THE CIA HAS KILLED before (doing the dirty deed in third world nations, for the OIL men who paid them)  and count on it, they will KILL AGAIN. Horrific, genocidal COVERT OPS LITTER the Agency's history! Always to steal resources, like OIL. Who wil be the next target? Check this map. ALGERIA, EGYPT, LIBYA AND NIGERIA are the countries loaded with the black gold we crave. The CIA has these countries in their targets. This trend of exploiting AFRICA is way way old. Used to be ENGLAND AND FRANCE shared all the countries there. Germany was locked out, couldn't even sell a cuckoo clock to an African store while Eng/France got to sell anything and everything to Africa and haul resources OUT. That is what drove GERMANY into WORLD WAR I, the bloodiest of all wars.

Now, it's the USA that wants a hegemony there. AMERICAN STATESMEN ( who cannot be called men of good conscience,) REGULARLY JUGGLE susceptible factions in third world nations. Their eyes get a weird glitter when they see some bunch of darkie peons sitting on oil, uranium, natural gas, gold and they send in the agitators and tilt the gameboard to throw the FASCIST PET ROTTWEILER GUY onto the throne, no matter what havoc this APE wreaks on his people

In the 70's and 80's, The Oligarchs went hog wild in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua with the death counts in the MILLIONS. The CIA STATE DEPARTMENT/ MILITARY actually trained Banana republic death squads secretly at US WAR COLLEGES, taught them how to 'genocide' (that's a verb, btw,) suspected guerillas out in the boonies where the villagers had their CORN and beans taken by rebel bands. The death squads came along and demolished entire villages so no corn fields would even be out there. Think not? Read up on QUICHE. MULTIPLE VILLAGES murdered, every man, woman, dog and baby! Adults were shot, babies hacked to pieces by machetes as they were running low on bullets. THIS HAPPENED.

The OLIGARCHS, the DICTATORS and DEATH SQUADS  got CAUGHT for that one by scrappy, liberal activists back home in the USA.  DANIEL SHEEHAN talked his way across America informing the intelligencia about QUICHE and the other American created genocidal horrors though I'll bet you never heard of ANY of it as US NEWS never covered it.

The genocide  was hard to hide with so many Catholic Priests in Latin America ratting them out. The death squads would then take out the priests ---  partly because the idea of educating peons was theirs, at first. Good old JESUIT MARXISM, what with their LIBERATION THEOLOGY. Priests supported their baby, Socialist South America. Communist Central America. The concept of an educated rabble, and educated in the MARXIST tradition to spot, suspect and identify AMERICAN INCURSIONISM, COLONIAL MOVE-ins. And inadvertently these priests brought down the wrath of the OLIGARCHS of the banana republic and their handlers the USA CIA. WODDA WAR! The BUshes were right in there JEB and GEORGE SENIOR. Eugene HASENFUS fell from the sky over NICARAGUA trying to ship arms next door to HONDURAS, with the BUSHES" HOME PHONE NUMBERS in his pocket (NEW YORK TIMES FILES ON HIM)

Today, these very same dirty cov-op crazed 'statesmen' yank chains in AFRICAN nations driving them in and out of civil war, horrific famines that the war CAUSED,  then genocide when the people 'act up,  just to have chips flying so that, in the fray, they can insert their man as King. They insert that guy who sold out on the chessboard, the one that signed up with their nefarious agenda, to sell out his own emerging country to the OIL MEN and IMF.

RECENTLY CHINA (leaders and populace were educated by Karl Marx,) tried to bust creeping capitalism on that AFRICAN INCURSIONISM, COVERT DIRTY OPS, TAKEOVERS. SUre, it could be argued China wants that African gasoline! Anyway, the CIA/ AMERICAN PRESS acted in concert &  instantly grabbed the chinks by the ruby begonias, the OLYMPICS issue and SHOOK hard.

MAKE no mistake OIL IN AFRICA is at the bottom of it all! If you were SUDAN, would you answer this ad? "WANTED: Fertile but poor African Despot who will sell out his own people, sought by White Rich Government (whose name must remain anonymous,) on behalf of 300 million rich people with thirsty SUV's -- Object Matrimony. .

You google around and you'll find dozens of perceptive liberals who worry if AFRICA won't go the same way as GUATEMALA and QUICHE.


These satanic CIA strategists do not SEEM to care how many people they kill they want oil resources, now, before the PEOPLE of the third world country find out about the theft. It's like the DICTATOR will sell it to the AMERICANS first, fast. I know that MANY nations there have just discovered oil. (SEE URL ABOVE) So then I start to suspect that the SUDAN civil war probably is AMERICAN INSPIRED & about oil. DARFUR is reputed to be a spill over from US efforts in SUDAN. That civil war is definitely about the CIA. Today's headlines on CHAD are probably about oil. What do you KNOW? There's already a great film about this, but in another area....a CIA CANDIDATE TYPE THING and tho flick didn't say so, it was about oil, too. BRENDAN BEHAN stars with MICHAEL CAINE. It's set in VIETNAM."THE QUIET AMERICAN" It was written by GRAHAM GREEN, an Englishmen who understood the CIA's Machevillian plots, their need for A CIA CANDIDATE, i.e. someone who'd play ball with them.

A very similar plot was a novel turned into film "THE UGLY AMERICAN" which BRANDO did about the same area of south east Asia. Again a candidate elected by the CIA. Almost identical plot to the QUIET AMERICAN. Almost an identical plot to the REASON JFK GOT MURDERED. He had just decided to pull out of that region, not stealing the oil which American oligarchs wanted stolen. T.U.A was a bad flick, directed by Chloris Leachman's hubby. However if everyone had seen it, they'd have figured out NAM and JFK's death.

It still isn't well known today that there's a huge oil field a mile off VIETNAM's southern coast in the ocean. Easily drillable. US discovered it with aerial surveys way before that late 60's into the early 70's RESOURCE war. My aunt's son is an oil geologist, in TEXAS. He knew all about it.  ANTHONY SAMPSON wrote that OIL under the ocean right off Nam's coast was the REASON for that war. He wrote it up in "THE SEVEN SISTERS" back in 1980. DOGS OF WAR by Frederick Forsyth traipsed through this resource theft territory. Think it was GOLD not OIL.

It is important to  KEEP your eye on the OIL DISCOVERIES in AFRICA, LATIN AMERICA and ASIA and identify whose muddy mitts are moving toward them. IN VENEZUELA the richest OPEC NATION in our hemisphere, the president spit in Bush's eye. And continues to, READ UP ON MR HUGO CHAVEZ

Bearing this in mind. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF RUMOR there's CIA strategy behind all that prayerful, charitable HULLABALOO about the refugees dying in DARFUR? CLOONEY AN IMPERIALIST TOOL? very unwittingly I'd say. By the way, the BLAC COUNTRIES AT TOP IN THAT MAP? THE OIL RICH ONES? LIBYA, president won't talk to us, we bombed his infant son to death when we strafed his home! Then  EGYPT and ALGERIA and below it, the fourth oil rich country is NIGERIA.

CHECK OUT THE DARFUR MATTER as it SEEMS to be another stop on the CIA COVERT OP railway.
If DARFUR orgs aren't clean, then CARE, OXFAM and FEED AFRICA are all under suspicion. Usually there's always a PRIEST who will rat out the Rest of the Church. One has to find him, use him as an INFO ALLY.

THE BAZAAR FOLKLORICO ARTISANRY CORPS of designers/ artists  Import/Export tycoons need to rebuild villages in war torn Africa, give the natives looms, kilns, metalworking tools, and keep their eyes wide open in AFRICA, ask the right questions and send the info back to liberal writers at home.

VULTURE SANDWICH . ORG will be seeking to organize them. I can see my Craigs list Ad now: Wanted, Liberal Afro Americans who know fine arts design , style, fashion, decor. OBJECTIVE: To travel to third world starving villages and guide villagers in frugal living, organic farming, artisanry manufacture and import/export skills, Write astrology at earthlink net."