Sex and Alcohol

Why Do Drinkers Take Risks With Sex?

There are several possibilities:

Alcohol Clouds Judgment. Drinkers are more likely to make poor decisions -- for example choosing to have sex with people they don't know well.

Alcohol Reduces Inhibitions. Drinkers feel less restrained by standards, values and everyday caution.

Alcohol Provides An Excuse. Drinkers know what they "should" do -- but it's not what they "want" to do. Drinking lets them blame their actions on alcohol, not themselves.

Alcohol Plus Sex Can Lead to Trouble!

Alcohol can weaken the immune system, making drinkers more vulnerable to infections. And, people who drink are more likely to have unsafe sex. Unsafe sex increases the risk of:

AIDS: The acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. AIDS is a serious illness that harms the body's ability to fight infection. AIDS Kills -- and so far there is no cure.

Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases Include:

Hepatitis B
Genital warts

Often, sexually transmitted diseases have no obvious symptoms -- so there's no way to tell if a person is infected.

Unplanned Pregnancy. A serious risk. Alcohol use during pregnancy can also cause birth defects.

Use of alcohol has been linked to --

Date Rape.
Also called "acquaintance rape." One person may become aggressive after drinking and force the other to have sex. The other person may be too drunk to resist effectively.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, about yourself, or someone you know, then there may be a problem with alcohol. For more information, please read the page about The Signs of Trouble for people who drink.

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The purpose of this information.

This information was published as an experiment in publishing on the WWW. While learning how to publish on the WWW, I needed something that I felt was of some value. When I was attending a local university, I assembled this information for use as a presentation to classes of undergraduate students during Substance Abuse Awareness Week. While I do believe that this information is accurate, I make no representation as to the accuracy of this information, use it with caution. If in doubt as to the application of this information to you or someone you know, contact a medical or mental health professional.

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