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The observed responses of the three conditions are summarized in Table 1.

Table 1

Observed Responses of the Subjects in the Three Conditions
Experimental Conditions
Subjects' Response Confederate Confederate Control
Yes O = 6 O = 13
Yes Expected E = 10.67 E = 10.67
No O = 13 O = 6
No Expected E = 8.33 E = 8.33
p 0.05  
O = observed
E = expected


An overall 2 x 3 Chi-Square analysis was performed on the data, and found significance to support the first hypothesis, X2(2, N=57) = 6.98, p < 0.05. Additional analysis was performed, using two 2 x 2 Chi-Square contingency tables, comparing the confederate-yes, and confederate-no conditions to the control condition. The
confederate-yes/control comparison failed to find significance, but significance was found in the confederate-no/control comparison
X2(1, N=38) = 5.16, p < 0.05.

As can be seen, the same number of subjects imitated the confederate, when the confederate said yes, as when the confederate said no, and the subjects agreed to participate as often in the control condition as in both the confederate conditions. That is, 68% of the subjects imitated the confederate, when the confederate said yes, or no. Also 68% of the subjects agreed to participate in the control condition.

The data for the choice of experiment by birth order is summarized in Table 2.

Table 2

Type of Experiment
Birth Order Group Isolation
Firstborn O = 3 O = 9
E = 3.38 E = 8.63
Later born O = 6 O = 14
E = 5.63 E = 14.38
p < 0.05  
O = observed
E = expected

A 2x2 Chi-Square analysis performed on this data failed to find significance to support the second hypothesis. This experiment failed to find a relationship between birth order and the type of experiment a subject would prefer.

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