE.  Get them to work in ENAMEL!

Thai silver pieces they already do are amazing works of art, all made by hand, and little or no machinery. Because of this, no two pieces are exactly alike. Beads are hammered and etched, and others are sculpted into shapes, often emulating objects from nature such as ladybugs, butterflies, fish, ocean shells, leaves, and many different types of flowers.  So go EAST young man!

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