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These are The Games I have found to work with on XP for me (and after reading my Set-Ups I hope for you as well.) If a Set-Up is loaded here, there will be a link to it embedded in the title of the adventure.

If not, it will either mean:

  • There is no Set-UP. Just install as normal and enjoy.

  • OR

  • I haven't loaded the Set-UP yet!!

  • Pandora's Box
    Phantasmagoria (needed patch as well...but still doesn't run fully)
    PhantasmagoriaII: Puzzle of Flesh   (Thank You Krug-Krug and Louve Grise!!!)    
    PhantasmagoriaII: Puzzle of Flesh Win95 Setup (Thank You krkdnose!!!)   
    Quivering, The
    Reah   Setup by Rae from Gameboomers  (Thank You Rae!!!)
    Return to Zork 
    Riddle of Master Lu Setup by Llewton from Gameboomers  (Thank You, Bill!!!)
    Riddle of the Sphinx
    Ripper (A 2 pitchers of Margaritas Setup!!!)
    Ripper Version 1.04German Setup By Basti007 (Thank You Basti!!!)
    Scooby Doo & Showdown at Ghost Town
    Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Rose Tattoo  
    Shivers  setup by Rae from Gameboomers   (Thank you, Rae!!!)
    ShiversII  (Game runs great, so far and full screen mode as well!)
    Simon the Sorcerer
    Tex Murphy: Pandora Directive  Setup By Basti007 (Thank You Basti!!!)
    Thief Gold 
    The Time Machine , The New Adventures of

    There are probably a lot more, these are only the ones I've tried. As I play my games from my collection I'll list my findings here.


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