Reality Therapy -- Glasser

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Basic Assumptions

+ We are responsible for what we choose to do with our life
+ People are autonomous
+ People choose, they are in charge of their lives
+ People try to control their world to get what they want
+ All behavior is purposeful aims to satisfy 5 human needs:
Survival, Belonging, Power, Freedom, Fun

Personality Development -- Key Concepts

+ Based on their "picture album" of how to do things
+ Focus is on what clients are doing and how to evaluate whether present ways are
working for them.
+ People create feelings by choices they make and what they do
+ A persons belief system is the cause of emotional problems


+ Failure Identity
+ Ineffective "control" of life
+ Weakness and Irresponsibility, rather then strength and responsibility and
+ Paining behavior - depressing, headaching, anxieting

Goals of Therapy

+ Client accepts responsibility, meets own needs without interfering with others needs
+ Accept responsibility of actions
+ Client finds more effective ways of meeting 5 needs, leads to success identity
+ Evaluate what they are doing and how well it is working for them


+ Find out what client wants
+ Help make plan for change
+ Get client to make a commitment
+ Active directive therapy
+ Exploring - wants, needs, perceptions
+ Focus on current total behavior
+ Evaluating "Will your present behavior get you what you want"
+ Commitment - Work out a realistic plan
+ Paradoxical


+ Teach people to control life effectively
+ Group
+ Youthful law offenders
+ Marriage and Family
+ Crisis Intervention
+ Schools
+ Substance Abuse

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