HOW to
                    avoid a judgement. FIRST, DO NOT GET SERVED.

FIRST. DON'T GET SERVED ! That buys you time. AVOID the SERVER!

When the smart guys are sued,
they go to the wall. They batten down the hatches, get into Up Periscope mode and are sneaky and tough. They adapt the headset that they are in a WAR --- with 2 enemies out to totally torpedo them: The litigant and the government both!

If you're in the position of being sued, remember that someone is trying to take away everything you own permanently so you can't give nuttin' to your kids. So next to death, it's second most SERIOUS thing that can happen to you.

No matter that they're only trying to get you in court, IF THEY WIN, that enemy is going to try to take everything you ever earned, your home, your salary, your future comfort and that of your children, all of it. Some of us would prefer death to that.Like any soldier who has ever fought a war, it is incumbent upon you to SAVE YOUR life and your CHILDREN'S LIVES, to win that case. And I don't mean in the courtroom because that's a fifty fifty chance. I mean win it OUTSIDE of the courtroom.

This is kill or be killed here. If someone has a valid case against you and is able to take your family homestead, your kids are going to have a hard time of it in life. If your children don't get the HOUSE or its equivalent in CASH when you pass on to the big courtroom in the sky... if you can't LEAVE the place you occupy on this planet to them, they are going to be helpless to a greater degree, vis a vis this punitive modern, big city existence. The RENT race, and all.

If it is difficult for YOU to survive in today's economic climate imagine them without some inheritance, money, land, a house backing them up. So, for your children's sake, you must rouse yourself, force yourself to be alert, ahead of time even. Forsee where this catastrophe could occur. I've seen it happen when someone's dog bit a real estate agent showing a house next door,  a usually SWEET dog just happened to be out on the street by accident. I've seen it happen when the insurance payment somehow didn't get to the insurance company in time and the car's policy lapsed that week and the driver didn't know it and blammy, his space case kid hit an old lady. So think ahead. Think worst case scenario.

If you're already in litigation, think like a warrior, eat like a warrior. Take ginseng, hawthorn, and brain formulas with a kelp and gota kola and gingko base..some cayenne and niacin for circulation and some omega oils, .BRAIN FORMULA they call it, and do so several times a day and make a Warrior's effort here to learn some new facts.

Imagine you're in a sword fight; THEY may soon get YOU l00% cornered in a courtroom. They may get that judgement and then start closing in. If you don't face reality, you're in denial, a fatal flaw. You have to see your avenues of exit beforehand. You have to study the CODEBOOK, know the rules before you get to the gate, so that you can juggle them to your advantage and have your story straight.

If you're already in litigation, study the chess gameboard well ---as that enemy COULD get a judgement, and if they get a judgement against your house, then a lien on your house, then they will foreclose on that lien, NAILING YOUR house to satisfy a judgement. It's an automatic set of dominos falling and when they fall, it's too late.

The way to arrange your life now, if you can move quickly enough, is to put a considerable portion of your home in your children's hands. Then the enemy can proceed only against YOUR share of the house (if your children's title stands up). To stand up it must be at least a year old by the time you go to court.

If you own your house and the judgement is against you alone, it's within the realm of probability that if they get a lien and force a sale, such a sale is going to end up being a stealing of the entire home's value. That LIEN SALE could leave you with nothing. It could leave you with a small amount, too, but don't count on it.

There is a BOOK you should order,  30$ book, "JUDGEMENT PROOF, SAVING YOUR ASSETS". by Arnold Goldstein. (Garret Publishing, 384 S. Military Trail, Deerfield Bch. FLA 33442.) I've read it cover to cover and it's an inch thick and a foot tall. My father was sued, so I was motivated to order it and read it. LUCKILY ABE BOOKS has it for 2$ MANY COPIES at many vendors!

The Book says that the people who WIN YOUR HOUSE get to SELL it -- to get their cash out. The horrid part of that is that they can sell it 'badly,' i.e. for much less than it's worth. You're allowed to attend the auction, (the system is KIND isn't it?).

There, at the auction, you can see if they make errors. Now, how would you recognize it as 'badly sold." It seems to me, it would be too late as house is GONE. The advice that I heard from a big Bev Hills lawyer (who wanted 40k for this advice,) was don't let this happen. The very first thing to do to a house if you sense litigation ahead is go for a huge mortgage, so big that they will give up and go away. When my Dad went through this kind of legal case the advice was the following: Immediately get the money out of your equity, and get it out with a first title deed encumbrance. What you call "A BIG FAT MORTGAGE."

Now, you have a big wad in your pocket. Maybe 300 thousand. Don't put it all in the bank. Just 250k. Fifty k you disappear slowly, relentlessly until the court date. Disappear it into CASH which you keep in the house for a few days until you can set up an invisible shelter method. You are going to create an anonymous corporation to hold land. Then buy houses, rentals and a farm. ALSO have all your family members LAUNDER IT.

Now, the rest of that cash leaves a trail into your bank account, but then you disappear it at the rate this lawyer suggested: 2500 a week is what it says in MY NOTES taken with Mr FATCAT LAWYER Esquire in that Beverly Hills office. (Or was it Century City. I think it was.) DISAPPEAR IT FAST! Get that? Get the money out of the house, using this mortgage and stick it in your bank. THEN, slowly take a hefty sum out each week. If you aren't careful the GOVERNMENT will be after you as this is fraudulent conveyance in their eyes.

Take it in cash from the account where you 'legally' stashed it. Pay bills with the main part, and disappear the rest. This is a fairly legal route. One that protects your image from allegations of 'fraudulent conveyance.'

Weekly you go to bank, and get CASH, then go to another bank, buy a cashier's check, and (New verb here ) "spend disappear" it. ONCE A MONTH you pay utilities, groceries, also pay your first trust deed (pay your monthly mortgage payment) but not with that cash withdrawal. That you pay with a money trail right out of the big account where you put the money. But take a little extra cash that day which also just disappears every month on ENCUMBRANCE PAYBACK day!!!

Or you can go the tax free municipal bond route, or fund a few pals buying homes, you hold the paper, they pay them off and you get 8% per annum. Doing it all with disappeared money.

You can SHELTER EVERYTHING you own by doing the DISAPPEARING act weekly. Just flick that money away from you to places where it can not really be seen clearly. For instance, did you know that you can legally give each child l0k cash a year and nobody can say 'boo' even if you're facing litigation? So give cash to each kid, have him deposit it and start disappearing it too so that you can get the whole sum back for your invisible, anonymous Utah Corporation to invest. You can buy tax free municipal bonds or buy anonymously owned properties to lease to others. You can buy first mortgages, becoming the bank so pals can buy, pay off houses. If a pal defaults, some later year, you will and can sell the house.

So you disappear the value of the house and when you finally get to court, all that child has to say is that he spent it on cashmere sweaters, or going to Disneyworld and no, he didn't keep receipts. Meanwhile, you get that ten k back for the investments the family will do via an anonymous corporation.

If you're older, and your children hope for an inheritance, they should get in the habit of driving you to the bank so it's a regular, easy thing. Pick stick and flick is better than plucked Stuck and Fucked!

YOU may need to brain storm up ways to convey money from that account, and ways to save money that comes out of that account but you'll figure it out. Just read on.

This whole 'MOVE THE TARGET" tactic is based partly on that book, and partly on the ideas of the Bev Hills lawyer and partly on a very smart para-legal I know, who teaches real estate courses here in L.A. His tricks are: 1.) Get a Utah Corporation for 80$. These are the only totally anonymous ones in USA. NO OTHER STATE has anonymous corporations. Only the Mormons have told the USA and IRS to go stick it. Delaware once had them which is why all NYC millionaires had their corporations in Delaware. Nevada did once. No more. There are businesses in Utah that let you use their address.

Then with that corporation, let's say it's the BLUE SHIELD CORPORATION of Salt Lake, you buy a home in YOUR city where you and your family can live. And you rent it from your own corporation. And to keep it away from being mentioned in the same breath as your name, you buy a pre-aged SHELF corporation in Utah to hold it in so it doesn't look like anything you did recently. The house belongs to an 'older' corporation. One that predated our suit.That is why it's called 'shelf.'

This same paralegal pal sells them, and his Utah home or office will be your 'address' and he can be your 'lawyer.' He is a totally honest saint of a man whom we call the BEAR. I'll tell you who he is on phone. INTERNET is wayyyy too public.

The paralegal fellow is one of many shelf corp vendors who lives in Utah. He charges a small fee for you to use his office' mailbox, a small amt for the SHELF corporation but these fees are genuinely low and the BLUE SHIELD CORPORATION is totally a corporation that you own. WITH IT, you will buy property in your home city. The city where you live. This property is NOT in your name. It's in the NAME OF THE BLUE SHIELD CORPORATION. Now. Move into that property. RENT IT FROM BLUE SHIELD. And another thing, buy a farm for yourself. Arizona or hills of California. Somewhere where land is a grand to five grand an acre. That's what you do with that first fifty k that you have.

Later if the court says hey, fifty k disappeared the first day, where did that go? You say well I owed Freddie for Poker debts and he was really antsy, and I owed bills and I went to Vegas trying to make some cash and LOST twenty of it, and actually HAVE THE RECEIPTS for Vegas to prove you flew there for a few days. From Vegas drive rent a car to Salt Lake to start your corporation. Only dates on the corp are like a year earlier!

If you think that at any time in the future you could be, may be, will ever be sued, always set up your home ownership early, and pre-age it, set it up with a corporation in Utah that owns the house you appear to rent. You pay rent to this anonymous Utah corporation. No one can ever prove you own property. My girlfriend used to date a big time Vegas Mafioso. She was a show biz lawyer and also very jealous of him. She did a title search on his L.A. home and found it was registered to a Las Vegas corporation and he rented it from them. YEAH RIGHT. So smart people who want to keep a low profile do this kind of thing.

WHAT ELSE DO YOU DO WITH THE MONEY YOU GOT OUT OF YOUR PRIMARY HOME? That 300k? Well, Besides a farm and a house in your primary city, "SHOP AND SAVE". Yes. Buy antiques. Ship to your new property in Arizona where your cousin is renting the farm from you. Nothing like cousins with land. They make the payments, they water the trees, feed the goats... or actually buy the land in cousin's name, 4 acres of bottom land with your cash, and put in a solar well (another smart place to put cash). But if it's in his name, you gotta be sure he drives insured and pays his premiums or he could get sued.

Spend money for apple/nut trees, which are shipped to your Arizona farm so that your nephew can build a beautiful farm home for your entire extended family ---yours, your siblings and their kids, and send your own children to the farm for vacations, so that, with all their labor, their tools and your wood, the boys add on guest houses, and vacation villas and call them AGRARIAN WORKER DWELLINGS if the Arizona County codes don't like more than one family on the land. And they grow onions to prove that they're an agrarian business.

The cousins hold the title but you have a signed quit claim on it. So don't worry, even if they tried to shove it thru escrow and sell it (say your nephews are on crack), they'd INFORM you saying that the property you had a lien on was up for sale. So it's not going anywhere.

Your Cousin polishes your furniture, waters your orchard, vegie garden, waxes your antiques, pays the housepayment on that Arizona property on which you paid the DOWN PAYMENT and he grows onions and earns his keep. Or he grows a lot of onions and pays your property payment. Or, if he can't sell enough onions, you pay your monthly payments with postal orders you send him monthly, leaving no money trail, and he and and his family live there keeping everything in readiness for you, planting and tending a huge orchard and a chicken house so that when this whole court thing clears up, you'll have an egg farm and not BUY the farm like the rest of the world’s schnooks.

Sure it's a lot of tenant farmer relatives living in the slave quarters but so what? Farms take a shitload of people to run them. And in the Millenium, family will be handy.

Always look on the bright side. You and your kids hold a secret quit claim title to that home and all that furniture, chickens and orchards. Your cousins can't claim it just because they had a title in their name, and built it and lived rent-free while they worked there because you had a pre-signed quitclaim hidden in a drawer. And that property, bottom line, is yours. And your relatives kept the property safe while you fought your battle. And they got cheap rent, so they weren't USED.

The plaintiff coming after you will not find that property, ever -- so you can afford to give your relatives some free living space for the next decade or two.

Now, when in the habit of putting pieces of property into relatives' names, it's better if your COUSIN is SMITH if you are JONES. The plaintiff will definitely never determine that your COUSIN SMITH has land in his name. They can't get info on him. Most likely they won't ever figure out you have a cousin Smith.

And they certainly won't look in another state. HAVING a property in another state, AZ if you're in CALIF, MO if you're in GA., helps to get your kids to move to another state and find a better life one day. You don't want your kids in the big smoggy city. They need a clean, gorgeous, straight country village. Big cities are passe. History. Or ain't you heard. THE BUSH OIL WARS are coming. JOBS are being exported to the third world. US families are jobless and homeless. Imagine a food riot with over ten million people. It ain't a pretty sight.

So, when you have 250k or whatever from your trust deed, your new mortgage, stuck away in the bank, PAY home expenses on your primary residence, the one the plaintiff is trying to wrest from yo. Pay gas, light, mortgage, food, which is good, old fashioned money laundering. Only guess what, STEAL from that, too. Super market gets a check for 100$ you get 95 cash and 5$ groceries. PUT THE 95$ cash in your wall safe. When you have 2k in the safe, get ANTIQUES for 2k, ship them to AZ. Or order a PLOW from John DEERE have it shipped.

In court with your plaintiff, 3 years from now, (if they move that slow) you can prove that a first trust deed has taken the bones right out of the property. "So sorreee. No tickee no laundreee." (sound of violin strings )

The house is so encumbered, it practically has no value, so why should they proceed and sue you? This may make them quit the whole thing. But if they don't, and get a judgement against you, you want to prove 'living expenses' sucked that TRUST ACCOUNT dry when it was in the bank, no fault of yours. Life is costly. And then you had that perfectly natural impulse to take a hundred grand and bet it in Vegas....and they found you wandering the streets in your bathrobe, they did. You got cops to prove it. Your family had to come and pick you up. You were distraught at losing all that money.

So when the trust account is dry, your grand finale (after the bathrobe act) is to loop back just before court date and file a personal bankrupcy.

That's what the Bev Hills lawyer told us after he was sure neither of us was wearing a wire. FORTY GRAND OF INFORMATION HERE, GUYS. That's what he wanted to charge us if we'd let him handle it. So when the court date is nigh, pull your pockets out high and dry and go to the federal bankruptcy court and say JOE BLOW is suing me or He got a judgement, and I also owe the following... and have a big list of creditors.

By then it helps to be married to someone... maybe to your ex wife. Can't be single when you go down in smoke. YOu need another person in the cabin to get DOUBLE THE COVERAGE, double the fun. You see, as things stand today, maybe your wife's name is not on your house. Maybe she's your ex wife. Marry her again for this ride. Or, if you're single, nobody's name is on it but you... well then, you don't qualify for twice the protection. You want and need twice the protection if you can GET IT, so MARRY YOUR SECRETARY. She signs a pre-nuptial so you and your heirs feel good. That joint bankruptcy shelters another 50k cash of property from the plaintiffs (depending on what state you're in) and allows you to give TWICE THE MONEY to your children as both mates can give l0k a year!

BANKRUPTCY is always double the amount sheltered if two are in the cabin, man and wife. Not parents and children. Won't work.

In addition, if anyone ever accuses you of FRAUD, THIS method of sheltering cash WILL STAND up. Did you know that if you're ever accused of fraud HOMESTEADING will not stand up against the judgement. They can take the whole house. Not many people know that. HOMESTEADING protection disappears if you're charged with fraud.

See, you're getting 40 grand worth of information for free from a Bev Hills lawyer that my father visited, and from that 27$ book PROTECTING YOUR ASSETS and from another smart paralegal we spoke to, just by reading this article.

HOORAY FOR THE MORMONS! The pivotal method for your family and heirs to have property --- no matter what litigation you're ever in --- is with a UTAH tax exempt Real Estate corporation that keeps all the property that you own anonymous, untraceable. You can set one up now in case you're ever sued, or you can even set one up when you're being sued. But then you have to do it with a SHELF CORPORATION that is pre-AGED --- which anti-dates your plaintiff's problems with you a few years.

Either this corporation owns your present home, and you lease YOUR property from it. OR, you get a corporation and stick all the money you drain out of your current house into it.

An ANONYMOUS board of directors for a corporation is a feature found in no state but Utah these days. Nevada used to have it, but now only Utah. So that's another MASTERPIECE of salvaging WORK that you might do. Your kids are on the board of directors and will run it down thru time.

You should share this info I'm giving you right now, with your lawyer by showing him this article. No lawyer is doing ALL he knows how to do with any law case. He knows a lot more but doesn't dare to do it.....because he's being cautious. He isn't going to risk himself like our lawyer did, giving illegal info, yet what he will instruct you when you get into trouble will never be enough.

LAWYERS do NOT ALWAYS TELL YOU THE REAL TRUTH. The man we consulted was specialized, like a Rottweiler who knows one trick, saving your real estate from a judgement but the average lawyer is a one trick donkey; he lies to get your account. He says he may win your case and your plaintiff won't get a judgement against you. But his biggest talent is to lie like a rug to YOU, before and during this case, make you feel good, then he will say sorry after he loses in court and collect his fees and go home while you will live in a motel.

That lawyer says he has a defense strategy but it may be 'pie in the sky.' You may lose. You may be pissing away thousands of dollars in lawyer's fees for lies and BullShit. YOu may deserve to create a malpractice suit against him. And he may deserve one targeting him. But that won't happen. So you have to be your own lawyer a little and just do the advance work and scout it out with him. If he blanches, maybe you need a ballsier Rottweiler. I'm not saying you should hire a BEV HILLS SHARKY LAWYER, but I am saying you should learn from one, if the information is free. And as we went to his office, and I took NOTES, it is free!

START NOW to be judgement proof. Create the ANONYMOUS CORPORATION. Naturally, it goes without saying, THE SECOND you see lawsuit territory, ENCUMBER YOUR HOUSE and start bailing the water out of the sinking canoe onto dry, fertile land with one hand, and you and your kids and cousins start seeding that land with the other hand.

Some mortgage business somewhere will get you a loan of 250 thousand at a better rate than you can find elsewhere, look around. YOU CANNOT ask a friend to get some LOAN SHARK friend of his to invest in you when a court case is going to pull this loan down.

You do understand you have to LIE when you get a loan. You say NO, I am not facing a court action. And lie you will because you must get such a loan because at such a moment, YOU HAVE YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE vulnerable.

In a judgement, plaintiffs will sell your home for chump change. Until you proceed to protect it, your house is hanging out in the air where that plaintiff can grab it!

FINE POINTS OF GETTING YOUR MORTGAGE. You don't want to ask your pals to find you a man with better interest points and rate because you are going to WELCH on this loan -- in a sense, as the PLAINTIFF is coming and you're going to lie and they can demand the entire loan sum back from you when they discover there is a court case or when your PLAINTIFF ENEMY has a judgement, and then the LOANING BANK can proceed against your house.

SILENCE IS GOLDEN: Be the silent type. Bail out your canoe in silence, at midnight. EMPTY THE HOUSE OF CASH THE OLD FASHIONED way. With an encumbrance that is legal. Take the cash you can get up to the hilt as this money may be all you get when LOAN BANK and plaintiff come after you. TO SUM UP: You might just use the trust deed money that you slowly disappear to slowly BUY real estate thru an anonymous CORPORATION. If you run this CORP right, there will be much profit, and as you spread it out in many careful investments, there will be work for relatives who are experts at painting, landscaping, garden lighting, carpentry, animal husbandry.

Your children, nephews, cousins will be fixing these properties up for renting or for resale. Why should Aunt Mable and Uncle Joe pay rent to strangers monthly? They can rent from your corporation.

ANT COMMUNITY Vs. OUT FOR ME! You know, the average immigrant Chinaman gets to the USA, he creates a HUE, a family corporation, opens a grocery, puts entire family to work in it, makes a bundle. They buy property ensemble and they become super rich. Why can't a group of smart American natives do it? Perhaps never having lived in the simplicity of China, our spoiled American people haven't grasped that there's power in numbers, in cooperation and in trust.

Trust is required.  Human Trust. NONE OF your direct heirs with your name CAN OWN THE LAND or have their name on the corporation. ONLY COUSIN SMITH can. His name is SMITH and it will never be found out that he's related to you. SMITH owns the land thru his corporation which secretly is owned by you and your kids, on the anonymous board of directors. ANY properties owned by it are yours, the total equity. You will get any Down Paym'ts on property BACK...with interest. Your estate will grow while you battle the plaintiff, more than it would have if you hadn't had this war.

WHAT MONEY WHERE? Another possibility is that members of the family could invest in small businesses. Each of them launders the Money in a small business.
Say Cousin Mike has a Wedding Photog biz, Cousin Bill has a Property Management Biz, or an AIR REPAIR biz that gives HEPA portables or central AC for 5 to l0k a swack. Or your cousin's kids might have a Messenger Service. They'd get radio sets, and put Auntie on the phone during biz hours and get 3x the jobs one messenger can do alone. Two drivers can make 300$ a day easy. It's not hard to get contracts, with architecture, photo or advertising firms. So start the ATLAS MESSENGER INC. THE AIR REPAIR CORPORATION.Your plaintiff cannot allege that it's part of your $$ because there will be no cash ties to you.

Remember, in bankruptcy, as in life, a wife is a real asset. The Plaintiff can't touch 50 grand if you Bankrupt for yourself ALONE but there's an additional fifty grand protection just for saying "I do" in a court, with a pre-nuptial --- if you're worried. Do it in Vegas. Your secretary or ex wife would love it. Also, you can legally give away 20k CASH per year as a couple. l0k as a single man. Marry her today you shelter 20 a year legally. And recipients must be children and don't have to pay taxes. If Plaintiff comes after that cash: 'hey, guy, I spent it." what can they do?

So, now, say you took 250 as a first, you've still got a large equity in that house. Chapter 7 bankruptcy protects some. The homesteading absolutely won't stand up to a fraud case, it says in the PROTECTING YOUR ASSETS BOOK. Why give your LITIGIOUS SUING SOB's anything? To satisfy that judgement they will force YOU TO SELL YOUR HOUSE. BE JUDGEMENT PROOF GET IT TOGETHER, or you will be like a DEER caught in the headlines on THE HIGHWAY staring blindly into an oncoming deathblow. If you don't set it up right, you could end up in an apt on skid row with your kids trying to stretch a welfare check. Are you ready for that? You, them and the dogs?

ALL THIS draining your equity MUST BE completed a year before you get into court to avoid fraudulent conveyance claim. START NOW, DEER! You can come up with doctor's letters to stay out of court for years on end. When you get out of court, and are declared guilty, and they try to move on you, they will find that they cannot get one cent. Your house is encumbered. Forget about the kids having 2/3rds, after forced sales that's an irrelevant technicality.

Man/Wife get l00 grand protection in bankruptcy. THEY WILL SELL THE HOME because Homesteading won't stand up. They will try to satisfy themselves out of grains of rice on the floor and out of vengeance will force sale but by that time, your relatives could have equity in real estate. Later, when your litigeous enemies are far, far away, any property that is sold and profits taken is done by a corporation your relatives secretly run. HUGE profits for your estate. TOTAL protection. So. Get a first mortgage and drain it into pretend 'living expenses.' There is nothing left for your foe's lawyers to attach and they may go away. You may get free of them forever when they see that you're done fraudulent conveyance too cleverly, as this BOOK says.

As for paying off the loan. Those paym'ts can BE CASH that comes from businesses your kids run. A Messenger service. A Photog Studio. A Wedding Photog Business. This creates your kids learning to work. Getting an education from parents, other siblings. From the road of life.

Cousins can be living as one of the wedding photog assistants your nephew employs. Maybe right now, your kids couldn't run a mixmaster but they could study books from library, and learn all about real estate, law, photog or air conditioning biz. They should take a real estate course learning how to buy distressed properties. REOS. And No down properties. The Assset book may be outdated about which state has the best secret corporations in the country, It says NV is better than DE as it doesn't tax you. But my paralegal says NV is yesterday's news, the law changed. Utah is the one.

Now, for a final fillip. Is it dangerous to live in the properties that the family corp owns? No. Is it dangerous to buy property? Your poor relatives could take advantage of the Low Income Community Loans that the Fannie Mae makes now, to get poor people to save their money IN PROPERTY so that when they get old, the STATE can take the property to repay their MED-I-CARE. The state hates to give you medicare when there's no property. But they will, but they'd rather get you to own a house they can appropriate. So that's the govm't strategy. We could all buy property with a small cash down. With this cash split between family members, 20k to each, even your moron nephew could qualify. The loan banker at Fannie Mae said to me that she'd give me a house loan if I could show with cancelled checks that I've paid a thousand rent, which i have. My house payment will be 1k a month if I'm alone, 1600k if my sister or mother join me. To take advantage of this, I need 20k saved and my female relatives coming in with me. They are game. My father was being sued, so I had the 20 k. plus 5k to cover closing costs. He liked that I'd transfer it to his name when he wanted, that his two younger children by a different mother could rent space with a no profiteering clause. But then my father decided to put the 200 thousand he'd taken from his home by mortgaging it, into a pizza parlor chain. They never built the parlor. They absconded with the money and he was ruined.

So you want to go the safe route. Use trusted relatives. Have a Family meeting. Create Work teams. If you can buy property with low income loans you can transfer them to the Secret Corporation later down the line? You, your kids, nephews, are on the board and own all shares in this corp. Pick one to be the ostensible owner. STUDY books on CORPORATIONS with anonymous boards, (of directors) so you can understand how they can be totally secret, never traced to any one person.

And listen to the experiences and failures of other people. If you ask around, people can send you to friends who went through this kind of event. You'll learn what NOT to do. Get the GOLDSTEIN BOOK at abe books for 2$. Share this document with all your relatives. Move fast.  OK Press forward, Email this to relatives and go get the book.