Alcohol or Drug Abuse on Campus

Alcohol or drug abuse on campus causes some special problems:

For Students

Students who abuse alcohol or drugs suffer in many ways. For example, alcohol or drug abuse can result in:

Poor Grades Heavy drinkers almost always suffer academically as a result of slowed thinking, poor concentration, frequent absence from class, etc. A cycle of failure and escape into alcohol or drug use can set in.

Accidents and injuries Falls, cuts and bruises are common results of alcohol abuse. Automobile accidents are one of the most common causes of death and serious injury for young people. Victims may include bystanders as well as the drinkers themselves. Even a single binge can have long lasting consequences

Social conflicts When alcohol lessens inhibitions, a person may say or do something he or she will later regret. The person who gets drunk may alienate friends and instructors, and may be unwelcome at social gatherings. Problems related to sexual behavior are also common.

Poor Health Steady abuse of alcohol weakens the body. This sets the stage for illnesses that can affect class attendance as well as participation in sports and other activities.

For Schools

Sooner or later, alcohol or drug abuse can hurt the quality of life for everyone on campus. Problems may include:

Vandalism All students lose when alcohol or drug related destruction strikes campus facilities. Repair costs can add to tuition and fees; lack of replacement can mean learning without valuable equipment. Quality of education can be affected.

Violence Misuse of alcohol or drugs can contribute to fights, assaults, robberies and rapes. A climate of fear on campus may result.

Damaged Reputation The school suffers when alcohol or drug abuse becomes a serious campus problem. Relations with the community and even the search for funding may be impeded.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, about yourself, or someone you know, then there may be a problem with alcohol. For more information, please read the page about The Signs of Trouble for people who drink.

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The purpose of this information.

This information was published as an experiment in publishing on the WWW. While learning how to publish on the WWW, I needed something that I felt was of some value. When I was attending a local university, I assembled this information for use as a presentation to classes of undergraduate students during Substance Abuse Awareness Week. While I do believe that this information is accurate, I make no representation as to the accuracy of this information, use it with caution. If in doubt as to the application of this information to you or someone you know, contact a medical or mental health professional.

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