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Inferno's Adventures

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I need your help. Please remember that this is a "homepage" which is a free site. If you like the graphics that I use please do not "hotlink link" them back to my site. Save them to your own hard drive and then upload them onto your own site (as along as you give proper credit and an informational link back to my page I'll have no problem with it ).

Thoughts on XP and Backward Compatibility where Legacy gaming is concerned, mission statement and disclaimer.

My Computer Specs Some of my favorite Utilities

The General Drill(a printable version)

My "Sorry Charlie, but Forget it List!" ...yes, even I have one. But I still reserve the right to have a "Works in Progress " list here as well.

Inferno's XP Adventure Game List various Setups

A - E

F - J

K - O

P - T

U - Z

The Library

My Personal Collection

My Scribblings

Request Page

Reviews and Walkthroughs

Guest Writers

I'd also like to say a big thank you to my fellow gamer buddies who took up the gauntlet and wrote some spectacular walkthroughs for us:

Basti007(VOGOGN Member)
Brenda (Internet)
CCbomber (Gameboomers Member)
Hakan Larsson (Gameboomers / Just Adventure Member)
KM3K (KM3K World)
krkdnose (Just Adventure / Suprnova Forums)
Krug and his girlfriend Louve Grise (France)
Llewton (Gameboomers Member) 
Mordack (Gameboomers Member)
Qadventuregames (Gameboomers Member)
Rae (Gameboomers Member)

Mentors & Muses

Gameboomer's: JENNY100
for without her watchful eye and encouragement this page would not exist.

Adventureland's: MR. BILL
for his support has been there to be a catalyst for what spurs me on.

To Dark Fall's Creator: JONATHAN
because sometimes "inspiration" begets "inspiration"

To Gameboomer's Ringleader: MaG
for always being there when I need her and for keeping me constantly in her prayers.

To My Gameboomer Buds (and unbeknown to them) my "Sometime Mentors":

To Gameboomers "mental evaluator": SYD
for always being "ready with the net" and the "padded rooms" at:
Syd's Funny Farm for Adventure Gamers

A special note of thanks to TALLYHO & ZANTHIA
(whose recommendations of two simple articles started it all for me, one hot Texas August day 4 years ago!)

I thank you one and all


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