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This page is the gateway to my psychology pages. In these pages I will try to entertain and inform. A number of these pages are research papers, notes and research materials I used while in graduate school.

Methods of Research: I have always been interested in methods of research, and while at the university I was required to take a class in research methods. This information is a compilation of some Definitions, Notes and Descriptions of Methods of Psychological Research.

Substance Abuse Information: These pages are a compilation of some information I collected and presented to undergraduate students on Substance Abuse. The original purpose of this information was to educate students during Substance Abuse Awareness Week. I hope I helped some then, and I hope this information can be helpful to some now.

Theories of Personality: Personality theory is a basis of psychological treatment. These pages contain information on 9 theories of personality. The topics presented here are key concepts, and basics assumptions of each theory.

Rats: How many of you have an undergraduate major in Psychology? How about a minor in Psychology? Well, you know that it seems that if you have an Experimental Psychology class, you've got to have an experiment involving rats. Well, here is my "rat" experiment, entitled " Effects of Differential Reinforcement on Discriminant Behavior. " It was a great experiment, enjoyable, and a great way to demonstrate what we learned in lecture about conditioning, and the experimental method.

Volunteering anyone? This next paper was also written while I was taking my undergraduate psychology classes. Like the previous experiment on rats, this paper was about an experiment performed in the Experimental Psychology class. It was an enjoyable experiment done on campus to explore volunteering behavior.

How is your depth perception? This paper was also written while I was taking my undergraduate psychology classes. It is another experiment and paper designed to learn more about experiments and how to write up the results of those experiments. This paper is on the Effects of Eye Condition and Background Illumination on Depth Perception

How about a little fun? These next pages are an assignment from a graduate class in theories of personality. For the assignment we were to pick and individual, or several individuals and evaluate them according to several of the personality theories that we studied. We could choose one person, either real or fictional, or several people (real or fictional) for our cases. Well, I thought, how about Batman (lots of good stuff there), Superman (wow! He thinks he's invulnerable, thinks can fly and he also thinks see through things, lots of good stuff here!) or how about Wiley Coyote (he's always chasing that Roadrunner, for about the last 50 years, wow, talk about a one track mind). Well, I decided on someone equally unusual; Felix Ungar. Remember the Odd Couple? First the movie, then the TV show? Well that's Felix. I hope you enjoy The Case of Felix Ungar.

Existential personality theory and treatment: These pages present the Existentialist point of view. Here is a brief discussion of Existentialism, the presentation of a case study of a person, whose name and many of the details have been changed to protect her privacy. In fact, much of the case is fictitious, only the premise and few of the details are true. Lastly a treatment plan according to the existential point of view is presented.

Developmental Stages: These next pages are a presentation, in tabular form of some information describing the stages of psychosocial development. These notes were from a graduate class on human development.

Depression: I have heard several therapists say of depression, "there is a lot of it out there." While in graduate school, I wrote several papers on depression. This paper is an introduction to depression. My Masters' Thesis was on depression; the study and treatment of depression in a couples format. I feel that depression is one of the more difficult mental illnesses to treat because it just seems to keep coming back. I'm not sure if there is a permanent cure, or if people subject to depression will need a lifetime of on-going help. I tend to feel that people subject to depression always exhibit some sign of depression, they may just go through years without major episodes of depression, and they may learn to cope with their depression fairly well on a on-going basis but some depression will always be there.

Because you asked. Many readers have asked if I have any sites I recommend. I only have a few that I keep book marked. I usually just do a search on Alta Vista, but if you want my links, I feel that these are some of the best, so feel free to use my psychology and mental health links.

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The purpose of this information: This information was first published as an experiment in publishing on the WWW. These are graduate research and term papers, write-ups from experiments in undergraduate psychology classes, study guides I composed to help me study for graduate final exams, and other interesting (I hope) materials that I originally wrote. I'm not claiming that any of this material is 100% correct, often it is my interpretation of the source documents; however my professors must have agreed with me in many cases. I make no representation as to the usefulness of this material, If you find something emotionally disturbing to you I recommend that you seek the help of a trained, mental health professional, not these pages. I hope that these pages are of some use to you, either educational, informative, or at least entertaining. If you have any comments about these pages please contact me by email. Thank you for reading.

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