6 EASY STEPS to Burying America's Students In Debt so they stay stupid & become your economic slaves.

STEP 1: CONTROL the money supply. WIth inflation, huge interest rates for real estate, huge gas costs, mega-morphing, soaring home prices, you will squeeze the blood out of every citizen, so they're near broke, asphyxiating, unable to feed kids with the salary of a fatigued MOM AND POP both working.

STEP 2: charge MEGA interest on EVERY DOLLAR circulating. AND MORE IMORTANT, TAX IT 365 times a year. JOE WORKER makes a buck on MONDAY he pays taxes. He spends it at walmart, WALMART pays taxes. (WE WISH!) That night WALMART spends it on SHIPPING, the SHIPPER earns it, he pays taxes. 24 hours went by and three people paid taxes on that buck. Do that 365 you are going to have a pyramid scheme that enriches only the IMF really though some allege the GOV! Make everyone (including the government!) PAY for the benefit of using money that the government issues ONLY by authority FROM THE PEOPLE!

STEP 3: promise in a soothing, foxy voice that if they LEARN more; they’ll EARN more. (note: you promise no guarantees) Today's newspaper sez if you graduate college in finance, you can make 45k a year. You will pay hundreds of thousands in student loans to get that degree, of course which leads us to....

STEP 4: make education SO EXPENSIVE that in order to LEARN students must BURY themselves in DEBT and high interest loans.

STEP 5: Once thusly buried, they must FIRST live their lives for YOU; Their sons will gladly ENLIST in your armies to not flip burgers, to instead get an education, ( they think,). You can then bully mineral or oil rich countries to give up their goodies. Recently, BOLIVIA asked USA to get out of their oil fields. OXY was thrown out. Venezuela wants us out. More sons will be hired to fight or go in as Mercenaries which they did in the CHILEAN installation of PINOCHET after we took ANACONDA COPPER from CHILE even though it was inside their borders. (First Allende took it from us, we killed him and 30,000 Chileans and got it back.)

STEP 6: IF A FEW KIDS GET AN EDUCATION, THEN, and only then, can they live their lives for themselves and  their families. But that isn't going to happen as it costs l00k to get a small time college education or you gotta fight in Iraq and get dead.

STEP 7: Create Treaties which give one man control of the trade movements of many countries, GATT AND NAFTA type things.

TOO BAD we each have only one life to live! PLEASE, think about it, long and hard. He who controls the money supply, calls the shots. He who calls the shots decides who lives and who dies. He does it by bribing politicians to make laws and treaties.