DUMB VS STUPID, HOW TO TELL if your date is
                    smart? How to convince him that YOU ARE SMART.There is an interesting way to TEST the intelligence and SOUL POWER of the sweetheart you have now. or the man you're dating. And for him to clock YOU!. It's necessary these days for all of us to FIND OUT what your sweetie's BELIEFS are. These will tell you WHO IS IN THERE! Ask him about the habits of the current administration, the legitimacy of the Iraq war, probing questions on wages, interest rates, the economy, joblessness and inflation. To undertake such an enterprise, before you query him, learn the basic facts.

You may be certain that the OIL EMPIRE of the USA  is a tightly married bond of billionaires and politicians. They together run Washington, TEXAS, SHELL, GULF, EXXON, MOBIL and they use the BUSH family to spearhead their oil stealing, resource wars. As you have noticed this last week, the RUMSFELD CHENEY BUSH RICE war has gone so far now that they are in danger of creating an actual POPULAR AMERICAN revolution.

PEOPLE are sickened by amount of  G.I.'s dying. The daily suicide bombs taking out 200 people at a time show the chaos we created there. We have seen that what THE EXPERTS SAY IS TRUE. The Muslims know they will win and they are not worried if it takes fifty years or a hundred.

But here, back at home, PEOPLE are not going to continue to drive SUV's that go 12 miles on a gallon of gas and PAY over 3$ a gallon.  They'll simply switch cars to a hybrid unless they can't afford 40 thousand dollars. Second choice is get a bicycle. People are not going to watch our boys die by the thousand for this OIL folly and the SUV folly it rode in on. Back in the day, anti-War activist Cindy Sheehan has made a big impression on us with her standing outside Bush's vacation home asking to talk to him about his war killing her son. People are in compassionate LINK with her on the basic CONCEPT of a war on a nation that had NOTHING to do with 911.. THE American people has never paid more for oil in the history of the world, yet the planet is in peak production, and owning Iraq's butt hasn't helped the matter, and I don't think anybody WANTS to own IRAQ and its oil. That belongs to the IRAQUI people.

THE AMERICAN people KNOW that they DO NOT NEED to wage war on ARABIA to take their oil. because: A.) Those IRAQUIS did not bomb the TWIN TOWERS! and B.) we can switch to hybrid cars in a  minute. We don't need to steal other folks' gasoline. And we sure Don't need to DIRTY our cities' air to the point that we're all itching and coughing when we breathe. YET WE HAVE USED SO MUCH OIL that we all live in a carcinogenic MUCK with HUMIDITY caused by GREENHOUSE effect, our planet is surrounded by OIL BURN OFF. And last, we do not need to make wars in the middle east just because DETROIT AND THE OIL DRILLERS can't get their scene together!

YET BUSH, RUMMY,CHENEY tell us we need the oil, we need the war, we gotta achieve GITBACK FOR the World Trade Center 911 debacle. BELIEVE  THAT? LISTEN TO A GREAT THINKER: "Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities also has the power to make you commit atrocities."  Voltaire (1694-1778)

Back on 911, a few GERMANY-RESIDING Muslims killed 3000 folks in NYC. WE HAVE KILLED 200,000 ARAB CIVILIANS. ONLY a handful were soldiers. We were invading. We stole their museums blind. They had every right to object to USA being in their country!

Read up on this and other issues. Talk to your dates about this. Seeking info, not PREENING on how much you know. You will find out if your darling is on automatic pilot, mindless as a kitten or a little hard hearted. Whatever it is, you wanna know NOW who you're dating cuz you don't want to have babies with an idiot, jerk or meanie as the babes would suffer bigtime down the line.

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