The next Gandhi will be an FM DISK JOCKEY! Suit the hero to the epoch. It's KALI YUG, The DARK age. So things happen in peculiar ways. Playboys become presidents and make great statesmen. (JFK/ CLINTON.) Comedians like Al Franken win a Senate seat. Buffoons like Trump run for president. Count on it, some musician from FRKN-FM will be the deliverer of mankind to REVOLUTION and a society where our work makes our kids have a college education paid for, no parking fees at the college, a great diet while they get Straight A's, a roof and clothing allowance. Wonder if there are FM stations in France and that's how a picket happened in Paris when the people rose up as if Robespierre were alive, fighting the gov's "FIRE THE KIDS EASIER" Scrooge law. MARX was right. SCROOGE laws of all kinds will occur now that Capitalism has its knickers in a twist.

The KALI YUG DJ SCHOOL is Now IN SESSION.Welcome! I'm Anita Sands, your teacher for the FREE "HOW TO BE A DJ free seminar and training" and if you pass the class, you WILL GET THE JOB. But you don't want to be WEAK on any of these features.SO STUDY WELL. Three little prep articles here.

Chapter ONE of your DJ TEXTBOOK is:



WHY DO I RUN the FREE D.J. SCHOOL? Because if you're capable of reading this page of scribble, you're smart and if you're smart, you'll make it big as a DJ and once you make it big, you will change AMERICA. Because you are smart. I know this industry and can help you make it. My qualifications? I grew up in the music industry. My dad (Albert Sendrey ) arranged music at MGM for all of the MUSICALS 1945 thru 1955 and for some dramas, also, arranged or orchestrated for all the big ones, Quincey, Franz Waxman,  then took Marlene Dietrich, TONY MARTIN CYD CHARISSE, Howard Keel, Mario Lanza etc into the VEGAS HOTELS as their music director. (Check his name out at the industry bible.) And then, I acted in films/ tv,starring roles. But mainly I'm the daughter of a top Hollywood musico. His dad (my gramps ) conducted LEIPZIG OPERA for first thirty five years of the century. (Fled Germany when HITLER got into power then came to USA, taught music, wrote 13 books on music.) My gramma was a soprano there in Germany. OPERA was the family biz.

I'm a native LOS ANGELENO, a single mother of four. My daughter's father B.MITCHEL REED was the GRANDADDY of all the FM DJ's, in the New York market, friend of the BEATLES, then came to L.A. and started in the INFANT F.M. INDUSTRY. Mitch Reed created FM on the ground floor..was the first FM DJ ever.So I saw this industry and know how to crash its gates.

Today I run free, training websites, like THE SECRET OF BEING A GREAT DJ, STUDYING THE GREAT RAP DISK JOCKEY- ARTISTS, THEN secrets of WEALTH,  THE PROSPERITY 101 website, THE MASTER JULES, the WEALTH GURU, his website.....then COTTAGE INDUSTRY CAPITALISM - How to get some billions stuffed in your own bank! Click on THE GUERILLA CAPITALISM WEBSITE. SEMINARS there are l00% free and no registering or ANYTHING! Just in the door, start reading!

POLITICAL AWARENESSS where you are made aware of current economic trends and what to do, including ACTIVISM 101 is an important site for a DJ.Cuz you are rapping all day and need to know how to rap as good as a RUSH LIMBAUGH but not on the far right.!

METAPHYSICS- The personal spiritual headtrip is like the lens we have, how good it is, as it is thru our INTUITION overlooking the universe that we make decisions. We can BOTH POLISH THE LENS and sharpen its vision and see more and THE NEW AGE INDEX.

I work /write/ teach on a rainbow collection of themes: FOR GIRLS (give to a beauty you know, to wise her up) I write on ROMANCE! How to marry a billionaire and use billions stuffed in banks, locked away for the good of the people. The LADIES ONLY --"RUTHLESS RULES OF ROMANCE and HOW TO MARRY REALLY REALLY WELL Website.

I created the HOLISTIC website "HOW NEVER TO NEED A DOCTOR SEMINAR and website," How to cure all maladies in your family tree, prevent their even grabbing hold. HOW TO BECOME a HOLISTIC healer, make a million a year and how to REJUVENATE   the California, NEW AGE HOLISTIC HEALER website, all just full of the latest holistic food/ DIET and recipe information. Click on that one! IF YOU NEED to make a good living and not work more than five hours a week, so you're free to VOLUNTEER at STATIONS, it' is useful to know how to give massage at l00$ an hour, holistic massage, same sex only. No happy hour!

TRUE SEEKERS can get a NEW AGE education, FREE out of their PC's and sooner or later they realize I'm also a witch, astrologer, divine fortunes, read karma/ destiny, they also hire me. But basically I TEACH FIRST. If FOLKS FIGURE OUT what I do, (*stars,) they can ask me for their reading. Usually 15$.

I'm so good that RUBYLIPPED ROCKER Courtney Love thanks me in the JACKET of her album AMERICA's SWEETHEART in the album jacket. Work for her 7 years steady. Still do. And for a lot of writers, directors, actors, lyricists (Beach Boys' Tony Asher.) and a lot of just plain people who want to make it in life.To help people make it I teach them how to  LIVE INEXPENSIVELY,  Visit the FRUGAL ROO WEBPAGE as while you struggle up the career mountain, you may have to forgo a 40 hour a week job. But as an artist, intellectual, you still want to enjoy LA VIE BELLE, mais BON MARCHE! CHEAP! So next, visit the COOK IT YOURSELF website. And the HEAL YOURSELF NATURALLY website.

A lot of the modes I suggest for survival in the big city involve DEBT ISSUES. OPRAH did show recently on how people spend like crazy, lease cars, create permanent debt so they end up so stressed that they cannot attempt a career in the arts.  She suggested that such folks go on a debt diet. My take on runaway spending is 'once you've been mistreated by your peers, seen that you weren't a hit, didn't seem to be LIKED, and seen that some crumbumbs beat on you, that you didn't automatically get adored, there's a wound, a primal wound. We decide that by having hot car, hot clothes, shoes, we will never get hurt by another again. SO SPENDING is armor, or a fortress. Discuss this with your kids and decide who of you is building this fortress to get 'respect and safety' and out of fearing disrespect and danger, pain.

NOW, realize that ANOTHER trap --a PHONY, bogus SAFETY FORTRESS -- is wanting to be a big, famous DJ! SO WE HAVE A SPIRITUAL HEALING course to get rid of that syndrome. THIS DJ SCHOOL is a step by step proposition. IF you do it out of a spirit of service to humanity, to be like MLK, GANDHI or Some great, witty political GURU, to change the world we live in, you will be IMPERMEABLE, indestructible. Your ambition will never flag. No one can hurt you. THen, there are some skills......

COMEDY FIRST!- You have to learn to do comedy routines like LENO AND LETTERMAN between music sets. GO TO SECRETS OUR GOV HIDES  where you learn the issues that a Jon Stewart Stephen Colbert or Letterman/Leno knew about. Their KNOWING gives the BITE to the comedy.

If you care about the issues, you will grow to the stature of wit and relevancy that JON STEWART has. Get cable if you can, listen to him. The JON STEWART course is at this other school called COMEDY CHANNEL, and that's NOT free. 29A yr for basic, end of first year it shoots to 55$ a month almost anywhere. But end of 2nd year tell them you're leaving for X CABLE or something and they lower it to 33$.

Visit those INFO channels and sites. Click on these links above. Go thru the maze of articles. You can see what I DO. I run an immense SCHOOL, a maze of rooms and every classroom in it is Free. It is designed to turn you into a DJ. OR turn your children into DJ's. Stay in touch, FACEBOOK.  Anita Sands Hernandez.And hey, PLEASE send this article to anyone you know in the FM industry! Or to kids who ever thought of being AN FM DISK JOCKEY!