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  I bid you all welcome to My Adventure Games Pages.

 ...Come in, don't be shy. My name is Inferno. 

I am an avid gamer whose grown partial to 1st person 

"Point & Click" adventures. Yes...., yes, we still exist

 ...and are growing in number.

Here, on these pages...

I hope to bring you some of my thoughts

 on my most treasured adventures.

...Come, take a look.

Dark Fall by Jonathan Boakes is still My Favorite Adventure. Click on the link "Page 2" at the bottom of this page to read my thoughts on this intriguing game.

My Xp Game list is also waiting for you to take a peek, here you'll find some tips and tricks for getting some of my favorite adventures to run in the Windows Xp System. The games that work and some of those that do not...yet.

Xp Compatibility List


"GHOSTS" by Media Design Interactive is an "Interactive Museum" filled with images, sounds and stories about things that go "bump" in the night. It's not an "adventure game" per see, but rather an interactive piece housed within the guise of a first person point and click adventure. The wonderfully frightening Christopher Lee will be your guide as you tour throughout the old "Hobbs Manor" from cellar to attic; finding articles, images, stories, movie clips and sounds about this very disquieting subject. You will be introduced to those who believe ...and those who do not, and learn their reasons why. They offer their testimony as proof for either side of the coin. But, ultimately, it will be up to you to decide.

...Do you believe in "Ghosts"?




Below, you'll see an interesting screenshot or two from this fascinating program. Just click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures. To the right you'll see a link to explore more of my thoughts on this deliciously chilling subject.





My Scribblings


My hair looks like this all the time...

...a weekend getaway

...A Collection of Ghostly Images

...desolate places.


My Thoughts on Dark Fall  


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