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These are The Games I have found to work with on XP for me (and after reading my Set-Ups I hope for you as well.) If a Set-Up is loaded here, there will be a link to it embedded in the title of the adventure.

If not, it will either mean:

  • There is no Set-UP. Just install as normal and enjoy.

  • OR

  • I haven't loaded the Set-UP yet!!

  • Ultimate Haunted House
    Vampire Diaries
    Versailles II The Testament of The King
    Victor Vector & Yondo: The Vampire's Coffin
    Zork Nemesis
    Zork Nemesis  - (additional setup by Mordack... thanks! Mordack)   
    Zork Grand Inquisitor  (DVD Version)- ( setup by KM3K... thanks! Kevin)   
    Zork Grand Inquisitor  (CD Version)- ( setup by CCBomber... thanks! CC)   



    There are probably a lot more, these are only the ones I've tried. As I play my games from my collection I'll list my findings here.



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