Assemble the Pipes

After the pipe faces were glued on, I trimmed them flush with the router ...


... getting the sides flush. The pipes will be sanded again to get them truly smooth.


Screwing the caps in place.


Making the pipe feet. The feet are made from purchased poplar dowels. There will be no lead caps at the bottom of the foot -- at least not in my first attempt. (The air flow will be adjusted by the screw-throttle detailed elsewhere on this website) It remains to be seen whether the wood-against-wood contact provides a good enough seal.



Here, I am cutting the pipes to length (rough tuning)


Minor adjustments in pitch are made with the sander.


Here you see me with a jig I made for testing the pipes. The wind is supplied by an electric blower, which will also be the wind supply for the finished organ until I can build the bellows. I'm tuning the pipes at 4 inches of water.


Rough-tuning the pipes with the aid of my antique StroboConn. This was the same model tuner I used many years ago in my 2-week stint as apprentice organ tuner.

At this stage, I am only trying to get the pipes "close" to final pitch (and preferably a little low)

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