"PINATAS": name was invented by me but not the recipe. The concept is wrapped sweets made of wholesome dried fruits ground together with nuts, toasted for more flavor, coconut, lemon juice and lemon rinc,  which you wrap individually in paper and can store in large, glass jar or if kids might grab it and break the glass or tumble it, store in a plastic, unbreakable tupperwear jar in the fridge. Better for nut freshness.


 Inside, each individual, colored, paper cone or little package is filled with "GROUND UP RAINBOWS": Larger dried fruits like dates, figs R-stuffed w. nuts or homemade marzipan recipe of which GROUND UP RAINBOWS IS MADE. It is really Ground up dried fruits soaked overnight in lemon juice, sugar...such as organic cherries, peaches, apricots, also dates, (never that citron they sell for fruitcakes!). Add orange rind (off unwaxed organic fruit puhleeze), walnuts, blanched almonds, lemon juice, lemon rind, coconut in blender, add almond extract, blend into paste, OR roll in coconut.) Chewy, sparkling, zappy!


Wahe Guru Chews- This costly candy comes from the Hollywood California followers of YOGI BHAJAN, the American Sikhs and itís in every Healthfood Store in America. Each chew is the same price as a burger at McDonalds. That's costly! I ran out of these little munchies one night and was forced to duplicate the recipe from a scan of the ingredients on the package.  NUTS LITE MOLLASSES, BUTTER, VANILLA


While 1/4 cup of almonds roasted in the toaster oven, in a pan on stove, carefully watched as they can burn! I heated ľ cup brown sugar, l tsp honey, 2 tsp barbados lite molasses, (not blackstrap!) I got them to a simmer,  until it became a caramel sauce, maybe 2 min of lite almost-simmering. I turned pan off, added a few drops of soy lecithin, as I have lecithin capsules in the house at all times to melt my own butter eating crud in my veins, didnít buy it  for candy making. It is an emulsifier. Also after the boiling sugar cools to room temp, always add......2 tbsp of butter, and a 1/2 tsp vanilla. Stirred it all in, let it sit. Chopped the nuts and set them on my surface, a buttered plate, poured the caramel over. It hardened like fudge in a half minute, I cut into pieces, wrapped them in saran wrap plastic, though you could use foil, waxed paper or parchment. Couldn't believe I'd done it! Duplicated the costly WAHE GURU CHEW you find at healthfood stores. The stuff was delicious! Substitute peanuts, walnuts, toasted sesame seed, sunflower seeds or mix them all together. You cannot go wrong!



ENGLISH TOFFEE BROWNIE BALL COOKIES. I found some no brand INSTANT COCOA MIX, that I was surprised to see was mainly  HIGH GRADE COCOA powder, and some sugar, but imagine thisÖ..a huge one lb can cost only 99c on the bent shelf. Thatís where supermarket puts things at reduced price. Came home, creamed a cube of room temp real butter til fluffy, then added ĺ cup of the cocoa sugar mix that was in the can, added some more sugar, some vanilla, two egg yolks and I creamed it til fluffy good and soft. Checked it for taste, and it was just fine. I think I added a 1/3 tspoon of salt as you always SALT your sweet cookies, especially all chocolate cookies!


Now, I never use flour for anything, donít believe in it. GRAIN IS BADÖ.. But hey, It was Halloween I was going to give away the cookies to the kiddies in costumes. (yeah Right.) So I went out, got the cheapest flour I could find which was a huge huge box of CINCH PANCAKE mix at the 99c store.  UNDER A BUCK! Huge! Added Ĺ cup flour slowly, then added a little milk, then another ľ cup and I decided to stop with the flour. Brownies have to be chewy not doughy.


Baked it I a greased pan dusted wi. A little flour. Brownie rose up high, then collapsed. Not enough flour. It was very soft, so I stirred a half cup of cut up nuts in to the cookied mass, let it cool. Then  I took this cooked but soft cookie out of pan, It cooled, I cut it into squares, made a butter frosting with powdered Sugar, frosted each ball, Rolled each square  now a ball in Toasted almonds, pulverized. WOW! Youíre not sure if itís candy or cookie, but itís fabulous! Looks like ROUND ENGLISH TOFFEE. Took me a week to finish it. Oh, I Offered it to halloween trick or treaters, but they turned it down. Asked for Hershey bars. Imagine me telling this four foot tall vampire how good these cookies would be with a mug of hot black coffee and the kid looking at me like I was crazy. Froze the bag, Ate one a day for a few days, they are so potent they can interrupt sleep! If any pal had come by  I'd have Served them COLD to visitors with hot black coffee.  Let them go without sleep!