The Windchests


There are three windchests: 10 of the longest pipes are mounted on the right and left sides of the keyboard -- 5 on each side. They are mounted on very short feet in an attempt to keep the overall height of the instrument down. The remaining 27 pipes are mounted in the central windchest as shown above.

(The object on the right-hand windchest in the photo is a sandpaper file made with a long stick, some double-sticky tape and a piece of sandpaper)


Making the dowels for the pipe rack


Drill block -- a jig I built for pilot-drilling the screw holes for the magnets.

Drilling the pilot holes

Installing the magnets


Installing more magnets



Wiring the magnets



Close up of the windchest. When this photo was taken, I had yet to cut holes for the wind "plumbing."



Detail of the "outrigger" windchest.





Plastic drain pipe makes a neat air passageway between the windchests. I used it in several places in the organ.





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