How to Astral Travel -   How to Explore Astral Travel and Dreams

What happens to us while we sleep? Where do our dreams come from and what do they mean? By embarking upon an amazing journey of astral travel, we can discover the hidden answers to these questions and that is just the beginning. This may be starting to sound like science fiction, but you might be suprised to find out that we are already familiar with a place called the astral plane. You may have become aware in a dream, had a very vivid dream that seemed to be real, experienced a floating sensation as you were falling asleep or had a dream where you were flying. These are all experiences of the astral plane, otherwise known as lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences or OBE's. Many people have even experienced consciously leaving their body, without understanding what really happened to them.

Each night with sleep, it is a normal part of life that we leave our physical body and enter the astral plane. This plane is part of the fifth dimension, and is a parallel universe that exists in the here and now - a real place that we can visit and explore, and the place we go to when we sleep. With astral travel, we simply learn to leave our body consciously to enter this dimension, discovering a whole new world beyond physical reality.

Science has already developed theories that explain the likelihood of parallel dimensions through the study of quantumn physics. Yet for us, the astral is already a natural part of life, and by practicing techniques for astral projection, we can actually prove this for ourselves.

Normally when we go to sleep, we are unaware of the process that happens as we leave our physical body. What we remember in the morning are our dreams, which are our experiences in the astral. However, these dreams are often clouded and vague, most of them being the projections of our subconscious. But the astral is a real place, and by going there consciously instead, we can see what is really there - not just what our subconsious mind is imagining.

Dreams in the astral are like daydreams in the physical world - the only difference is that the astral has difference properties. This is why there we can fly, can walk through walls and travel at amazing speeds. This is also why in the astral plane our daydreams turn into dreams, creating our own private reality that we become absorbed in. However, with astral travel, we are able to be free from the influence of the subconscious and see the astral clearly, allowing us to discover what the astral is actually like.

When conscious in the astral we can go anywhere at the speed of thought, fly through the air at will, explore anywhere on earth and beyond, visit hidden esoteric temples, and receive profound teachings from spiritual beings - just to name a few of the incredible things that are possible...

The astral plane is a very real aspect of life, and is not just accessible to people who are spiritually gifted. Anyone can learn how to astral travel and today this is exactly what you will set out to do.


Out-of-body dreams, in which you "float" up and look down upon yourself or upon another location, are a form of psychic dream. Some psychics claim they visit other actual locations, often ones that they've never seen. Travelling out of the body is sometimes called Astral Projection.

Frederik van Eeden presented one of the first studies of out of body dreams to the Society of Psychical Research in 1913. Van Eeden had already presented evidence for lucid dreams in which the dreamer becomes conscious while the dream is taking place. He told the society that his own lucid dreams were often preceded for several nights by dreams of flying. Sometimes these lucid dreams included apparent clairvoyantly received information that could be verified later. In other instances he believed he left his body.

In one instance while 'flying' he dreamed that he would be robbed of a
large sum of money, a predicted event that was to take place soon
afterwards. Of great interest to Van Eeden was when he noted that sometimes
he would dream of lying on his stomach when in reality he was lying in bed
and on his back. If he allowed himself to wake slowly he would experience
the sensation of slipping from his 'dream body' that was lying face down
into his actual sleeping body.

Depending upon the person, the appearance of the 'dream body' ranges from a
gossamer-like form to an exact replica of the physical body. Having the
ability to project consciousness can open up many interesting opportunities
to the dreamer. Some claim to be able to travel to remote locations. They
claim to be able to walk the beaches of Hawaii, explore the ancient
pyramids of Egypt or even have a free ticket to the moon.

C's Astral Projection Experience
I have had many of these experiences myself but have found in most
instances that it is hard to maintain consciousness for long periods of
time. My own experience is one of projecting my awareness rather than a
dream body. Nonetheless on occasions I have looked down at my sleeping body
from the ceiling and have sometimes awoken with clear memories of having
visited a remote location. Many people report having these experiences
during puberty.
At first the experience of being without a body is frightening if you have
never heard about astral projection. It is natural to assume that you are
dead and panic sets in. The result is usually a quick return to the body. A
quick return is sometimes accompanied by sensations of a jolt to the
physical body accompanied by a loud band and a flash of brilliant light.
Once the initial fears are overcome astral travel become natural and is not
accompanied by any negative sensations

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