Inferno's Adventures
XP Compatibility List

1 - 9 & A - E

7th Guest
11th Hour   
Adventure at Chateau D'Or
Alfred Hitchcock: The Final Cut
American McGee's: Alice   (absolutely beautiful music and graphics)
Atlantis: The Lost Tales
Are You Afraid of the Dark (by Qadventuregames ... Well Done "Q"!)
Auryn's Quest
Azreal's Tear
Bad Day on the Midway, The Residents 
Bad Mojo
Beyond Atlantis
Beyond Time 
The Black Cauldron      (under construction)
Black Dahlia
Blackstone Chronicles    (this one is tricky but definitely worth it)
Blue Heat
Broken Sword I: The Shadow of the Templars     Setup By Hakan Larsson (Thank You, Hakan!)
Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror
The Crystal Key
D DOSBox.065
Dark Eye      (under construction)
Dark Fall
Dark Fall II Lights Out
Dark Passages Vol 1: Darkseed  /The Psychotron & The Wrath of the Demon
Dark Side of The Moon     (no text. Rats!!!!)
Egypt II: The Heliopolis Prophecy



Xp Game List F - J


There are probably a lot more, these are only the ones I've tried. As I play my games from my collection I'll list my findings here.


My Personal Collection

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