Behavior Therapy -- B. Skinner

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Basic Assumptions

+ Behavior is the product of learning
+ We are both product and producer of the environment
+ Environmental determinism

Personality Development -- Key Concepts

+ Blank slate - set by reinforcement
+ Personality set/changed by reinforcement
+ Abnormal behavior result of faulty learning
+ Basic ID (Behavior, Affect {emotions}, Sensation, Imagery, Cognition,
Interpersonal relationships, Drugs {biology, health}.


+ Undesirable overt behavior
+ Poor coping mechanisms
+ Maladaptive behavior from misapplied reinforcement
+ Fears, anxiety, etc.

Goals of Therapy

+ Eliminate maladaptive behavior
+ Learn more effective behavior
+ Focus on problem behavior and change
+ Clients have active role


+ Systematic desensitization
+ Relaxation methods
+ Reinforcement techniques
+ Modeling
+ Cognitive restructuring
+ Assertion and social skills
+ Diagnosis is done at outset to determine treatment plan
+ Contracts and homework


+ Group
+ Marriage and Family
+ Phobic disorders
+ Depression
+ Sexual disorders
+ Children's behavior disorders
+ Stress management
+ Education

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