LULLABY sweet child of mine, Go visit heaven for dream time ---a new discipline for Mommies at bedtime 

You want your child to use that inner eye that babies have, even stronger than adults do, for spirit development and reflection. For voyaging. For remote viewing. You can develop E.S.P and imagery in your baby if you inculcate, train that faculty.

When you tell stories to the child, at bedtime, speak with words that provide interesting mental pictures. Go into detail. Not just a fuzzy lamb but a lamb with clover hanging out of his mouth, chewing. A little halo of daisies. Not just a dark forest but one with branches that hang down to touch people as trees get bored and up in their heights, little angel Ghosts who live inside all the trees and keep the baby squirrels warm and play with the baby birds.

At night, when baby is trying to relax in order to sleep, help them make the transition to the spiritual plane, suggesting that they will sleep with the highest, loftiest angels as you have taught their brains to envision such creatures as kindly, benevolent, loving. Sing a lullaby but improvise lyrics every single night, so it's different. "Little lamb in your straw bed, close your eyes and rest your head. Your lamb Momma's fur shoulder's warm. She'll see baby won't come to harm. Wolf outside will not come near. You can relax and discard your fear.. Night is quiet, night is your friend. Still your breath and dreams you'll tend."

The child will get new rhymes every single night. Just improvise; rhyming comes. Rarely do you get stumped! You'll see. Just start rhyming when you hold your baby or sit next to him while his head is on the pillow.

A friend of mine wrote:

"When i was an infant, I remember lying in that dark room ALL BY MYSELF, lying there forever, enveloped in lost black hole of longing ness, forgetting to inhale, staring at the bars on my crib, which were positioned so I could see the wall with the door. So I could see the light from the door opening my heart skipping a beat of joy, but all that was was being checked on to see if i was OK , AND WHEN THEY SAW I was "OK", they closed the door and left me to my own agony of not being loved enough. The longing was horrible."

So I began to believe that all my parents cared about was control and obedience. I believe there are long term effects or consequences on the child. I know I have this empty space inside where there's crying going on, all the time, 24/7 for hunger for love.. Parents have to care about the spiritual , but are not most caught up themselves and the clock and htiting bases and the rat in the cage thing spinning the hamster wheel . and they have these kids on a schedule in the material world . Sure, kids need routines like the bedtime ritual of tooth brushing, stories, prayers. But done with an iota of patience. Like I'm here loving you while you brush your teeth. Not I'm waiting damnit. And not just the parent always telling you are tired, go to bed."

"It is not easy raising individual thinkers who now how to take care of their own bodies and minds. My husband still says 'oh God, I should have let him cry to sleep, he thinks the boy is needy because of that, but his relationship with our son is weak. We walked that colicky baby for years and still do.

Are you pointing towards the angry violent kids of today ? if so, do more on that behavior, you know like dictator parenting produces violence. also, clarify more on the eating mood disorder behaviors if that , which i think it is , an important point. also, that strange things that occur in society like gang warfare or cult suicide or religious fanaticism and terrorists is nothing more than a good picture of good boys and girls having obedience to paternal figures and their suggestions. Well the remedy towards my blotched up parenting is conflict resolution/limits . and considering everyone's feelings. I get upset when i think about what is the norm these days for most children and their parents but it is the parents' job to change patterns and like you point out this is the new millennium and if we don't change we will get to where we are going , fast too, like to hell in a hand basket."