Effects of Differential Reinforcement on Discriminant Behavior

This seems like such a long title for an experiment involving rats, but that's the title, for some reason psychologists frequently seem to make long very long titles to papers and such. This experiment was done by me and my lab partner while attending a local university, when I was doing my undergraduate psychology course work mumble, mumble years ago. I included this paper here because it gives me the chance to try some different ways to use links, and because I feel that it is a good example of the kind of experiments performed in undergraduate psychology programs. I hope you enjoy reading it, and maybe in it, find something useful.

Abstract and Introduction

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Note: The references in this paper are a little, well all right, very old. If you decide to do this experiment, and write it up, you should consider looking through your university library for some more up-to-date references. Although, these references still do apply.

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